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Anx 1 to Appx ‘G' to 50 (N) Div
Adm Order No. 1 dated 9 May 44 - Contd


Cigarettes 2 Ozs ) weekly
or Tobacco 2 Ozs )
Matches 2 bxs )
Rum 1 Fl oz ) at discretion of Bde Comd on medical recommendation
or Cocoa 1 pt )
or Tea 1 pt )


A. No. of days per month on which alternatives in above scale should be issued will be notified periodically in General Routine Orders.

B. When issued to French tps, the following amendments will be made to the scale

ADD Wine 1/2 litre (weekly on repayment)
DELETE Tea 1/2 oz
ADD Coffee 3/4 oz

C. Fruit dried will only be issued in lieu of Fruit fresh when no other alternative is available.

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