Musée du Commando No4

Musée du Commando No4 is a compact museum in tribute to the 177 members of the Free French commandos who under command of Commandant Kieffer landed on Sword Beach on the 6th June 1944 and captured the Casino strong point.

The museum contains a documentary film consisting of footage from of the famous Achnaccary camp in Scotland and of the landings as well as a large collection of pictures depicting the casino strong point before and during the war, the local resistance and the commandos and paratroopers of the 6th airborne at Pegasus Bridge. The museum also contains uniforms, weapons and other items from the conflict including a rare Goliath remote controlled tracked mine.

Opening Times

Mid March to early November
10:30 to 13:00
13:30 to 18:30


Adults in groups (10+ people)€4.00
Children from 10/students€3
Children under 10free

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