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    War Diary: 10th Battalion Durham Light Infantry

    Month and year: April 1944

    The 10th Battalion Durham Light Infantry April 1944 war diary covers their time at Thetford in the UK including taking part in exercise SEEK, MOONLIGHT and BUMP

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/1292

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Summary This month the bn took part in a Div Ex BUMP and benefited in many ways from an Ex which was as near active service
    conditions as trg areas at home will permit. At the end of the month the Bde was honoured by a visit from HM King
    George VI who inspected the bn accompanied by the Div and Bde Commanders.
    THETFORDApr 1 - 8First Aid trg for all ranks - theoretical and practical.
    2 - 6Div Exercise SEEK in areas DISS and BRETTENHAM HEATH. The object of the exercise was to practice the Div Recce Regt in quick
    deployment. 10 D.L.I. (Carriers only) acted as enemy.
    5Series of trg films shown in camp.
    7 - 8Bn Exercise MOONLIGHT. The objects of the exercise were to practise the bn in a night attack, the evacuation of casualties,
    and the replenishment of amn.
    110700Div Exercise "BUMP" started today. The Bn moved by road to conc area outside WOODBRIDGE. The main objects of the Exercise
    were to practise the Bn in general admin in the field, the ferrying of the Bn in unit M.T. and the evacuation of casualties.
    120830Bn left conc area in Bde coln, which made slow progress to bivouac area East of LEISTON. In the early evening the enemy (146
    Bde),started an arty conc on our right flank.
    130730Bn moved to SIZEWELL BELTS by march route, and concentrated for an attack on GOOSE HILL. At 1000 hrs the Bde attack went in,
    and 10 D.L.I. captured GOOSE HILL and SUMMER HOUSE HILL, after which the bn consolidated in new positions. During the night
    "B" and "C" Coys sent out patrols.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    THETFORD.April 14Enemy kept up intermittent shelling of our positions. Mobile Bath Unit in operation.
    152 IC wounded by snipers and evacuated beyond RAP. "C" Coy patrol returned with two prisoners. Enemy snipers active
    throughtout day. "B" and "C" Coys withdraw.
    16Bn prepared for attack on DUNWICH Field Firing Area. At 1900 hrs the attack started, and on the objectives being
    captured, the bn dug in.
    2100"Cease Fire."
    170930Bn left for Riddlesworth Camp by road, and was back in billets by 1300 hrs.
    19Commencement of daily PT parades before breakfast.
    24Pl trg continues.
    25Each rifle coy today practised pl and coy attacks with a Tp/SqnSherman Tanks in support. Many useful points were brought
    out e.g. it is better for tanks to operate on a different axis to inf in order to draw fire away from inf.
    27The bn was inspected by HM King George VI.
    28All coys practised river crossings by day and night on improvised rafts and in assault boats Mk III