Morris Battery

Morris Battery which was known by the Germans as WN16 consisted of four 105mm Czechs Howitzers, three were housed in concrete bunkers with the forth still under construction on D-Day.

The battery was controlled by Hillman - Suffolk Regiment (WN17) which is located 800m to the south.

Today the battery has been swallowed up by a housing development, although a fenced off casemate can still be seen from the road and there is an openly accessible gun pit (both pictured in the gallery below).

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Listing: Morris Battery


Rue du Sapin Bleu


Hillman - Suffolk Regiment

Hillman - Suffolk Regiment

0.53 miles away

Hillman was the head quarters of the German 736th Regiment, 150 men were stationed there. It was a fortified site of 18 underground concrete bunkers constructed by the Germans from 1942 onwards. The site was the control centre for the German defences in the area.

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Hermanville War Cemetery

Hermanville War Cemetery

0.95 miles away

The Hermanvile War Cemetery was originally known as Sword Beach Cemetery due to its proximity to Sword Beach. Many of the burials were from the men of the 3rd Division who stormed the beach on the 6th June 1944.

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Mare Saint Pierre Well

Mare Saint Pierre Well

1.08 miles away

The well of Mare Saint-Pierre is mentioned in British army records as having supplied 1500000 gallons of water to the British forces between 6th June and 1st July 1944.

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