Appx 'G' to 50 (N) Division
Adm Order No.1 dated 9 May 44

Details of Ration Scales for issue under
the terms of para 11 of 50 (N) Div Adm Order No.1.

1. Landing Rations

(a) The Landing Rations, to be issued to tps before embarkation consist of:-

Emergency nations1
Twenty-four hr ration (incl 20 cigarettes)2 (incl one 'A' Pack)
Tommy Cooker (Hexamine Type)1
Water Sterilising Outfit1

(b) One additional tin of preserved meat will be issued with each landing ration. This will NOT he demanded until further orders.

(c) One 24 hr ration will be issued by Div RASC, and one in the Marshalling Area.

2. Field Service Ration Scale

The Field Service Ration Scale is applicable to all Allied Troops and consists of the items specified in Annx 1 to this Appx.

3. Prisoners of War

PW Transit Ration consists of the following items:-

Preserved Meat8 oz
Biscuits12 oz
Jam1 oz
Tinned Milk1 7/8 oz
Sugar7/8 oz
Tea1/4 oz

4. Civil Affairs

Ration scales for issue on Civil Affairs demand consists basically of:-

Preserved Meat
Tinned Meat
Vitamin Chocolate.

These items will continue to be imported until the introduction of bulk rations.

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