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    War Diary: 102nd Anti Tank Regiment

    Month and year: June 1944

    The 102nd Anti Tank Regiment June 1944 war diary covers the units landing in Normandy and engaging enemy tanks advancing to area Bernieres Bocage.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/929

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    FIELD.1CO and IO in Camp B 8. Nothing to report, not yet loading. Due to leave for
    embarkation at 1500 hrs but postponed for 24 hrs at 0930.
    21600Loading commences, Vehicles of the Tac HQ Party line up. Do not move past S.P.
    until 1730. Arrive at dock 1920 hrs and eventually commence loading at 0215
    hrs 3rd Jun. CO watches local cricket match. Ship with Tac HQ on board moves
    out to new docks assembly point.
    3A cold and dull day with promises of visits to NAAFI and baths ashore. Move off
    1930 and arrive 2130 South of CALSHOT. Many craft of all sorts in all directions.
    4Sea very rough. Ships do not move. A Service is held in CO's ship by Ship's Captain,
    and General EISENHOWER's message read out. Possible move at 1245 cancelled as 'D' Day has
    been postponed 24 hrs.
    51315Ships sail from SOUTHAMPTON although sea still rough. ROME has been captured
    by FIFTH and EIGHTH Armies. 50 percent of the troops are seasick.
    6D' DAY.
    0600Land in sight. A mass of gunfire from our supporting craft. Very little from the
    0800Tac HQ ship hits a mine. The ship pulls out and it is decided to try again.
    On the second attempt another mine blows out the engines. The OC Troops decide
    to send off a Jeep which goes out of sight under the water. Many vehicles are drowned
    through foolishness,
    1130CO's craft unloads at low tide. Almost dry landing.
    1200CO meets Brigadier R.H. SENIOR, D.S.O. T.D., (Commanding 151 Infantry Bde) and
    GOC 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division (Major General D.A.H. GRAHAM, C.B.E.,
    D.S.O., M.C.,) at 895859.
    1230CO goes to HQ 69 Bde (920859) to contact the Brigadier and Major G.W. DUNKERLEY, MC.,
    (OC 99 A/TK Bty RA). I.O goes to Tac HQ 50 (Northumbrian) Division at MEUVAINES
    1500I.O. meets Major G.R. BALFOUR, M.C. (OC 288 A/Tk Bty RA) who gives information that
    he has 4 x 15cwts, 1 X M.14, and 1 X Jeep drowned and 1 X M.10 with track blown off by a mine.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    FIELD,61800CO returns to Tac RHQ at MEUVAINES where RHQ M.14 and Signal Section Jeep and trailer
    join up.
    2200Signal Section Humber netted on CRA's Link arrives. Lieutenants TONGUE and NAM
    BERGEN are wounded.
    70040CO2 73 A/Tk Regiment R.A. (Major R. HEMEIRYKE, R.A.) reports to Tac RHQ to visit CO.
    0045Regiment informed by HQ. ,RA., that 'D' Day phases will be completed and exploited
    during the day.
    0900All objectives taken but those of 231 Inf Bde.
    1045Lt. G.I.R. MILLIKEN reports to RHQ with Troop. M10 3". He has left 2 PORPOISE
    with 120 rds 3" M 10 am at 878852.
    1130Mopping up in progress at BAYEUX.
    1215Infantry being pushed back at 7782.
    1220Enemy tanks reported on road ST LO - BAYEUX.
    1225Enemy attack developing on SULLY (7682)
    1310Fd Arty engage enemy tanks at SULLY.
    1325Infantry hold on at SULLY.
    1400"VOLGA". HQ RA move to 830813. Tac RHQ moves with them. CO 73rd A/TK Regiment RA
    visits CO.
    1700Fighting in PORT EN BESSIN (7587).
    1705Tac RHQ arrives at new location.
    1845Major R. A. BARNETT, (OC 107 A/TK Bty RA) and Captain C.R. PAINE, R.A. report to
    Tac RHQ with 4 X 6 pdrs.
    2015Lieutenants P.G. O'NEILL and C. PACKHAM report to Tac HQ with 2 X 6 pdr Troops.
    They are moving to CREPON (9083) to join 107 Bty.
    2115107 Bty move up to relieve 288 Bty in 151 Bde area.
    2330Capt. J. LESLIE (Technical Adjutant) reports to Tac HQ.
    80710288 move off with 8 Armoured Bde.
    1050Tank threat from NORTH WEST. 289 Bty move into position WEST of BAYEUX to meet it.
    1100Lt. P.G. O'NELLI posted from 289 Bty to 99 Bty.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    FIELD,81300A further attack on SULLY.
    1500Lieut. C.E.G. WRIDE reports to Tac HQ with one Troop M 10s.
    1530CO2 (Major D.J. COWEN, R.A ) and RMO join Tac HQ.
    1630Capt. W.A. BENSON R.A. reports to RHQ.
    2200Confusion at SULLY. CO carries out recce of that area.
    23008th Armoured Bde reach railway at LOUCELLES (8773) and are held up.
    90810CO2 returns to the beach.
    10008th Armoured Bde are making good progress. Information received that enemy tanks
    are being engaged and news is awaited of 288 Bty.
    1400CO visits 107 Bty in BUSSY area(8077)
    1500Capt. J.K. BOAG, R.A. lands and reports.
    1600Pockets of tanks are reported all over the front.
    1700Batteries of 73 A/TK Regiment R.A. (198 and 234 A/Tk Btys RA) are released from
    command of this Regiment and revert to their own.
    1800Further reports of tanks.
    2000Enemy tanks infiltrate into positions of 6 D.L.I. M.10 Troop of 289 Bty and also
    234 Bty (73 A/Tk Regt RA) move to meet the threat. CO recce's the threatened
    2300Situation in hand, 3 x Mk IV Special are out. One by 6 DLI 6 Pdr the
    remainder by 107 Bty. 107 Bty have 2 X M 10s out of action, one having hit a mine.
    1008008th Armoured Bde reached ST. PIERRE (8568)
    08157th Armd Div move forward and reach BUCEELS. (8570)
    0900CO visits 107 Bty (8077) and 289 Bty (BAYEUX).
    1500288 Bty report that they are still in the hunt with 8th Armoured Bde.
    1600Many fighter-bombers attack FONTENAY-LE-PESNEL (8767) in front of 8th Armd Bde.
    1800Lt. J. MILLER reports to RHQ (930813) from 288 Bty. They claim 2 tanks and one SP
    gun K.O'd. Capt. J.G. GAYE wounded evacuated. 2 ORs killed and 8 wounded.
    2 X 6pdr guns and 2 X 3" mortar carriers lost.
    1800Major R.A. BARNETT visits Tac HQ. 2 x M10s previously off the road are now in action.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Field.102200Major Barnett informs CO that 234/73 A/Tk Regt RA wish to remove the Troop that
    is in support of 107 Bty, which cannot be spared. CO visits HQ 231 Bde and on return
    tells 107 Bty that the Troop of 234 Bty can go in the morning.
    110600Major R.G. BROWNE-SWINBURNE, (B.C. 289 A/Tk Bty RA) visits Tac HQ and states that 231
    Bde will be moving forward in the morning.
    1000CO visits HQ 151 Bde (795786).
    1200Capt. C.R. PAINE, from 107 Bty informs CO that 2 X 6 pdr Troops are being moved away
    and no one knows where.
    1500CO attends conference at HQ. ,RA., (830813) Guns of 107 Bty are to take part in a party
    with Westminister Dragoons who are supposed to clear up ST ANDRE area. This
    information is given to Capt PAINE.
    1630CO visits HQ 69 Bde (ST LEGER860755).
    16401 x M 10 is delivered new and sent to 288 Bty.
    1645A Major from 55th A/Tk Regt RA (49 Division) visits Tac HQ.
    18005 reinforcements arrive.
    2000231 Bde are afraid of being over run by tanks. M 10 Tps of 107 and 289 Btys are
    moved back to BAYEUX SO that they may be sent in any direction.
    2200289 Bty have one 6 pdr and carrier over run.
    2300L/Sgt. HOWARD, B.E.M., has died of wounds.
    2330107 Bty report that there is much activity in front. Major G.R. BALFOUR MC (OC
    288 A/TK Bty RA) wounded and evacuated.
    120900Major G.W. DUNKERLEY, MC (OC 99 A/Tk Bty RA) wounded and evacuated. One OR
    killed, one WO and one OR wounded. Capt. H.C. BRYANT assumes command of 99 Bty and
    Captain A.W. TRIPPIER MC assumes command of 288 Bty.
    1000Major R.G. BROWNE-SWINBURNE visits RHQ.
    1600Orders received that the Division will take up defensive positions on line
    BUCEELS - TRUNGAY. CO is ordered to recce minefield areas.
    1800CO visits all fronts and sites mines.
    2300Div will not take up defensive positions but will continue to advance.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    FIELD.130200Major R.A. Barnett to attend 151 Bde conference at 0700 hrs.
    0800151 Bde conference cancelled.
    09007 Armoured Div reach VILLIERS BOCAGE (8157)
    1000107 Bty send for CO. They are in trouble.
    1200Capt. BOAG reports that 107 Bty has destroyed Mk IV Special, and think they have KO'd
    1400Tac RHQ move with HQ 50 (Northumbrian) Division to 809755. Main RHQ REMAINS IN
    present location.
    1700The expected attack has not taken place. It will be held tomorrow.
    190049 Inf Div to relieve 50th (Northurbrian) Division EAST of River SEULLES. As
    49 Div arty is not shore, 99 and 288 Btys are to come under their command.
    2000CO visits HQ RA reference change over.
    210099 and 288 Btys to be relieved tonight. Quiet night.
    0700D + 4 vehicles landed and join Main RHQ at SOMMERVIEU (830812). Main RHQ
    joins Tac RHQ at 809755.
    1000A full scale attack by 151 Bde and 56 Bde is laid on objectives TILLY-SUR-SEULLES
    (8468) - LANGREVES (8068). 107 Bty is in support 151 Bde on right and 289 Bty
    will support 56 Bde on left. The attack is opened by 40 minutes bombing and
    one hour's barrage and concentrations.
    1100The zero hour for the attack.
    110099 Bty and 288 Bty are to move into a rest area in area DUOY ST MARQUERITE (8573)
    1100Capt. H.C. BRYANT and Capt. A.W. TRIPPIER, M.C., visit RHQ reference move into rest area.
    130099 Bty move into rest area less two troops which cannot be relieved until tonight.
    1200Mk IV reported knocked out by 107 Bty.
    1600Major R.G. BROWNE-SWINBURNE (OC 289 A/Tk Bty RA) wounded and evacuated. Capt,
    W.A. BENSON assumes command.
    1600288 Bty report all back in rest area. During the day the attack continues but makes
    little progress. 9 Bn DLI reached LINGREVES but are heavily counter-attacked by
    Mk.VI tanks. They lose 4 X 6 pdrs and 107 Bty lose one.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Field141600The situation looks bad for some time but is eventually relieved by 4/7 Dragoons
    (8 Armoured Bde) who attack the German tanks, destroy six, and force the remainder
    to withdraw.
    150900CO visits HQ. ,RA.,
    1200 Capt. A.W. TRIPPIER, MC visits RHQ.
    1500CO visits HQ,R.A.. 69 Bde are to attack tomorrow from LA BELLE EPINE. (7769) to
    LES ORAILLES (7666) - cross roads LE LION VERTE (795848),to try and work around
    the flank of German opposition. During the day 7 Armoured Div at VILLERS BOCAGE
    is attacked by 2 Pz Div and moves back to the high ground NORTH WEST of CAUMONT .
    CAUMONT itself is held by 1st U.S. Division. During the fighting considerable damage is
    inflicted on the enemy.
    16043099 Bty leave the rest area to move up behind 69 Bde at LA BELLE EPINE (7769) in
    readiness for the attack.
    0500Operational signal from HQ. ,RA., 69 Bde 'H' Hour is 0900 hrs. They advance with one
    Bn up.
    0800W/T message from 99 Bty "they are on the way to their party with 69 Bde".
    0945CO visits HQ. RA.,
    1420CO visits HQ RA, The advance continues slowly with usual MG, mortar and sniping
    holding things up. The enemy continues to hold LONGRAYE (7866) on our left flank.
    1500The last troop of 234/73 A/Tk Regt RA revert to 73 A/Tk Regiment. We have, however,
    a call upon it, and an LO joins Main RHQ for the purpose of contact.
    1600Major R.A. Barnett visits the CO. During the day 4 officers and 12 ORs joined as
    reinforcements. Final dispositions of 69 Bde at the end of the day are 5 E Yorks
    770660. 7 Green Howard 765685. 6 Green Howards 686669. Bty HQ 99 Bty 771695.
    107 Bty 818725. 288 Bty 856741. 289 Bty 780690. Nothing to report during the night.
    17Today a further effort is to be made to capture TILLY SUR SEULLES. 1st Essex
    (56 Bde,attd 151 Bde are to attack from the North).
    1000CO visits HQ 231 Bde (771713) and HQ 151 Bde (819725).
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    171245CO visits 104 107 BTY at 818725.
    1500CO visits HQRA. 288 Bty move forward to area LA SENAUDIERE (7769) and
    relieve 289 Bty which will return to the Echelon Area (808753) for maintenance -
    especially of M.10s.
    1700A "flap" develops about the position of the Divs left flank where the attack
    on TILLY is proceeding. As a result 289 Bty is turned round on its way back to the
    Echelon and goes into "semi-action" at STE BAZIRE (828710).
    During the day the Infantry do not get into TILLY, but close to within 1000 yds,
    6 DLI having moved EAST from area 8168. 10 DLI of 70 Bde, 49 Div capture STE
    PIERRE 8568.
    During the night 6 GREEN HOWARDS (69 Bde) move round the NORTH of LONGRAYE
    and establish themselves in area 795688.
    18The following promotions are authorised to fill vacancies created by casualties:-
    W/CAPT T.A. BENSON (29971) to be MAJOR. T/CAPT J.K. BOAG (87914) to be Major
    and is interposited to 99 BTY, W/LIEUT. G.I.R. MILLIKEN (177374) to be CAPT
    W/LIEUT. W.S. BRAMELD (256922) to be CAPT. W/LIEUT E.J. BONSALL (MM) (204840)
    to be CAPT and is interposted to 289 BTY.
    1200Orders received that 198/73 A tk Regt RA which has been supporting 151 Bde with
    107 BTY, is to be replaced by 195/73 A tk Regt RA. i.e. the M.10 Bty goes and a
    17-pr Bty moves in.
    1400Information received that 7 Armd Div will attack from WEST - EAST tomorrow morning
    or tonight, from general area PARFOURE L'ECLINE (7563) to sweep behind the main
    enemy defences, believed to be along the road LE LION VERTE (7965) - HOTTOT (8265)
    - FONTENAY LE PESNEL (87667)
    1500Information received that 6 DLI are astride the road South of TILLY. One 6-pr Tp
    107 BTY is with them, 8 DLI move to area 818672 to guard their rear.
    19007 Armd Div will not now attack. 50 (NORTHUMBRIAN) Div will continue to push on towards HOTTOT and
    LE LION VERTE. The Infantry got more tired and the rate of progress decreased in proportion.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Field.182230Major D.A.S. PINN (OC 198/73 A tk Regt RA.) calls to see CO. 9 DLI has sent a Coy
    to Cross Rds 832682 and are now afraid it will be chased by tanks. He has been asked
    to supply a section of guns, but this is no job for M.10s. CO directs that Major Pinn
    contacts Major Barnett (107 Bty) most of whose guns are with 1 ESSEX NORTH of TILLY,
    and that 107 BTY will supply the guns if possible. Otherwise - no guns. Major PINN also
    informs us that 107 BTY have knocked out a number of (unspecified) tanks.
    During the day 7 GREEN HOWARDS push on to LE LION VERTE.
    2300Another flap at DIV, It is discovered that there is nothing left at LA SENAUDIERE and 289 BTY
    is required to move from 825718 to stop the gap. Some REs are promised as protection. No action
    is taken.
    190800CO is called to visit CRA. During the night 7 GREEN HOWARDS are counter attacked and forced
    back to area 775660.
    0925RA 50 (NORTHUMBRIAN) Div OO No 6 is received.
    1000There is no report yet of yesterdays battle in which 107 A tk Bty RA are thought to have killed
    three tanks. IO arrives at RHQ from 288 BTY.
    1300One Troop (M.10) 289 BTY moves to area LA SENAUDIERE (780690) and find that the REs have NOT
    arrived to protect them.
    1500Captain G.I.R. MILLIKEN is killed in action.
    1820.Major W.A. BENSON (OC 289 BTY) visits RHQ and receives orders from the CO that he will relieve
    107 BTY tomorrow, all being well.
    1945Major D.A.S. PINN (OC 198/73 A tk Regt RA) visits RHQ. This Bty is still under Command and has not
    been relieved by 195/73 A tk Regt RA.
    2230Major R.A. BARNETT sees CO reference tomorrows change over.
    During the day 151 BDE with 107 A tk Bty RA in support captured TILLY. The town is completely
    wrecked after the constant attack and counter attack that has taken place through it.
    231 BDE advance and 1 DEVONS reach the outskirts of HOTTOT (8266). They are, however, pushed back
    about 500 yds, while the DORSETS on the right are held up in front of wood (809662) 288 BTY support
    this attack and lose one M.10 which "brews up" after being hit by an SP gun, 4 ORs are killed. 1 x
    is also hit and 1 X M 10 overturns in a ditch. One OR killed in this accident
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Field.19Final Locations :- RHQ - 807754: 99 Bty - 779691: 107 Bty - 822709 288 Bty - 797700: 289 Bty-825718:
    200830I.O. (Lt. J.D. MARRIOTT) leaves RHQ to visit 107 Bty, 289 Bty, and 198 Bty. The relief of 107 Bty
    by 289 Bty will take place today. 107 Bty will go into action at rest at LA SENAUDIERE
    and the M 10 Troop of 289 Bty which is there will be withdrawn.
    0900CO visits CRA.
    0915LO is sent to 107 Bty.
    1500Capt. C.R. PAINE visits RHQ and informs the CO2. that the relief of their Btys will
    not be complete until after dark and that the 6 pdr troops will not be out until about 1800 hrs.
    1600Capt. W. TRIPPIER, MC. (Acting OC 288 Bty) visits RHQ.
    1800107 Bty report the 6pdr Troop had be relieved and are LA SENAUDIERE.
    1815CO visits CRA.
    2005Major R.A. BARNETT (OC 107 Bty) visits RHQ.
    2030Major. D.A.S. PINN visits RHQ.
    During the day very little activity takes place in the Divisional Font. An attack by
    69 Bde which has been planned for tomorrow in the area of LONGRAYE (7866) in now
    postponed. 2 x 6 pdrs collected from Corps Vehicle Park, 1 issued to 288 Bty and 1 to 289 Bty).
    Final locations RHQ 807754 : 99 Bty 779691 : 107 Bty 798702 : 288 Bty 797700 : 289 Bty 822709.
    210900CO visits HQ., RA. Main HQ 50 (Northumbrian) Division will move new location at
    BUTTE DE GROS ORME (795718) at 1430 hrs today.
    1030Div Recce Party (including Adjutant (Capt C.S. SPENCE) as Regtl Rep,) move off
    to look at new area. Main Div and services get under cover, everyone else is left to
    fend for themselves out in the open.
    1430HQ. ,RA., move to new location. LO moves with them.
    1500CO leaves RHQ to visit Btys. 1530
    1530Tac RHQ moves to new location at 792712.
    1740Main RHQ moves to join Tac RHQ.
    1900CO visits HQ. ,RA.
    1915Capt A.W. TRIPPIER, MC, visits RHQ.
    2000Capt. R.I. MASTERS, Commanding Regimental Echelon, visits RHQ and sees CO2.
    The Echelon will move into new area at 795725 tomorrow morning.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Field.212000During the day there is little activity in the front. 5th EAST YORKS advance into wood
    777860 during the day without opposition. 107 BTY send 50 percent of their personnel to
    get baths in BAYEUX, and in the evening send 20 men to an ENSA show at CINEMA MUNICIPALE ,BAYEUX.
    Locations. RHQ 792712 : 99 Bty 769692 : 107 Bty 798702 : 288 Bty 797700 :289 Bty 822709.
    220900CO 73rd A/Tk Regiment visits CO. 73rd /Tk Regt RA are going to replace 198 Bty by 195 Bty
    (17 pdr Bty). As a result of this, a reshuffle of our guns will be necessary. 107 Bty
    will send its M 10 Troop in support of 231 Bde in place of 1 Troop 198 Bty at present
    in support. 195 Bty will deploy in the area 8071 8171 . 8271 .
    0930CO visits HQ. RA,
    1030IO visits all Btys to obtain traces of their gun positions.
    1145CO visits 107 Bty.
    1500CO visits HQ. RA.
    1845OC 198 Bty (Major P.G. MURRY RA) reports to RHQ to say that his Bty is in action. His
    HQ is at 809715.
    2115CO visits HQ. ,RA. During the day little occurs. The infantry both of ourselves and
    the enemy are quiet with only intermittent shelling and mortaring disturbing the peace.
    The weather improves greatly and air activity is resumed after a lull of 3 days. It
    is hoped that the fair weather will mean that unloading can again commence on the beaches.
    and that our D + 10 party will at last put in an appearance after lying in the bay for
    about a week. The gun situation is now that we are plus one 6 pdr and minus 2 x M 10s.
    Final locations - no change.
    231030CO visits forward areas. He visits HQ 69 Bde and HQ 231 Bde. In the forthcoming battle
    288 Bty, at present in support of 231 Bde, will be in support of 61 Recce Regt
    who have not yet got their guns ashore. The CO acquaints commander 231 Bde of
    this fact. CO also visits 2 SOUTH WALES BORDERERS who are taking up positions around
    LA SENAUDIERE and thus closing that gap in the line. A reshuffle of guns takes place
    The 2 S.W.B. guns occupy the forward positions and the 6 pdrs of 107 + Bty rear positions.,
    with one troop astride the road LA SENAUDIERE - BERNIERS BOCAGE.
    1130CO2 and Adjt leave RHQ for tour of the RHU's to try and collect up some of our own sick.
    The attempt produces nothing but promises.
    Field23rd1200The 2 S.W.B's area in position at LA SENAUDIERE.
    1600D + 10 vehicles and personnel arrive having been lying out in the bay for a
    week. With them comes Capt D.A. KOMROWER and 2/Lieut C.W. DETMAUR, who
    have joined the Residue at LARKHILL from X (ii) sick.
    150069 Bde demand the presence of the C.O. They are unhappy about what is and
    what is not under their command. The answer is nothing - 99 Bty is in
    1845Major R.A. BARNETT calls at RHQ to see the C.O.
    During the day authority is obtained to effect the following promotions :-
    T/Capt D.A. KOMROWER R.A. to be Major (vice Maj. R.G. Browne-Swinburne )
    WS/Lieut E.R. ROBERTS, R.A. to be Capt (vice Capt G.I.R. MILLIKEN)
    Major Komrower assumes command 288 Bty in place of Capt A.W. TRIPPIER, MC, RA
    who remains as Capt "G".
    The battle planned to commence at 0330 hrs tomorrow is postponed.
    Location - No change except :-
    HQ 107 Bty - 785692.
    24th1130C.O. visits 107 Bty.
    1300C.O. 65th (N.Y.) A.Tk. Regiment, R.A. visits C.O.
    1500Major R.I.G. TAYLOR, D.S.O. visits the regiment. Major TAYLOR was O.C.
    288 Bty until joining 76 A.Tk. Regiment as C.O.2 before the battle of MARETH.
    He now commands a Bty in 21 A.TK. Regiment RA (Guards Armd Div) and has just
    16005 reinforcements arrive at RHQ. They are so useless that they are returned
    to the reinforcement camp.
    1600R.A. 50 (N) Div O.O. No. 7 received. This contains the orders for the 49 Div
    attack. This Div Arty is supporting 49 Div. 50 (N.) Div does little except
    conform to the movement of 49 Div.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Field24th2000The Bty Comd of a H.A.A. Bty calls on the C.O. We are evidently to recce
    positions for him to put into action 4 x 3.7 H.A.A. guns in the area
    FOLLIOT (8171) which he will occupy in the event of a 'flap'.
    2035Codeword 'BARRACUDA' received. The battle commences at 0415 hrs 25 JUNE 44
    2130Major J.K. BOAG and Major R.A. BARNETT visit C.O.44
    Locations - unchanged.
    25th0415Heavy gunfire marks the opening of 49 Inf Div attack.
    1030Adjutant does to 205 Corps Reinforcement Camp to try and obtain some
    reinforcements. All that are finally collected are 3 Gnrs and 1 Sgt.
    There is nothing else that is worth the trouble of collection. Mainly a
    mixed bag of Sanitary Orderlies and Sgts Mess Waiters.
    1200News received that 49 Div have reached their first objective - the road
    JUVIGNY - FONTENAY LE PESNEL (8767) although this latter village is not
    completely cleared of the enemy.
    1700O.C. 195/73rd A.Tk. Regt RA visits RHQ.
    1710C.O. leaves to visit Btys.
    2200107 Bty commences to relieve 288 Bty. The 6-pr troops of 288 Bty go into
    action at LA SENAUDIERE. The M 10 tp which consists of 1 X M 10 will
    return to the Echelon where it will collect 3 X M 10s and reform and do
    During the day, the 151 Inf Bde moves slightly forward and at last light
    6 DLI are occupying positions just short of the road HOTTOT - JUVIGNY at
    835669. 9 DLI have moved forward to MONTILLY 842676.
    By last light 49 Div (KOYLI) are at the NORTHERN end of TESSEL wood (8666)
    RHQ - 792712
    99 Bty - 769692
    107 Bty - 979700
    288 Bty - 788702
    289 Bty 822709
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Field26th0100Reported by wireless that 107 Bty have relieved 288 Bty.
    1000Major D.A. KOMROWER, visits RHQ. He reports that 2 X 6-pr guns in fwd
    positions have not yet been withdrawn.
    1430C.O. visits HQRA and gives them
    (a) A protest about the reinforcement situation.
    (b) Some comments on the war in France to date.
    1500C.O. visits Btys.
    1730Adjutant again goes out to find reinforcements at 31 R.H.U.; he finds a draft
    of 59 gunners on their way to the regt. He promises to collect tomorrow
    but finds that out of the 59 only about 10 are of any use.
    99 A.TK. Btys M 10s are withdrawn to their Echelon area for maintenance.
    The C.O. forwards a letter to HQRA on the subject of Divisional A. Tk.
    During the day 288 Bty lose 1 X 6-pr hit by Mortar.
    8 Corps attack to the EAST of 49 Div and by 1200 hrs have captured their
    first objective - CHEUX (9267)
    The weather is again bad - very wet.
    Locations - unchanged.
    27th0830Adjutant goes to 31 RHU to collect reinforcements. Out of 59 offered only
    12 are accepted and of these 12, 5 are our own men back again. The
    standard of reinforcement is extraordinarily low.
    1400C.O. visits HQRA
    1500C.O. visits Btys
    1600Major P.G. MURRAY RA (OC 195 A.TK. Bty) visits RHQ
    17006 Green Howards attack, their objective is Chateau at 805664. Although
    the infantry insist that they have taken this it is later discovered that
    in fact they have never actually got there although an advance is made.
    NORTHAMPTON YEOMANRY lose 11 tanks in the process, 8 on our own mines. A
    sharp lesson in the need for passing on of information.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Field27thDuring the day 288 Bty have come into reserve, and have baths in BAYEUX;
    40 men attend an ENSA show there in the evening.
    On our left flank 49 Div make slow progress. EAST of them, 8 CORPS open
    an attack which commences well.
    Locations - unchanged.
    28th0830Signal received from HQRA that an infantry reshuffle is to take place during
    the day. The boundary of the 7th Armd Div on our right flank is to move
    further EAST. As a result of this, one Bn of 69 Bde will move back and take
    up a position covering the LA SENAUDIERE Rd junc, being a gap in our lines
    covered by the reserve Bty of the regt, until recently, when
    S.W.B's of 56 Inf Bde (7 Armd Div) have been in position there.
    0900Major D.A. KOMROWER visits RHQ
    1100Capt OWEN (635 Tank Destroyer Bn U.S.Army.) visits RHQ. Capt OWEN was attached
    to us for a fortnight at NEWMARKET prior to the invasion and Major D.J. COWEN
    went to 635 T.D. Bn.
    1730C.O. visits HQRA
    1800Major J.K. BOAG calls.
    1930Major W.A. BENSON visits RHQ
    2000Major R.A. BARNETT visits RHQ
    2200A 'scare' develops. The 49 Div on the left are forced back a few hundred
    yards from their advanced positions, Stories vary from a squadron of enemy
    tanks to two full panzer Divisions.
    During the day there has been little activity on our Divisional front. The
    infantry, having reshuffled, are now disposed in greater depth but no
    difference is made to the A.Tk. layout, although 107 Bty are moving their
    gun positions during the night. The gun area however, will remain unaltered.
    8 Corps have successfully crossed the R. ODON at 931630. The enemy is
    evidently concentrating to meet this threat. 2 SS Pz Div "DAS REICH" is moving
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Field28thup from the SW under air and A.A. cover to the area BRETTEVILLETTE (8864).
    Hence the 49 Div alarm.
    Nothing occurs through the night.
    Locations - unchanged.
    29th0930C.O. visits Btys.
    1100C.O.2 55 (SY) A. Tk. Regiment RA visits RHQ to maintain contact. To date
    they have had almost no shooting. All the German AFVs appear to be on 50
    Div front. Evidently 49 Div have reorganised themselves again.
    1200C.O. visits 99 Bty and 288 Bty. A relief will take place tonight.
    288 Bty will move from LA SENAUDIERE (7868) into support of 69 Bde
    with 2 X 6-pr tps. Their M 10 tp is still reforming in the Echelon area.
    99 Bty will move back to LA SENAUDIERE area, one tp being relieved tonight
    and one tomorrow morning. Their M 10 tp moves up from the Echelon area
    this afternoon, where it has been maintaining, and will occupy a tp posn
    of 288 Bty. 1 X 6-pr tp will occupy a posn by the R AURE (775889) with the
    remaining troop in the high ground EAST of this.
    1215OC 195/73 A. Tk. Regt visits RHQ. His Bty is in the same long-stop posn
    1600Again a quite day on the Divisional front. The 2 SS pz Div attack the flank
    of 8 Corps in the area 8990, attacking in a NE direction, but after making an
    initial penetration is driven back.
    Locations unchanged.
    30th0030Capt H.C. BRYANT reports to Adjutant that the relief goes according to plan,
    and without interference.
    1000CO2 and I.O. visit 99 Bty at 785691 .
    1030Major SCOTT, (635 Tank Destroyer Bn U.S. Army) calls, bringing American 1 Div
    locations and gifts of cigarettes.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Field30th1045C.O. visits Regtl Echelon.
    1130Major J.K. BOAG and Major W.A. BENSON visit CO at RHQ
    1700CO visits Btys.
    1800Major R.A. BARNETT visits RHQ
    2015250 Heavy Bombers of RAF pass over to attack concentrations of enemy AFVs
    2130CO visits HQRA.
    There is little activity on the Div front during the day. The remaining
    6-pr tp of 99 Bty is relieved by 288 Bty during the morning and men from
    the Bty have baths at BAYEUX while 40 attend a Cinema show there in the
    Locations :-
    R.H.Q. 793712
    99 Bty 785692
    107 Bty - 993690
    288 Bty - 779691
    289 Bty - 823705
    Since D Day on 6 JUNE 44 the following casualties have been suffered by the
    Regt :-
    (a) Killed in action Lt G.I.R. MILLIKEN & 14 O.RS.
    (b) Died of Wounds : NIL & 1 O.R.
    (c) Missing : NIL & 1 O.R.
    (d) Wounded in Action ; Maj G.W. DUNKERLEY MC, MAj G.R. BALFOUR MC
    Lt. R VAN BERGEN, Lt. R.E. TONGUE & 42 ORs.
    Estimated bag of A.F.Vs : Killed 17, Wounded 14. Infuriated 41.