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War Diary: 1st Bn Royal Tank Regiment

Month and year: April 1944

The 1st Battalion Royal Tank Regiment April 1944 war diary covers the unit training at Sugar Hill Camp and Quadrilateral Cover Camp

National Archive Reference: WO 171/865

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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
Map Ref Scale 1.4.44 0630 Reveille.
1" Ord Survey 0800 )
SWAFFHAM & 1230 ) Hours during which training takes place.
Sheet 66. 1700 )
2415 Sugar 1800 Guard & Fire Piquet mount. This was a normal day's routine.
Hill Camp & 2.4.44 0200 British double summer time comes into force.
Quadrilateral Cover Camp. 1945 Guard & Fire Piquet mount.
Normal Routine.
3.4.44 ) Normal Routine.
4.4.44 )
5.4.44 A, B & C Squadrons three individual schemes during the day on the trg area.
Normal routine for the remainder.
6.4.44 0730 The tanks moved out for a scheme on the trg area. 8H were the enemy,
and a withdrawal was practised.
1530 The tanks and 'A' Echelon practised forming up in night leaguer formation
Routine normal for the remainder.
1800 All officers attended a conference at which the Brigade Commander
indicated future operations, + critisised the day's schemes.
7.4.44 )
8.4.44 ) Normal routine.
9.4.44 )
10.4.44 During the day 211 personnel passed through a gas chamber in order to
test their respirators. Normal routine.
10.4.44 2400 All outgoing mail was franked from this hour.
11.4.44 Normal routine.
12.4.44 1030 The unit provided a guard of honour of three officers and sixty men
for Admiral Pany who visited Divisional Headquarters. Normal routine,
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
12.4.44 1900 A,B & C Squadrons, RHQ & A1 Echelon proceeded out of camp on a scheme.
Recce Tp did not take part. The exercise consisted of an armoured
advance from Quadrilateral Covert Camp 2516 to the leaguer area 216253
facing south. The "enemy" consisted of a troop of five scout cars,
The unit leaguered at 216253. The correct designations of the echelons
mentioned henceforth in this diary will be A1, A2 & B.
13.4.44 0500 Reveille.
0920 Regiment moved out of leaguer to take part in the Bde scheme "SPRINGBOK"
They advanced on a centre line 219238 SHINGHAM - 232211 - 298213
CRESSINGHAM WOOD where they formed battle line. The Bde scheme then
started, the regiment acting as the enemy and advanced on a centre line
2718 HILBOROUGH 281140 LANGFORD to 290132 at which point the scheme
finished. The rest of the Bde was contacted at 290158. A "battle"
ensued, 75mm smoke being used.
1530 The unit returned to camp. It was the first occasion when recce tp
operated with their new establishment.
14.4.44 )
15.4.44 ) Normal routine.
16.4.44 )
17.4.44 0830 The squadrons marched to the Divisional Theatre "Desert Rat" to hear a
lecture by the CO. His lecture consisted of a review of the past,
present and future. Normal routine during the rest of the day.
Boyton, Nr. Ipswich Sheet 87 8365. 18.4.44 Normal routine. An advance party proceeded to BOYTON Ranges. In
the evening RHQ & A Squadron proceeded to Boyton. The main object of
the "shoot" was to T & A the gun sights.
1800 The Brigadier gave a talk to officers in the Brigade concerning future events.
19.4.44 B Squadron proceeded to the ranges. A Squadron & RHQ Tp returned.
Normal routine for the remainder.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
20.4.44 C Squadron proceeded to the ranges, B Squadron returned. Normal
routine for the remainder.
21.4.41 C Squadron returned from the ranges. Normal routine.
22.4.44 )
23.4.44 )
24.4.44 ) Normal routine.
25.4.44 )
26.4.44 )
27.4.44 0800 Employed personnel practised shooting on a local range with Sten and
Bren guns. Normal routine for the remainder.
28.4.41 Normal routine.
29.4.4 Normal routine.
1400 The regiment paraded for a brief inspection by Maj Gen Erskine, the
Divisional Commander. He addressed the regiment indicating future
events, giving anybody who had any complaints the opportunity of
speaking to him after the parade.
30.4.41 Normal routine.