Musee America - Gold Beach

The Gold Beach Museum (Musée America – Gold Beach) covers the German defences along the beach prior to D-Day. Before moving onto the story of D-Day and the intelligence operations behind it with a particular focus on the 50th Northumberland division and the creation of RAF airfields in the areas after the landings which enabled the allies to provide air support from Normandy reducing the need for planes to return to England for refuelling.

Opening Times

1st July to 31st August
Every day 10:30am to 17:30pm

1st April to 30th June and 1st September to 31st October
Every day from 10:30am to 17:30pm except Tuesdays

In winter the museum is open from 10:30am to 13:00pm Wednesday and 14:00pm to 17:00pm Saturdays


Children (5 - 17 years)€2

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2 Place Amiral Byrd
Parking: There is limited parking in front of the museum.


Ver sur Mer Warship Anchor

Ver sur Mer Warship Anchor

0.02 miles away

An anchor belonging to one of the warships that fought during the Normandy invasion.

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Mont Fleury Battery

Mont Fleury Battery

0.19 miles away

Mont Fleury Battery also known as Roquettes Battery is located in the village of Mont Fleury near Ver-sur-Mer and was still under construction when the Allied landed on D-Day

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Ver-sur-Mer Sexton Tank and Porpoise Ammunition Carrier

Ver-sur-Mer Sexton Tank and Porpoise Ammunition Carrier

0.60 miles away

A Sexton self-propelled gun in memory of the British troops who landed on the beach at Ver-sur-Mer and a porpoise ammunition carrier.

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