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22 (Contd) (b) RASC will pro-load three loads of POL and two amn, separately, to land on 1st tide of D Day, and be prepared to move with 69 Bde column. These vehs will be available for the replenishment of 61 Recce, and 2 Cheshire, and will be returned to RASC area by night of D plus 1, when sufficient 1st line tpt will be available for these units.


23. General

(a) The basic principle is that Second Army accepts responsibility for collection, treatment and evacuation of all casualties among Allied fighting forces of all arms and PW, occurring on shore, assisted by such Medical units as the RN and RAF may provide.

(b) The policy is to evacuate in the first stages all casualties excepting those requiring life saving surgery. Thereafter, as Medical units become established, cases likely to recover quickly will be retained.

24. Evacuation from Shore to Ship.

(a) All casualties on craft during first flight will remain on craft and will return to parent ship to be transferred from there, if necessary, to a ship carrying a medical det. Wounded in LCAs in the assault will be carried back to LSIs immediately. LSI(L),(M) and (S) - LCA will be hoisted on davits. LSI(H) - Casualties will be taken aboard in either:-

(i) Neil Robertson stretchers or
(ii) Six stretcher frames.

It is not yet clear which eqpt will be provided.

(b) one pl of DUKWS has been allotted to 30 Corps for Medical evacuation.

(c) All casualties ashore will pass through the Casualty Embarkation Pt.

(d) As no LSTs will now dry out on the beaches, except possibly in very rough weather, 11 medical DUKWS will land on 1st tide to evacuate casualties to LSTs lying off. A sufficient number of LSTs converted for Medical use will be available daily. 22 more Medical DUKWS will arrive 3rd tide. In addition, one extra. FDS with two FSUs and one FTU. will land on 2nd tide to provide extra holding and treatment capacity.

(e) One hospital carrier will hrrive daily from D plus 1 onwards. It is now expected that these will all be provided with water ambulances.

(f) Life belts for casualties will be provided as laid down in para 68(b).

25. Evacuation from Fwd Med Units.

In the initial stages of the operation, casualties will be evacuated from the ADS direct to the nearest Beach FDS. On the arrival of the remainder of the Fd Ambs, they will be


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