The Royal Norfolk Regiment Memorial

A memorial to the 116 men of The Royal Norfolk Regiment Memorial who died on D-Day 6th June to 9th July 1944.

The memorial is located on Route de Colleville between Colleville-Montgomery and Biéville-Beuville


In memory
of our 116 comrades who fell
on D-Day 6th june to 9th july 1944
May peace and freedom
be their everlasting memorial

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Listing: The Royal Norfolk Regiment Memorial


Route de Colleville


Hillman - Suffolk Regiment

Hillman - Suffolk Regiment

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Hillman was the head quarters of the German 736th Regiment, 150 men were stationed there. It was a fortified site of 18 underground concrete bunkers constructed by the Germans from 1942 onwards. The site was the control centre for the German defences in the area.

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Morris Battery

Morris Battery

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Morris Battery known by the Germans as WN16 consisted of four 105mm Czechs Howitzers and was controlled by Hillman - Suffolk Regiment (WN17) 800m to the south.

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Bénouville 7th Battalion Parachute Regiment Memorial

Bénouville 7th Battalion Parachute Regiment Memorial

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A memorial to 7th Battalion of the British Parachute Regiment who held Pegasus Bridge and Bénouville for almost 24 hours on the 6th June 1944, the memorial is located near the town hall

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