Bretteville-sur-Laze Canadian War Cemetery

The Bretteville-sur-Laze Canadian War Cemetery contains the remains 2,958 soldiers, 87 of them unidentified. The majority of the burials are Canadian in the later stages of the Battle of Normandy during the capture of Caen and thrust southwards to close the Falaise pocket.

The cemetery is located about 14 kilometres south of Caen at the end of Rue du Prieuré just off the main road from Caen to Falaise (N158).

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Listing: Bretteville-sur-Laze Canadian War Cemetery


Parking: Free parking on site


Urville-Langannerie Polish Military Cemetery

Urville-Langannerie Polish Military Cemetery

2.73 miles away

Urville-Langannerie Military Cemetery is the only Polish cemetery in Normandy and is the resting place of soldiers from the 1st Polish Armoured Division who fought in the Battle of Normandy.

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Argences memorial to Robert Sarre member of the resistance

Argences memorial to Robert Sarre member of the resistance

7.47 miles away

A memorial to a member of the resistance Robert Sarre and all the victims of the deportation, located in Argences

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Banneville-La-Campagne Cemetery

Banneville-La-Campagne Cemetery

8.43 miles away

The Banneville-La-Campagne Cemetery contains 2,170 Commonwealth burials from the Second World War, 140 of them are unidentified and 5 are Polish graves. Most of the men buried at Banneville-La-Campagne Cemetery were killed during the battle of Caen to the closure of the Falaise pocket.

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