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    War Diary: 1st Bn Royal Tank Regiment

    Month and year: December 1944

    The 1st Bn Royal Tank Regiment December 1944 war diary starts with the unit in Neerhoven village, Belgium and their movements to HILLENSBURG, Germany. Much of the month was spent dismounted.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/865

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    NEERHOVENK 572803 Map France & Belgium 1/50,000 Sh 26 8 36.1 Dec0700Reveille. Training incl I instruction.
    2 Dec0700Reveille
    0930C.O. conducted sand model exercise for all offrs.
    1630Visit of Brigadiers 22 Armd Bde and 131 Bde.
    3 Dec0700Reveille.
    0730"A" Sqn on AFV Range
    0930Rev Martin Wilson conducted Divine Service in NEERHOVEN village.
    4 Dec0700Reveille. Training
    0900C.O., accompanied by Recca Tp Ldr and I.O., attended Brig 22 Armd Bde's orders for Op SHEARS.
    1330C.O. conference of sub unit comds for SHEARS.
    5 Dec0700Reveille. Preparation for move.
    1015Visit of Lt Gen HORROCKS, Sqn Ldrs, Tech Adjt, Q.M., I.O., and Adjt introduced.
    6 Dec0630Reveille
    EINIGHAUSENK 660689 Map France & Belgium 1/50,000 Sheet 480900Moved to EINIGHAUSEN 6668 via BERG BDGE 6168 under wireless silence.
    1130RHQ established at 660689. Sqns also in village. B and C Sqns left their tanks at previous location and were
    equipped to act dismounted.
    1330C.O. departed to contact regiment's opposite number in Guards Armd Div and to recce.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    EINIGHAUSENK 660689 Map France & Belgium 1/50,000 Sheet 487 Dec0700Reveille
    1400C.O. gave preliminary orders for future ops to sub unit comds.
    1430Visit of Brig 22 Armd Bde.
    1730Wireless silence relaxed.
    1800First operational Sitreps issued : N.T.R.
    8 Dec0700Reveille. Routine.
    9 Dec0700Reveille.
    1200"C" Sqn left Regtl area to go u/c 1 RB area HOLTUM 6573. Dismounted in infantry role
    1800C Sqn completed take over from "A" Coy, 1 RB.
    10 Dec0700Reveille. Normal Routine of maintenance and training.
    1800Completion and despatch of official Xmas cards.
    11 Dec0700Reveille.
    0900Drill Instruction by Drill Sgt Major from Bde of Guards.
    1600C Sqn returned from HOLTUM to Regtl area and ceased to be u/c 1 RB.
    12 Dec0700Reveille
    0900Drill Instruction.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    EINIGHAUSENK 660689 Map France & Belgium 1/50,000 Sheet 4813 Dec0700Reveille
    1245B Sqn left Regtl Area to come u/c 1 RB area HOLTUM 6573.
    14 Dec0700Reveille. Normal routine.
    1400CO attended conference 22 Armd Bde.
    15 Dec0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    1600"B" Sqn returned to Regtl area and ceased to be u/c 1 RB.
    16 Dec0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    0930Inauguration of a daily Regtl News Sheet.
    17 Dec0700Reveille.
    1000Rev Martin Wilson conducted Divine Service.
    1050Enemy aircraft active on a small scale.
    1820Enemy aircraft active. Dropped flares and a few bombs in general area. No cas.
    18 Dec0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    19 Dec0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    1700C.O.,with I.O., attended orders of Brig 131 Bde for ops ENCORE and SCORPION.
    2015C.O. gave verbal orders to sub unit comds.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    EINIGHAUSENK 660689 20 Dec0700Reveille. Preparation for move u/c 131 Bde.
    K 7066870930"A" Sqn moved to area 6968 and came u/c 2 Devons.
    Map France & Belgium 1/50,000 Sheet 58BROEK SITTARD1130Regt, less "A" Sqn, moved to area BROEK SITTARD 7068.
    1215RHQ established at 706687. B and C Sqns at same village.
    1400Tanks of B and C Sqns arrived. Entire regt now mounted again.
    1800Six persons in American uniform apprehended and, under orders from Bde., confined in Guard Room pending
    investigation. (Subsequently evacuated).
    0715Stand-to until 0800. N.T.R. Normal Routine.
    22 Dec0700Reveille
    0830C Sqn moved to HILLENSBURG 718668.
    1730C.O. held conference of sub unit comds to clarify alterations of plan and give details of alternative roles
    proposed for each sqn and the regt as a whole.
    23 Dec0700Reveille.
    0715Stand-to. N.T.R. Normal Routine.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    K 706687 Map France & Belgium 1/50,000 Sheet 48.BROEK SITTARD24 Dec0700Reveille.
    715Stand - to. Normal Routine. Aftern
    25 Dec0700Reveille.
    0715Stand - to. Xmas Day.
    1300Xmas Dinner. Restricted celebration. This in view of
    enemy's proximity (Less than 2 miles).
    26 Dec0700Reveille.
    0710Infm recd from Bde by telephons of raid on 11 H posn at GEBROEK 6575.
    0715Stand-to. Usual period. Normal Routine. During day "A" Sqn passed to u/c 9 D.L.I. who relieved 2 DEVONS.
    1730Stand-to until 1800. N.T.R.
    27 Dec0700Reveille.
    0715Stand-to. Normal Routine. Regtl order that all vehs would be moved a short distance every day to ensure
    non - freezing of tracks and wheels to ground.
    28 Dec0700Reveille.
    0715Stand- to. Normal Routine.
    29 Dec0700Reveille.
    0715Stand-to. Normal Routine
    30 Dec0700Reveille
    0715Stand-to. Normal Routine
    31 Dec0700Reveille
    0715Stand-to. Normal Routine