Les Braves

Les Braves (The Braves) is a sculpture in tribute to the Allies that landed on Omaha beach. The sculpture is located in Vierville-sur-Mer on Omaha beach itself at the junction of dog red and easy green sector.

The sculpture was created by Anilore Banon and consists of three elements.

The wings of hope
So that the spirit which carried these men on June 6th 1944 continues to inspire us, reminding us that together it is always possible to change the future.

Rise, Freedom!
So that the example of those who rose against barbarity, helps us remain standing strong against all forms of inhumanity.

The Wings of Fraternity
So that this surge of brotherhood always reminds us of our responsibility towards others as well as ourselves.
On June 6th 1944 these men were more than soldiers, they were our brothers.

Anilore Banon

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Listing: Les Braves


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