Appx ‘B' to 50 (N) Div
Adm Order No. 1 dated 9 May 1944

Serial (a) Commodity (b) D Day D plus 1 D plus 2 Remarks
1SUPSOne 24 hr ration packNILOne 24 hr ration packOne Days CompoOne days CompoOne days Compo(a) Sup Pt will open D plus 1 and thereafter daily. Locn and time for drawing will be notified by Rear 50 (N) Div
(b) Units will hold one days Compo in Unit reserve
2WaterWaterbottle full1/2 gal per man in Unit Tptwater bottles1/2 gal per man in Unit TptWater bottle(a) 1 1/2 gall per men is being carried in Unit tpt. This water will be issued on scale of 1/2 gal per man day.
(b) It is hoped to have Div Water Point open early D + 1
3 POL-25 miles from Div Pet PtNormal replenish- ment at Pet Pt(a) FASC will est a lateFet Pt late D Day and Units will be notified time and place

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