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War Diary: 17 Field Company R.E.

Month and year: June 1944

17 Field Company June 1944 War Diary covering their actions around Benouville including laying minefields and Bailey Bridges.

National Archive Reference: WO 171/1518

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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
Lion Sur Mer 6 The Company less No.2. Pl disembarked on beaches between H + 120 & H + 360
and proceeded to Benouville. No 2 Pl under Command of 185 Br Int Bde
assaulted with infantry and fought to, and consolidated around Chateau
de Beauville. No.3 Pl constructed FBE Rafts on canal. No.1 Pl prepared
Bailey Br bank seats. O.C. Major DJ Willison wounded in head by an 88 mm
shell fragment. Lt Dixon was hit in the arm by a bullet, and Lt. Clerke
wounded by shellfire.
Benouville 7 Unloading Bailey Bridging eqpt and construction of FBE Ferry commenced.
Capt. CW. Watson 2i/c killed by air bombing.
" 8 C1 70 Raft and west bank landing bay constructed.
" 9 Canal br completed. Unloading stores and work on approaches and bankseats
for River Orne Br commenced.
" 10 Canal Br maintained. Constructed floating pier for River Orne Br.
Beauville 9 No.2 Pl sent fighting patrol to clear up Beauville.
" 10 No.2 Pl laid hasty A/Tk minefield
Benouville 11 River Orne Br completed. 2 Pl mine laying and searching Chateau de Beauville
buildings for booby traps.
It McColl & RaIph, and 14 OR's joined Company as reinforcements.
" 12 Major L. Scott-Bowden takes Command of Company. 1 and 3 Pls recce tank
forward routes and roads. Company start laying Le-Homme minefield
(over 5750 A/Tk mines)
13 Le-Homme minelaying completed. Clearing tracks for tanks.
" 14 Minefield primeter wire completed. Bieville minefield laid (1275 A/Tk mines)
" 15 Work on tank routes and roads. Laying silent sentries (improvised trip flares)
In front of F.D.L.S.
" 16 Construction of tank tracks from Benouville to Beauville completed.
Minefield at Bde H.Q. laid (1250 A/Tk mines). Enemy minefield swept and
found to be dummy.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
Benouville 17 Mine-field and track maintainence continues, including repair to damage
from shellfire. Instruction in new enemy mines and booby traps.
" 18 NO.2 P1 goes out with recce patrols and investigates enemy A/tk ditch
Instruction in new enemy mines and booby traps. Wiring in infantry laid minefields.
" 19 Company H.Q. minefield in front of 1 Norfolks F.D.L.S.
" 20 Making and erecting signboards for roads and tracks. Two Pis on
night wiring.
" 21 Maintainence of tracks. Instruction in enemy mines and booby traps.
" 22 Checking and dismantling F.B.E. on River Orne and Canel sites. Construction
of water point for civilian hospital at Chateau de Beauville. Check of
Company G.1098. eqpt.
" 23 Construction of signboards and mine notices. Flamethrower training to
selected personnel. Gattle burying, and construction of Comd post for
5 Fd Regt R.A. Instruction in enemy mines and booby traps.
" 24 Digging vehs in, Night wiring, enemy patrol activity interfered with work.
" 25 Capt. EL. Osterloh posted as 2i/c from 246 Field Company. RE.
Lt. Edwards posted from 15 Fd Coy. RE.
" 26 Reloading of Coy vehs. Construction of minefields marking eqpt.
Mine clearing. Experimenting with Schu Mines, accident caused 8 casualties.
1 Officer wounded, I Sgt killed, 6 OR's wounded.
" 28 Construction of mine marking eqpt and silent sentries. Party accompanies
tank hunting patrol of 1 K.S.L.I. No luck
" 29 Minefields, track route and road patrols maintainence, signboard construction.
Four seperate enemy minefield recce patrols sent out, sll successful
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
Benouville 30 Preparing for night mine laying Night work.
Two enemy minefield recce patrols sent out with 1 Norfolk, both successful.
Casualties for month

Officers | OR's | Remarks
Killed 1 | 4 | Mine accident caused
Wounded 5 | 25 | 1 Officer wounded 1 OR Killed, 6 O.R's
Missing - | 1 | wounded
L Scott Bowden

Major. R.E.

C.C. 17 Field Coy RE