- 19 -

Did some stonks on HQ‘s etc from PW.

Weather rainy and poor visibility.

23 July

15 (S) moved to our right to relieve 5 US. 49 Div moving tonight to 1 Corps. Walked round 231 Bde area and saw Stenier, Duncan (BM) relieved Robertson the other day.

Bredon (Dorset) and Turner (Humps) glad to be out for a rest. Emphasised the need for rest and training. Some men think they were promised relief being assault tps, and have been hard done by.

Last night Bosche planes put s petrol dump on fire.

Some bombin mid exploding AA shells in our area.

24 July

Visited 24 L (very upset at hearing that they are to be broken up) and reason is they are youngest Regt.

Saw 69 Inf Bde and investigated C/M arrangements.

Coloured morta smoke, Wasps, etc. Bdes to come out of the line for 4 full nights at a time.

Went on and saw Jimmy James who has 5 E Yorks in res.

In afternoon visited 56 Bde. Ekin had a lot to say about bde locality defence. Left as Corps Comd arrived.

Did 4 bombing attacks on Enemy HQ's etc, as a result of three Prisoners.

Heard bombing on American Sector 1200 - 1300 hrs but heard after that Third US Army didn't start to attack - may be refit or mvg.

Dinner with Brig Stanier, Duncan (Welsh Gds new BM there.

Weather has cleared to good sunshine and all right for flying.

No of bombs on England too many - 97 day 57 night, destroyed 1/3 day 1/10 night, Only 10% remainder on London - others overland.

231 Bde out of the line yesterday for virtually the first time since 6 June.

Had some shelling last night and some leaflets dropped. Subject was why help Stalin, etc.

24 L had a shell which exploded under a tree and displaced it sideways by about 2 yards, it is still standing up straight.

Lost two carriers recently after advance by Tellers or prepared charges being placed under others with layer of earth on top.

Some Bosche Focker Wolfe over in poor visibility this morning and much shooting.

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