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War Diary: 1st Assault Brigade HQ

Month and year: July 1944

The 1st Assault Brigade HQ June 1944 war diary covers the units time around Eastbourne and a Conger demonstration at Hankley Common.

National Archive Reference: WO 171/1797

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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
EASTBOURNE 2 IO to residues. Interdenominational Church Parade of HQ, Pk Sqn,
6 Aslt Regt RE (Rear) and 1 Bde Wksp REME. Bde Comd took march past.
3 Bde Comd to residues.
4 IO returns.
5 Capt LONNON promoted Maj on appointment as BM.
9 Bde Comd to War Office. Bde Comds caravan leaves to proceed overseas
with 5 Aslt Regt residues.
10 A tp of Pk Sqn placed UC 42 Aslt Regt at WORTHING.
11 Bde Comd returns.
13 Bde Comd to FRANCE.
15 BM to 42 Aslt Regt and residues.
16 Voluntary Church Parade for all personnel of Bde in EASTBOURNE.
19 IO LO 3 and Maj HALL to residues to alter personnel going overseas.
20 Bde Comd to this HQ. IO to A Gp (Rear) to attend WE committee for
WE for Aslt Bde and Regt.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
EASTBOURNE 22 Bde Comd and Maj EWBANK to A Gp (Rear) to attend WE committee for now
WE for Aslt Sqn Aslt Trg Regt RE.
23 Maj EWBANK returns.
24 Bde Comd returns. BM on recce for area for Trg Regt.
25 Bde Comd to Richmond Pk with GOC 79 Armd Div to demonstration.
26 Bde Comd to CE 21 A Gp.
28 Bde Comd BM G 3 IO LO 1 OC Pk Sqn to Conger demonstration
29 Lt-Col ANDERSON arrives to comd Aslt Trg Regt.
30 Bde HQ and Pk Sqn on 24 hrs notice to move to Marshalling Area.
31 Bde receives instrs to proceed to Marshalling Area.