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    War Diary: 147th Essex Yeomanry

    Month and year: August 1944

    The August 1944 War Diary of the 147th Essex Yeomanry covers the unit from Cahagnes to Saint-Sauflieu.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/995

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    FRANCE1Regiment takes part in Fire Plan - 'Folkestone'
    RHQ established at CAHAGNES 713564.
    413 Bty OPs with SRY. 413 Bty engage targets in afternoon in support of SRY, including
    enemy infantry positions, dug-in tanks.
    OPs also with 12 KRRC and 4/7 DGs.
    2413 Bty OPs with SRY; 431 Bty OPs with 4/7 DGs; 511 Bty OPs with 13/18 H.
    Regiment supports attack on ONDEFONTAINE.
    413 Bty OP conducts regimental target on enemy tanks at 744491. Tanks dispersed.
    Red smoke target fired at 1630 hrs by 511 Bty.
    511 Bty OPs report 13/18 H engaged with enemy infantry at 744577 at 1830 hrs.
    RHQ established at 727556 at 1700 hrs.
    3Regiment supports 43 Div - barrage.
    OPs with SRY and 4/7 DGs.
    Numerous 'V' targets fired on enemy infantry and MT attempting counter-attack.
    4RHQ established at La RECUSSONNIERE 715565.
    No Regiment supports attack by 12 KRRC.
    5RHQ established at 722475; moves to 758489 at 1400 hrs.
    Regiment engaged in Fire Plan - 'Hastings.
    6No firing.
    RHQ and Batteries move to area 758428.
    RHQ shelled during night - no casualties.
    7Fire Plan fired at 1400 hrs in support 129 Inf Bde attack on MONT PINCON.
    Second-in-Command, Major C.V. Broke, RA, and Party ambushed and killed by enemy tank at
    1800 hrs while reconnoitring new gun area.
    OP parties proceed to Armd Regts to take part in Operation 'BLACKWATER'
    8Operation 'BLACKWATER' cancelled - OPs withdrawn.
    Little firing in morning.
    8 Armd Bde with Regiment under command 50 (N) Div as from 1500 hrs.
    RHQ established area ONDEFONTAINE803482 at 1730 hrs.
    'M' targets fired in support of 12 KRRC breaks up enemy counter-attack.
    9HF tasks and barrage fired in support 50 (N) Div attack on LE PLESSIS-GRIMOULT in morning.
    511 Bty OPs with 13/18 H.
    Further barrage fired at 1545 hrs in support of attack.
    OP 431 Bty with 4/7 DGs takes on as regimental target enemy position at 871418.
    At 1915 hrs supported 4/7 DGs fighting enemy tanks at 868428.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    FRANCE9RHQ established at 829439 at 1900 hrs.
    10431 Bty engage targets in support 151 Bde attack at 0830 hrs.
    Targets fired during day in support 69 Bde.
    11Preliminary concentrations fired for Operation 'Achilles' at 0500 hrs.
    Numerous HF tasks and 'U' targets fired during day.
    appx 'B'
    C' Troop Commander, 431 Bty, engaged enemy OP at 889387 and knocked it out.
    Barrage for 'Achilles' fired at 1845 hrs.
    Second barrage fired at 2100 hrs - 'Teviot.'
    12Barrage 'Teviot' fired again in support 231 Bde at 0600 hrs.
    Barrage in Operation 'Hector' fired at 1330 hre in support 151 Bde.
    511 Bty OPs with 13/18 H reported infantry consolidating on objective at 1545 hrs.
    'U' targets fired at 2115 hrs in support 1 Dorsets being counter-attacked by German
    13Came under command 43 Div.
    RHQ established at 855413.
    0950Take part in Operation Excelsior.
    Numerous 'U' targets on enemy infantry concentrations and mortar areas engaged between
    1800 and 2000 hrs.
    14RAV. 1515Fired barrage in support 43 Div Operation 'Bath'
    413 Bty OPs with SRY in support attack.
    Fired further barrage in support 43 Div attack.
    Engaged 'U' targets between 1900 and 2000 hrs.
    15Regiment moved to area 910350 - RHQ established at 910358. Move completed by 1930 hrs.
    Fire Plan fired in support 214 Inf Bde attack to obtain crossing over R NOIREAU.
    4I3 Bty OPs with SRY in support of attack.
    16413 Bty OPs continue in support SRY.
    'U' targets fired in morning in support.
    Quick barrage fired in support 130 Bde attack on BERJOU.
    17Own troops reported in ATHIS 0900 hrs - no shooting ordered without permission of HQ RA.
    Regiment comes out of action - in harbour area 913368 CLECY pending Operation 'Kitten.'
    18Regiment sends off OPs to 4/7 DGs and 13/18 H in regimental recce party to Join Groups for
    Operation 'Kitten'.
    Appx 'C'
    19RHQ moves to 982247 NOTRE DAME du ROCHER. Batteries harbour in same area.
    20Regiment remains in harbour throughout day.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    FRANCE21Regiment moved to harbour in area 127242.
    22Regiment moved in support 4/7 DGs and 151 Inf Bde to area 497447. Btys in action
    but no firing.
    At 2100 hrs moved to harbour in area 648478.
    23Moved in group RA with 124 Fd Regt in support of 69 Bde.
    431 Bty in direct support 4/7 DGs.
    RHC established at 807476 Les AULNAIES by 1300 hours.
    Btys come into action, but no firing.
    24Regiment moves into harbour in area 865461. Day spent in maintenance.
    25Regiment remains in same area. Maintenance and re-arming continue.
    26Regiment maintains and rests.
    27Regiment leaves harbour at 1400 hrs. Moves under command 8th Armd Bde under
    command 43 Div.
    Temporary harbour for night at 027621 WEST of CONCHES.
    FOOs from Btys with affiliated Armd Regts.
    28Regiment moves at 0200 hrs to area 333716. Btys in action by 0900 hrs.appx "B"
    1300Btys move forward to cross R SEINE. In action in area LES FOURNEAUX 4375. First RN
    British Field Regiment NORTH of the river.
    RHQ established at 402726.
    1730Fire Plan fired in support of 43 Div attack.
    2100Tac RHQ crosses R SEINE and is established at 475732.
    Btys in action in Sq 4773.
    Regiment under command 30 Corps.
    290730511 Bty moves with 13/18 H.
    0840511 Bty in action in support 13/18 H.
    09558th Armd Bde and Regiment now under command 11 Armd Div.
    1155Regiment, less 511 Bty, out of range and moves forward to area 5374. RHQ
    established at 538740.
    133010 POW captured by 413 Bty.
    1430Btys move on. RHQ established at 562760.
    2000Btys in action in Sq 5782. RHQ moves to 578829.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    FRANCE2922001 Prisoner captured by 511 Bty.
    300900Advance begins. 431 Bty move with 4/7 DGs.
    1100Advance goes on beyond GISORS.
    1155431 Bty in action NORTH of FLAVACOURT Sq 7097.
    1225413 and 431 Btys in action Sq 7098.
    1330Advance continues.
    1700Regiment in action 840070 and fire in support 4/7 DGs.
    1800Regiment passes through BEAUVAIS.
    1930Regiment goes into harbour for night in area JUVIGNIES 9117.
    RHQ established at 918178.
    3 prisoners captured by 413 Bty, two by 431 Bty.
    31Regiment spends morning on maintenance and re-arming.
    Moves at 1330 hrs under command 8th Armd Bde to act as left flank guard to 11
    Armd Div.
    Harbours area ST SAUFLIEU 2000 hrs. RHQ established at 057464.
    appx. "F" to "I" (AFSW
    3008 and
    3009) enclosed.