Hermanville War Cemetery

The Hermanvile War Cemetery was originally known as Sword Beach Cemetery due to its proximity to Sword Beach. Many of the burials were from the men of the 3rd Division who stormed the beach on the 6th June 1944.

The cemetery contains 1,003 graves, 103 of them are unidentified. 986 are British, 13 are Canadian, 3 are Australian and 3 are French.

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Listing: Hermanville War Cemetery


Rue du Cimetière Anglais
Parking: Free parking on site


Mare Saint Pierre Well

Mare Saint Pierre Well

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The well of Mare Saint-Pierre is mentioned in British army records as having supplied 1500000 gallons of water to the British forces between 6th June and 1st July 1944.

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Captain Roger Wietzel French Earth Monument

Captain Roger Wietzel French Earth Monument

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A memorial commemorating the location Captain Roger Wietzel took French Earth for General De Gaulle.

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Churchill Tank Memorial

Churchill Tank Memorial

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A Centaur IV standing as a memorial to all those who served and died on the shores of Normandy.

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