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    War Diary: 1st Bn Royal Tank Regiment

    Month and year: November 1944

    The 1st Bn Royal Tank Regiment November 1944 war diary starts with the unit in Oosterhout, Netherlands and covers their move through Tilburg back towards Neerhoven, Belgium

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/865

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    1:100,000 Sheet 4 HOLLAND.1 Nov0600Reveille. The Regt remained in posn at OOSTERHOUT 0042. RHQ was at 006424 and the Sqns nearby in the town.
    Two patrols of Recce Tp were sent out, one to 009451 and one to 023465. "B" Sqn had a troop of tks deployed
    along the canal bank in the area of 003433 ; enemy snipers were active on the other side of the canal. These
    posns were maintained during day light only. The centre of OOSTERHOUT was shelled at intervals during the day :
    a few casualties to soldiers but more among the civilians resulted.
    1830At last light the Recce Patrols and tks were withdrawn. An infantry post of "B" Echelon personnel were put out
    at 998424. The night was quiet.
    2 Nov0600Reveille. Recce Patrols and tanks moved into posn as yesterday. The town was again shelled intermittently.
    1830At last light Recce Patrols and "B" Sqn tanks were withdrawn and the infantry post was manned. The night was
    3 Nov0600Reveille. Tks and patrols moved out as usual. The Poles on the Western side of the canal were now attacking
    northwards. They secured two bridgeheads across the E-W canal in the area 9842, 9942 and had made some progress
    Northwards by the end of the day. There was much less shelling today.
    1830Tks and patrols were withdrawn and infantry posts took over. These infantry posts were put out on this occasion
    at 999425, 998424 and 998428. The first one was manned by 11 H personnel.
    4Nov0600Tks and patrols took up their posns. The Polish attack continued and made very good progress. By evening they had
    reached the outskirts of GERTRUIDENBERG and MADE was clear. The immediate result was a complete cessation of the
    shelling of OOSTERHOUT.
    1830Tks and patrols were withdrawn : the inf posts were not manned in view of the Polish progress.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    1:100,000 Sheet 4 HOLLAND.5 Nov0600Reveille. Recce Patrols were put out at 009451 and 023465. The Poles completed their operation, clearing
    GERTRUIDENBERG and clearing the country North to the Southern bank of the MAAS river. There was no more shelling
    0900A church service was held in the local Protestant church. This was a special service of remembrance for soldiers
    of the Regt who had fallen in battle and was very well attended.
    1200Orders were issued by the Bde Comd, 22 Armd Bde was to take over the line of the River MAAS, with 1 R Tks in
    reserve, and to stay in OOSTERHOUT. 1 RB took over the sector 015485 to RAAMSDONCK. This move took place during
    the afternoon and left the Regt without operational responsibility. No further patrols were put out.
    1830Patrols withdrawn at last light. Apart
    6 Nov0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    7 Nov0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    1830A Regtl Dance was hold in a local Dance Hall. This was greatly appreciated by all ranks and arrangments were
    made for these Dances to be held regularly.
    8 Nov0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    9 Nov0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    1830Regtl Dance.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    1:100,000 Sheet 4 HOLLAND.10 Nov0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    11 Nov0700Reveille.
    1830Regtl Dance.
    12 Nov700Reveille.
    0900Church Service in the local Protestant Church. Orders were received to move the following day to the area
    CASTERLE preparatory to moving on to the new Div Area around BREE 5084.
    13 Nov0630Reveille,
    0930Regt moved from OOSTERHOUT, through TILBURG and south to TURNHOUT. Then on to CASTERLE where the Regt moved
    1:250,000 Sheet 3 BELGIUM,into billets. Communication with 22 Armd Bde was by D.R. only.
    14 Nov0700Reveille. Normal Routine. Orders received to move on to new area next day.
    15 Nov0700Reveille.
    0930Regt moved off Eastwards through MOLL and NEERPELT and on to the new leaguer area which was at NEERHOVEN 5780.
    1:50,000 Sh 26 & 36 BELGIUM1700RHQ was at 573807, A Sqn at 580800, B - 570803, C at 508809. The Regt was still in reserve.
    16 Nov0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    17 Nov0700Reveille. Normal Routine.
    18 Nov0700Reveille. Normal Routine. Sqns now started trg. Wirless, Driving & Maintenance and Gunnery courses were arranged,
    and lectures on Gas, Intelligence Subjects etc started. Small arms training was carried out on a 30 yds Range.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    1:50,000 Sh 26 & 36 BELGIUM19 Nov0700Reveille - Training.
    20 Nov0730Reveille. CAMBRAI DAY. Special issues of beer and rum were made to all ranks and the day was declared a Regtl
    1030Football Match. - Offrs V Sgts
    21 Nov0700Reveille - Trg.
    22 Nov0700Reveille - Trg.
    0900First "PYTHON" party left for OSTEND.
    23 Nov0700Reveille - Trg.
    1000Talk by SO 3 (Educ) 7 Armd Div on "British Government"
    24 Nov0700Reveille. During the morning a number of local moves took place. RHQ moved to 574803 and A Sqn came into RHQ' S
    old area at 573807.
    25 Nov0700Reveille.
    0930CO talked to all offrs on the subject of the Suppression of Civilian Riots. He outlined the procedure to be
    adopted should the Regt ever be called to take action against hostile civilian mobs. During the evening
    notification was received that the Commanding Offr, Lt Col PRC HOBART, OBE. MC had been awarded theSee COs report on ops up to this date
    Distinguished Service Order.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    1:50,000 Sh 26 & 36 BELGIUM26 Nov0700Reveille.
    0900Church Service.
    27 Nov0700Reveille. Trg.
    28 Nov0700Reveille. Trg.
    29 Nov0700Reveille. Trg.
    1500Major General HOBART visited RHQ.
    30 Nov0700Reveille. Trg.