The Green Howards Memorial Crepon

A memorial to the men of the 6th and 7th Battalion of the Green Howards unveiled by the King of Norway on the 26th October 1996.

The monument features a life-size statue of Stanley Hollis who had the distinction of receiving the only Victoria Cross awarded on D-Day

In the Allied landings of the 6th June 1944, the
6th and 7th Battalions of the GREEN HOWARDS
landed at dawn in the first assault wave on
GOLD BEACH. By nightfall that day they had
fought through the village of Crepon and Creully
to the furthest point of the Allied advance.

For his courage and example, particularly
in the fighting in La Reviere and Crepon.
Company Sergeant Major Stanley Hollis of the
Green Howards won the only Victoria Cross to
be awarded on D-Day.

This memorial was unveiled on the
26th October 1996 by
His Majesty Harold V King of Norway
Colonel-in-Chief of the Green Howards
on a site provided with great kindness by
the people of Crepon

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Listing: The Green Howards Memorial Crepon


Route d'Arromanches
14480 Crépon


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