Maisy Battery

The Maisy Battery was a group of artillery batteries constructed by the Wehrmacht near Grandcamp-Maisy and formed part of the Atlantic Wall defences in Normandy.

One battery consisted of four 105mm canons (three were in casemates the other in an open field position). Another battery 300 yards away consisted of six 155mm First World War French howitzers, a 76mm Russian howitzer, two 50mm KwK anti-tank canons, dozens of bunkers and an extensive trench network.

The site was also the regional headquarters for the sector and contained the safe for the German payroll with $4.2 million dollars worth of French Franc being found in a safe when captured.

Today you can explore 2 1/2 miles of German trenches and enter many bunkers and shelters. Although none of the original guns are on site the gun pits now house guns of a similar size which visitors are allowed to view up close.

Opening Times

1st April - 31st May
10am – 4pm

1st June – 31st August
10am – 6pm

1st September – 31st October
10am – 4pm


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Routes Des Perruques
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