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    War Diary: 1st Bn Royal Tank Regiment

    Month and year: Febuary 1944

    The 1st Battalion Royal Tank Regiment February 1944 war diary details their time in Sugar Hill Camp, a march to Didlington Hall and collecting tanks from Birmingham

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/865

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Map ref. Scale 1" Swaffham & East Dereham Sheet 661.2.440630Reveille.
    2415 Sugar Hill Camp. Quadrilateral Camp.0800-1230Training, courses, etc.
    1400-1730" " "
    1800Guard & Fire Piquet mount. This was a normal day's routine.
    2.2.44 to 10.2.44Normal routine.
    11.2.44The Divisional Commander gave a talk to officers concerning the future of
    the Division. Normal Routine.
    12.2.44The CO told the unit of future events as far as possible. Normal Routine.
    :13.2.44Normal routine.
    15.2.440800There was a TEWT for all officers (See Appendix). The problems were
    thoroughly discussed. Normal routine for remainder.
    APP I
    15.2.14) Normal routine.
    17.2.440930The whole unit started to march to park by Didlington Hall, about 3/4 mile
    to the west of the camp.
    1000The unit formed up in place with the other units in 22 Armd Bde and some
    Divisional Troops.
    1200The C in C arrived and inspected the troops. After the inspection the C in C
    made a speech in which he expressed optimism for the future.
    1230The unit marched back to camp and carried on with normal routine.
    The Commander-in-Chief expressed great pleasure at his inspection of the
    Division today. He has instructed me to say that he was much impressed
    by the keenness and soldier-like bearing of the troops whom he saw and
    that it was a real pleasure to be with them again. I would like this message conveyed
    to all ranks. GWEJ ERSKINE Maj Gen.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Map ref Scale18.2.44 to) Normal Routine.
    1th Swaffham & East Dereham 22.2.44800A TEWT was held for tank commanders.APP. 2
    Sheet 66915A party of tank drivers proceeded to BIRMINGHAM to collect tanks.
    Sugar Hill1700A party of drivers proceeded to GUILDFORD to collect lorries.
    Camp. Quadrilateral23.2.44Normal routine for remainder.
    Camp.Normal routine. Some butterfly bombs were dropped by a hostile
    aircraft just to the south of Sugar Hill Camp during the afternoon.
    24.2.440800A party, consisting mostly of men who had long service with the unit
    proceeded to BRANDON Station to form a guard of honour.
    0930His Majesty The King arrived and inspected the Guard of Honour. He
    questioned several of the Guard on their decorations and length of
    1200The unit lined the road at the entrance to the camp. His Majesty
    walked between the ranks on either side of the road. He was given
    three hearty cheers by the troops, who again cheered him as he drove off.
    His Majesty last paid the unit a visit near TRIPOLI, North Africa
    during 1943.
    His Majesty The King expressed his high appreciation of the fine
    appearance of the Division today. He expressed his special pleasure at seeing
    so many officers and men who have recently returned from active service.
    He wished me to convey to all ranks his good wishes in the future tasks
    of the Division. Signed GWEJ ERSKINE Maj Gen. Comd.
    25.2.44 toNormal Routine
    29.2.440815A TEWT was held for all officers and tank commanders.APP 3