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    War Diary: 1st Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment

    Month and year: June 1944

    The 1st Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment June 1944 war diary covers the units landing in Normandy and a detailed account of their advance inland to Lingevres. This diary was hand written and some elements of the text was hard to make out so is marked with ???.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/1284

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    SouthamptonJUNE-The Bn under comd. Lt/Col. E.A.M. NORIE consisted of 41. officers and 848 O.R's
    Anchorage??2i/c Major A.E.C. BREDON

    o/c A.Coy Major A.A.E. JONES
    7 Pln Lt. R.T. ELLIS
    8 Pln Lt. H.J.WEBB
    9 Pln Lt. H.G. DIBBEN
    2i/c A.Coy Capt. R. ROYLE

    o/c B Coy. Major P. CHILTON M.C.
    10 Pln 2/Lt. E.F. MAYES
    11 Pln Lt L.T. MORRIS
    12 Pln Lt. J. WHITEBROOK
    2i/c B Coy. Capt A.L. HARRIS

    o/c C. Coy. Major R.M NICOLL
    13 Pln. Lt C. WINDEBANK
    14 Pln 2/Lt T.P. STRATON
    15 Pln Lt J. HAMILTON
    2i/c C. Coy Capt. R.W. TUCKER, M.C.

    o/c D. Coy Major W.N. HAYES.
    16 Pln Lt. C. BRADBURY
    17 Pln Lt P.J. ROBJOHN.
    18. Lt. T.S. LANCASTER
    2 i/c D-Coy Lt. J. THOMAS.

    o/c H.Q. Coy. Cspt. C.R. WHITTINGTON
    Signal Officer Lt. R.H.S. STADE
    Pioner Pln Comd Lt. W.F. SCOTT
    R.I.O. Lt. D. YOUNGS
    Q.M. Lt. R.W. HATCHARD
    M.T.O. : Capt. J.P. LUFF
    R.M.O.: Capt. L.P. LASSMAN R.A.M.C. att.
    Padre: Rev. R. Watt R.A.Ch.D.
    Adj. Capt. L.G. BROWNE, M.C.

    o/c. Sp Coy Capt.R.E. HARRIS
    o/c 3 Pln Lt L. SHAMBROOK
    o/c 4 Pln. Capt.E. HANNAH.
    2i/c 4 Pln. Lt. B. WEEKS
    o/c 5 Pln. Capt.G.G.L. HEBDEN.
    2 i/c 5 Pln 2/Lt. E.G. NEAL

    Lt R. E JONES (en residue)
    Other officer's with residue personal at LARKHILL were:-
    Lt. P. LUFFMAN
    2/Lt. B.I. FORESTER
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Anchorage??1-5Bn was on board LSI 962 "Empire Spearhead" with exception of C. Coy on LSI.964.
    "EMPIRE CROSSBOW" and Sp. Coy on LCT's, and LST's 2i/c was in L.C.H. 317,with D.S.O.A.G.
    4Final briefing for landing due to take place first light 5 June. This however was
    postponed for 24 hours due to inclement weather.
    51900Convoy weighed anchor and left the SOLENT and passed w. of ISLE of WIGHT.
    Sea rough as convoy came into the CHANNEL.
    In the field60545First flight of assault Coys - A. and B.- were lowered in their L.C.A.,
    Sea still moderately rough. (force of wind 4-5 - SICILY was 6-7).
    Sp. was given by Naval and R.A. guns, L.C.G., LCT(R),L.C.A(HR) and L.C.S. during run
    in according to programme. Heavy and medium bombers, of R.A.F. also gave
    APPENDIX A includes detailed account of landing operations, Bn. O.O. for assault and map covering area of op, and air photos.
    Les ROCQUETTES0725A and B Coys touched down on beach A Coy right, B. Coy left Both Coys landed
    approx. 600 yards E. of correct posn.
    A. Coy pushed fwd. to line of road running E. from LE HAMEL without difficulty
    Coy. Comd. Major A.A.E. JONES, Lt. ELLIS and C.S.M. HOWELL, were all wounded soon after
    landing by shell and mortar fire and Capt. ROYLE took over Comd. 1/Hamps were
    landed opposite A. Coy's objective - the strong point at 886866 - which they captured
    and mopped up without difficulty.
    B. Coy on left suffered considerable casualties from shell, mortar and M.G. fire on the
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    LES ROCQUETTESJUNE 6.0725 (cont)beach, pushed inland through several minefields and swung right to their objective,
    LES ROQUETTES, where they found C Coy part of whom had landed opposite LES
    ROQUETTES already established.
    0915B. Coy established themselves a firm base at LES ROQUETTES according to plan.
    0745The reserve Coys, C and D, landed. C right, D left. A proportion of C Coy
    landed opposite A. Coy's objective at 886866. They found this already liquidated by
    1/Hamps. They therefore pushed inland to LES ROQUETTES without difficulty, but
    C.S.M. ROBBINS was wounded during this short advance. C Coy remained here
    until relieved by B Coy.
    0750D Coy ashore 600 yds to east of correct posn. Having suffered cas. from mines and
    mortar fire. D. Coy then followed B. Coy to LES ROQUETTES.
    0750BN. Tac H.Q. also ashore, having landed with D. Coy.
    0915C. Coy. in co-operation with a Coy. of 1/Hamps - who were to capture the village of
    ASNELLES - continued the advance towards BUHOT. considerable oppositing was met
    during advance, chiefly from house at southern end of ASNELLES, where a party of
    6 Germans were killed and 10 captured.
    0930D Coy following up C Coy.
    1130C and D Coys continue advance towards BUHOT.
    1330BUHOT reached by both Coys.
    1400C Coy in possession of pt.54, after meeting stronger opposition than anticipated 7
    Germans were killed, and 2 officer's and 15 O.R.'s, were taken prisoner.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    BUHOTJUNE 6.1400C Coy took up posn to support D Coy's attack on PUITS D'HERODE.
    1400D Coy pushing south through BUHOT surprised and captured a coy. of German
    pioneers with their transport.
    1500D Coy and C Sqn of Sherwood Rangers, put in attack on PUITS D'HERODE
    supported by C Coy from pt.54. Owing to cas incurred by D Coy already they
    were unable to capture this posn and the C.O. therefore ordered A Coy supported
    by C Sqn Sherwood Rangers to attack and capture the posn from the southwest.
    1700A Coy attack succesful, a number of Germans being killed and 40 p.w.
    1700During A Coy's attack a small party of enemy put in an attack on C Coy's flank
    who were at about 853848. This was repulsed 5 Germans being killed, and 4 captured.
    1830The attach on the Bn's final objective, the Bty. posn at 848852 was carried
    out by A and C Coy's with support of C Squadron Sherwood Rangers and arty
    support from 90 Fd. Regt., D Coy remaining in posn. at 852848 as fire??? Coy.
    The Bty. posn. was found to have been abandoned. 4x105mm. guns and a
    large quantity of equipment being left
    1700B Coy ordered to move from LES ROQUETTES and take over RYES from 2/Devon.
    2000B Coy arrives in RYES.
    2100Bn HQ re-organises and is in posn as follows:- A. Coy 848843 C.Coy 852843
    B.Coy Ryes D.Coy 853842 Bn HQ 851841
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    RYESJune 6/7Parrolling during night to link up with 2/Devons to the west and along line of LA
    Enemy a/c active over beach head during night.
    Casualties suffered by Bn. during the day were killed 4 officers and 17 O.R.'s
    wounded 10 officers and 88 O.R's
    missing - 9 O.R's

    Officer cas. killed Lts. LANCASTER T.G.
    YOUNGS. D.D.

    Wounded Major JONES AAE (rejoined A. Coy following).
    Capt. A.L. HARRIS (carried on his duties)
    Lts. ELLIS R.J.
    JONES, R.E.
    THOMAS, J.A.
    WEBB, N.J.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    RYESJune 70530RYES taken over completely from 2/Devon, C Coy moving to area 845833.
    1030D Coy burial party take a number of prisoners in area Northwest of Ryes.
    1215B Coy, with 1 Det 3 " mortar, 2 secs carriers and 1 Tp Sherwood Rangers
    moved out from RYES to mop up enemy in area Bazeville 8782 and LA CROIX 8781.
    14001 p.w. who gave himself up to Sherwood Rangers state there is 1 Coy enemy
    area LA CROIX to west of road. Coy comd. attacked down right of the
    road, 2 secs of carriers and tp Sherwood Rangers giving support from
    right flank and carrriers finally assuming cut-off role.
    1630Attack successful 40 German's being killed and 70 taken prisoner, identified as
    915 and 916 G.R. Causes in their role of cut-off party, had a very successful shoot
    1730Coy re-organises, but comes under shell fire directed at our tanks and
    sufferes cas LT. MAYES was killed in this action.
    1900B Coy returns to RYES. It is later learned that Bde. Comd. 151 Bde, who
    had been captured was able to escape during the confusion caused by B.
    Coy's attack
    Cas. for this day 1 officer killed 1 O.R killed, 12 O.R.'s. wounded
    Officer Cas. Lt. MAYES, E. F. Killed
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    RYESJUNE 8.0810Bn moved in RASC tpt to RUCQUEVILLE 8777
    RUCQUEVILLE1200Bn. comes u/c 8 Armd Bde in lieu of their morta Bn, not yet landed.
    1600Bn. led by A Coy mounted on cycles, moves from assembly area on route St. LEGER
    - LOUCELLES - Rly crossing 869728 - AUDRIEU, with the intention of seizing
    the high ground north of VILLARS BOAGE 8258, in order to prevent enemy advance
    north from the PINCON ridge 8446. and control roads passing though VILLARS
    1800A Coy made good LOUCELLES and then in co-operation with 4/7 D.G.
    passed through LOUCELLES, encountering no opposition at first, but were held up at Rly.
    crossing 869728 by M.G. frie at the crossing and from station 300 yards west up
    the line M.G. at Rly. crossing was dealt with by 11 Pln, but fire from station
    and AUDRIEU itself, held up B. Coy's further advance.
    1900Enemy inf gun at 873729 put out of action by our tanks, after causing
    cas. to B Coy.
    2215A and B. Coys remain firm base in area LOUCELLES, while C and D. Coys, with
    whom moved the C.O., moved round to the right, with the object of attacking
    AUDRIEU from the west. 1 Tp tanks supported C and D. Coys.
    AUDRIEU2330Northern half of the village cleaned, but at least one enemy post located
    near AUDRIEU cl???. A fighting patrol, led by Capt. R.W. TUCKER M.C. was sent
    out to deal with this, but were unsuccesful, Capt TUCKER being killed.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    AUDRIEUJUNE 82330p.w. taken by B. Coy identified as 352 Recce Regt
    Casualties for this day: Killed 1 officer and 4 O. R's
    Wounded 16 O.R.'s
    Officer cas. Capt R.W. TUCKER , M.C. killed
    90600O' group conference
    0630Further four p.w. taken in AUDRIEU, 3 from 13 Coy 915 G.R. and 1 from 26 P.G.R.
    0800A Coy move up past C - D Coys, enter LE HAUT D'AUDRIEU from west, and the move
    north to AUDRIEU, so as to link up with D Coy, who, by this time, were occupying
    the southern portion of the village, the enemy post by the church having withdrawn.
    1430B Coy move to area of chateau at PAVIE 8671.
    1755Both flanks of the Bn being open, and suspected enemy infiltration taking place.
    2 i/c ordered C - D. Coys up near A and B Coys in area of the chateau (the C.O.
    and Coy. comds. at this time were on a recce of Pt.103)
    POINT 103 HAUT AUDRIEL.2015Bn moved to area pt.103 855704 and dug in. Bn H.Q. at 852702, with the
    the Coys disposed around it in a "box"; B Coy northeast, A Coy southwest, C Coy
    southeast, D Coy southwest. The Bn were to act as protection for whole
    of 8 Armoured Bde, 147 FD Regt (S.P.) and 61 Recce all of whom were in the
    area of the Bn "box".
    2354Lt. FOSTER H.R. (Cdn Army) joined the Bn, posted to D Coy.
    Cas for this day Killed 1 O.R., wounded 1 officer and 3 O.R.'s .
    Orricer Cas Capt. R. ROYLE.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    POINT 103June 9/108 DLI who had reached ST. PIERRE just before last light, were forced to withdraw a
    portion of their free??? to pt. 103.
    1010001 Squadron of tanks placed in sp of each coy.
    1020Enemy followed up withdrawal of part of 8 DLI and launched a counter-attack by
    fire??? against that part of 103 held by D.Coy. The attack was not pressed through???
    1142A counter attack by some inf. and tanks from wooded area between Pt. 103 and
    CRISTOT. This was beaten off by B. Coy with assistance of their supporting
    Squadron of 4/7 D.G.
    2300B. call for arty and 3" mortar D.F. task to break up suspected enemy counter
    attack from the east.
    Enemy dead found in farm 858706 identified as 3 PGR.
    Cas. for this day killed 3 O.R.'s, wounded 1 officer. and 14 O.R's
    officer Cas . Major W.N. HAYES.
    Captain R.E. HARRIS took over comd. D. Coy.
    Lt. K.R. HEAPS (Cdn Army) and Lt. M. MARKHAM joined the Bn. Lt. HEAPS took over I.O.
    11Nothing to record during day until late afternoon
    17006 Green Howards pass through to attack CRISTOT. 8770.
    2030A determined enemy counter-attack was launched by their armour against C Coy
    and Bn.HQ. area. The enemy inf which was to have worked with the armour
    appears to have been met by 6 Green Howands, and the inf. attack on our
    positions did not materialise.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    POINT 103JUNE 11.2100C and D Coys and to a lesser extent, Bn. HQ. under heavy fire from TIGER tanks.
    Our own supporting armour assist Coys - to the best of their ability - to repel
    attacks. The two Coys. hold firm, chiefly due to C Coy Comd. Major NICOLL and
    the C.O. The Bn. O.R. Sjt KNIGHT was wounded and the I.Sjt. PARKER, killed from
    airbursts fired by 88 mm. flak??? guns.
    2140A Coy is moved round behind C and D Coys to give depth to our posn there.
    22006 G.H. withdraw through our posns, having been unable to reach CRISTOT.
    2230Enemy attack dies down, and situation in hand. Relief of Bn - scheduled to
    be carried out by 5 East Yorks - could not take place but 5 E.Y. took up
    positions covering our left flank, at about 857708.
    Casualties: 1 officer and 9 OR's killed, 26 O.R.S wounded and 3 missing.
    Officer cas: Lt. M. MARKHAM killed.
    120100Enemy believed to be in vicuity of buildings 859706 and between them and B Coy
    but nothing materialised.
    Appendix B. Congratulatory message from Brig HJB CRACROFT D.S.O Comd 8 Armd Bde
    1200Bn. relieved by 5.E.Y. and moved to rejoin 231 Bde. by march route, A. Coy on
    bicycles acting as adv. guard; this took place under the 2 i/c, the C.O. having
    1 Sec Carrier and 1 Sec A/Tk. guns was stationed at FOLLIOT 8171 until the
    Bn had passed.
    2230After an uneventful march, Bn. arrived in area VECHY 7770, and took up posn in
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    VECHYJune 122230 (cont)wooded area as Bde. reserve, with 2/Devon in area LA BELLE EPINE 7669 and
    1 Hamps southwest of BERNIERES BOCAGE 7970. - Cas. this day 1 OR wounded 2 missing.
    130001 - 0500Patrolling carried out to prevent enemy infultration up the valley of the AURE.
    Enemy M.G.'s active across A and B Coy fronts from area of orchard 784703
    0630Carrier Pln. patrol contact 1. HAMPS at BERNIERES BOCAGE
    1100B. Coy patrol sent to investigate posn on 1. HAMPS front. Report that BERNIERES
    BOCAGE being faily heavily mortared and enemy snipers active.
    BN. remains in area VECHY.
    16002. DEVON encounter strong opposition in area LES OREILLES 7667, and BN advance
    to high ground at LES LANDES 7863 is postponed. Old positions re-occupied
    after Bn. had concentrated for the adv. No enemy activity during night.
    141000Fighter bombers active over wooded area 7869
    1030Bn. concentrates area 782708 prior to an attack through woods 7869 and 7868
    1200A and B Coys, A right, B left on start line area tr. junc. 784702
    1201B. Coy and, to a lesser extent A Coy, caught on opening line of our own barrage,
    and suffer considerable casualties, Major CHILTON being wounded and CAPT. A.L.
    HARRIS taking over comd B. Coy.
    1215A. and B. Coys resume advance.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    LA SENAUDIEREJune 141300A. Coy meeting with no opposition on right, B Coy advancing slowly through
    heavily wooded country, mopping up M.G. posts and snipers in conjunction
    with 1/HAMPS on left.
    1600Line of main east-west road threough LA SENAUDIERE reched by B
    Coy. C and D Coys pass through B to clear ls??? Xrds. A Coy were on the right to 774685
    1700C and D Coys encounter stiff opposition - which includes 3 PANTHER tanks -
    around LA SENAUDIERE cross roads A Coy reach pt.110 at 774685 without
    1800Enemy opposition dictates withdrawal north of the main road, but one PANTHER
    is captured and its crew killed, and one PANTHER K.O.'d by one of our A.Tk guns
    which was manhandled fwd under direction of Capt HEBDEN. D Coy lose C.S.M.
    O'CONNELL, who was killed whilst rallying a part of the Coy. R. Coy is
    withdrawn north of the road. The area of the important Xrds at LA SENAUDIERE was in our possession.
    1930Bn. re-organised north of the road, with Bn. HQ and A Coy area 778691 and
    B, C and D Coys area north west of LA SENAUDIERE cross roads. Contact is made
    with 1/HAMPS on the left. Enemy snipers still active.
    Casualties this day: 5 O.R.'s killed (incl C.S.M. O'CONNELL),1 officer and 39 O.R.'s
    wounded and 5 O.R.'s missing.
    Officer cas. Maj P. CHILTON wounded.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    LA SENAUDIEREJune 150230Attempted enemy infiltration and M.G. fire effectively dealt with by 1 Sec MMG of 2/CHESHIRES
    sited in A Coy area.
    10301 pw taken area Rd junc 776690 identified as 30 Pioneer Bn.
    1400- 1700Resultant on slight enemy withdrawal during night the Bn. occupies more
    formidable positions. S. of the main road with Bn. HQ. at 777689, A Coy in buildings
    775686, B 777688, C 780679 D. pt.110. and as a protective op consisting of
    two of the I Section with a sec of carriers is established at 784674. Enemy
    are known to be still in occupation of LONGRAYE.
    2330Patrols to LONGRAYE and LES OREILLES found enemy in both places. 2/Lt.DIBBEN
    led the patrol to LES OREILLES,was wounded, but returned bringing information
    with him. The two patrols were from A and D Coys.
    Casualties for this day were 1 officer and 1 O.R. wounded and 2 O.R.s missing
    Officer Casualties: 2/Lt DIBBEN wounded.

    The following officers joined the Bn
    Lts. H.R.A. DARTNELL
    16Bn. remained in position as above. 69 Bde. passed through 2 DEVON on our right on their way to attack
    LE LION VERT 7964, but are held up west of LONGRAYE. Lt. MORRIS of B Coy
    took over duties of I.O. vice Lt. HEAPS posted to C Coy.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    LA SENAUDIEREJUNE 17.Patrol from C and B Coys during night found builings 787667 and 778672 clear
    of enemy.
    1200A U.S. officer from the "Tank Destroyers" passed on infrm regarding U.S. Army development.
    Due to the increase in enemy shelling and mortaring, shell and mortar reports
    were started this day. Lieut PORTILANCE posted to 231 Bde as Camp. Comd.
    1430Three shells landed in Bn. H.Q. area, wounding the Adjutant and Signal Officer.
    1500First enemy a/c seen since D. Day, were observed flying low from east to west
    over Bn. H.Q. Identified as 3 M.E.109's
    Casualties for this day 2 officer's 1 O.R. wounded
    Officer casualties: Capt. L.G. BROWN M.C. (Adjutant)
    Lieut: R.H.S. STADE (signal officer) both wounded
    Capt HANNAH took over Adjutant in addition to his other duties:
    Major R.E. HARRIS sick with malaria.

    The following officer's joined the Bn (nearly all from 9th Dorsets):
    Major K.E. MEREDITH took over D. Coy. vice Major R.E.HARRIS
    Major R.W. MARTIN took over B Coy from Capt. A.L. HARRIS
    Capt. A. BABBINGTON Later posted to D. Coy.
    Lt. D.W. MACROW, who took over Signal office.
    G.L.F. CASE
    2/Lt. R.G. SMITH
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    LA SENAUDIEREJUNE 18.Bn. remained in LA SENAUDIERE posn.
    Lt. S.I. INGRAM to hospital.
    190400B. Coy moved from present posn. to pt.113 7967, taking over here from 6 Green
    Howards, prior to attack by Bn on wooded area round chateau DE CORDILLON 8066.
    B Coy at Pt.113 are to act as firm base while remander of Bn. attacks with
    A Coy right, D Coy left, C Coy following A to protect right flank. This Bn.
    move is designed to protect whole right flank of the remainder of the Bde. who
    are to attack HOTTOT 8265.
    1100Bn. I.O. recces Coy posns. round pt.113 which they are to take up prior to
    arty barrage which is to precede attack.
    1130Bn move up to posns. as recced. Enemy mortars are already active, dropping
    bombs in area 803678.
    1300Barrage opens.
    LINGEURES1315A,C,D Coys attack in pouring rain, as outlined above. Bn H.Q established at
    799678. Enemy mortar fire increases over whole area.
    POINT 1131430The C.O., Lt-Col. NORIE, the A/Tk Pln. Comd, Capt HEBDEN and the mortar Plan Comd.
    Lt. SHAMBROOK all wounded by mortar bomb, the C.O. seriously. The 2 i/c Major
    BREDON assumes comd. of Bn.
    A and C Coys are now under heavy M.G. fire from the direction of LA TRILLE
    796664 and A Coy especially suffer severe casualties.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    POINT 113JUNE 19.1430 (cont)Communications break down, several sets being damaged and line parteis are sent out
    to try and lay lines to Coys.
    C Coy are ordered to remain in posn. north of buildings 799666 and to contact
    remains of A. Coy on their left.
    1530D. Coy meet with less resistance, and reach outskirts of orchard north of Chateau
    DE CORDILLON. There they encounter two or three PANTHER tanks. One was
    hit by a P.I.A.T. and the crew were shot whist climbing out.
    D. Coy are ordered to remain in position, whilst B Coy continue advance towards
    the Chateau.
    1600A Coy reach line of building 799666 after severe fighting.
    1630D and B Coys are counter- attached by about 6 or 7 ,PANTHER tanks and infantry
    part of both Coys are overrun and Major MARTIN B Coy is wounded Capt.A.L.
    HARRIS again takes over comd. of the Coy.
    1645B and D Coys call for A/Tk. guns, and an attempt is made to set these up, but is
    unsuccesful, due to the state of the ground, and the fact that part of the only
    passable track is in enemy hands.
    1800Remaining platoons of B and D Coys were withdrawn into the Bn's re-organised
    lay-out, with the F.D.L.'s running from the 6 Green Howards at 797672 - to 798668 -
    buildings 799666 along track to buildings 803673. Bn. H.Q. still at 799678.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    POINT 113JUNE 19.Casualties this day. 9 O.R's killed, 6 officers and 42 O.R.'s wounded, 31 O.R.'s missing
    Office Casualter
    Lt.-Col. E.A.M. NORIE,
    Capt G.G.L. HEBDEN
    Lieuts L. SHAMBROOK.
    R.B. CAFFYN.
    Major R.W. MARTIN all wounded (Lt.-Col. NORIE has since died from his wounds).
    The Bde Comd sent the A/C.O. a complimentary message on the behavior of the Bn.
    20Rum issue authorised overnight and still raining hard.
    Patrol pushed fwd during night and D Coy patrol, under Sgt. JUCKER captures
    3 P.W. at buildings 805667.
    0830Lt. FOSTER rejoined D Coy, with some of his section, having been cut off from his
    Coy during the fighting the previous afternoon he brings back valuable information
    regarding the enemy lay-out in the Chateau area.
    Re-organisation of Bn continues. Small recce patrols sent out and enemy
    F.D.L.'s discovered to run a long line of 665 Easting. Shelling and
    mortaring of Bn. area was more or less continuous through the day and
    caused consularable casualties.
    Casualties this day 13 O.R's killed, 17 O.R.'s wounded
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    POINT 113JUNE 21.During night 20 /21 June, active patrolling by all Coys. took place,
    fwd. of their Coy. posns. which were
    A Coy. 799666
    B Coy. 801672
    C Coy 797668
    D Coy. 803673.
    Mortaring of Bn area continued througout the day.
    0900B Coy patrol penetrated to 807667 and reported fire from front
    edge of wood 810666 and enemy mines at 809671-809669
    and a number of enemy dead at 808666.
    0930D Coy contact 8 D.L.I. on our left at 815675
    1800The Bn experiences rocket projectiles for the first time in
    France : 6 "Nebelwefer" rochets fell in Bn. H.Q. area damaging
    2 motor cycles and the ammunition truck, the lafter being
    repaired. They caused no casualties although falling within
    three yards estiblish of men in slit trenches.
    1900D Coy established standing patrol of 1 sec at buildings 866672, to cover
    the re-entrant running into our position and prevent
    enemy infiltration between us and the D.L.I.
    During the course of the afternoon Lt.C.WINDEBANK C Coy and
    Major A.A.E. JONES A Coy were killed by mortar bombs Capt.
    BABBINGTON took over command of A Coy
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    POINT 113June 21Casualties for this day: 2 officers killed
    officer casualties Major A.A.E. JONES
    Lieut C. WINDEBANK both killed
    Lieut. D. BIRD joined the unit.
    June 22.Shelling and watering of Bn. area continued throughout the
    Patrols during the morning come under M.G. fire from 795665.
    A further patrol down track 799666 reports 1 German A.F.V.
    burnt-out and 5 German dead, identified as 130 Pz.LEHR. Div.
    A Coy pushed a standing patrol to houses at 800666.
    2200Evening patrolling by A Coy discovered trip wire running at right
    angles from the hedge at 795666 and 798666. Patrol was fired on
    from LA TAILLE, which appears to be constantly well defended.
    Casualtes this day 6 O.R.'s wounded.
    The following officers joined the Bn.:-

    Major L.R. THOMAS posted to B Coy.
    Capt. DJ. GRIMSDALE to A.Tk.Pln.
    Lt. JD. FORBES to mortar Pln. (CDN Army)
    Lt. P. BALDWIN

    Lts. T.C. BRADLEY
    L.G PATRICK. (CDN Army).

    2/Lt. V.C. ROBINSON

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    POINT 113June 23PLASSEY day was celebated by extra cigarette issue, and the Bde.
    Comd. visited the Bn.
    Normal patrolling was carried on through the day, B Coy patrol
    being fired on from tr. june 804666. The enemy appear to be
    holding the CHAU. DE CORDILLON and LA TAILLE area in some
    strength, with numerous outpost positions irreguarly manned, but
    always including a M.G.
    2200Patrol fired on by M.G. area house 803666 ("O.P." house) This
    house appears to be used by the enemy as an o.p. for a
    mortar posn in the CHATEAU, and is the source of much
    trouble D Coy patrols visit it most frequently.
    Patrol penetrated to X rds. 803661 without incident.
    2230Standing patrol ahat houses 800666 forced to abandon their posn due
    to intense and accurate mortar fire, but re-occupy it late.
    Mortaring of Bn fwd areas contained all day.
    Cas. this day 4 O.R.'s killed 1 officer and 11 O.R.'s wounded
    officer cas. Lt. L. MORTLEY.
    260600Night patrols report much M.G. fire along front and
    movement in house 803666.
    A Coy patrol killed M.G. crew at 798665 identified later as
    belonging to a P.G.R.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    POINT 113June 24Mortaring continues though day.
    D Coy establish a strong pt. posn (40 men) at houses 806672,
    thus linking up with D.L.I. on our left and blocking re-entrant
    running into our positions from the south. Mines had already
    been laid by the pioneers across the head of this re-entrant,
    and booby - traps errected. The section post which had
    previously occupied the houses is pushed further south to "TWIN
    HOUSES" 806670.
    Cas this day 1 officer killed and 6 O.R.s wounded
    Officer cas. CDN 433 Lt. BALDWIN.
    June 25June 25Patrols during night 24/25 to house 803666 found the place empty for the first
    time. All patrols at this time we co-ordinated with an
    arty fire plan. Designed to assist patrols during their
    withdrawal or to inflict casualties on the enemy should the
    patrol locate them. G ??? stores are made available, and
    following the succesful use of the 77 grenade by a
    1/HAMPS patrol these are also carried (The use of these was
    later forbidden).
    Mortaring of Bn area continues and becomes more
    dangerous with the more exact knowledge in possession of
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    POINT 113June 25the enemy of our positions.
    123020 rounds in 2 salvoes from a NEBELWERFER fell over a
    wide area around Bn. HQ.
    Casualties this day 24 O.R's. wounded.
    Lt. G. ROBERTS went to hospital.
    Capt MACNAMARA re-joined unit
    H.W.HACK joined unit.
    26Active patrolling continued during the night by all Coys.
    and was continued during the day to the well-known
    places "o.p." house 803666 "bombed" house 800666 and towards,
    orchard 806665.
    Mortar fire from enemy continued during the morning.
    Lt-Col J.E.F. WILLOUGHBY arrived to assume comd of the Bn.
    The R.A.P. sustained a direct hit on its house at 799674,
    which damaged an ambulance, and moved to houses
    803680 (later to become Bn. HQ.)
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    POINT 113JUNE 26 (cont)1400R.S.M. DOREY wounded by mortar bomb and ammunition truck
    hit for second time - destroyed by fire.
    Casualties this Day 1 O.R. killed 1 wounded.
    June 27Fighting patrols during the night 26/27. Two of these
    encountered no enemy, the third was ambushed by extructed???
    from??? Germans, who threw grenades, wounding one member of
    the patrol, which returned after also throwing grenades,
    bringing the casualty with them. This took place at 798664
    0900A Coy changed its posn. to conform to new posns. of
    GREEN HOWARDS on our right who had pushed
    fwd. slightly.
    1015Bn. H.Q. moves to houses 803680 under orders from Bde. Comd.
    1200A. Coy in new posn. with two ptns. south of the east-west
    track around houses 800666.
    1600Enemy mortar fire becomes heavy in fwd areas, due to an
    unsuccesful attempt by the GREEN HOWARDS to push in to LA
    2100P.W. sent back from GREEN HOWARDS identified as 902 G.R.,
    re-inforcements just arrived from CHARTREUSE.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    LINGEVRESJune 27
    Casualties this day: 1 officer and 7 O.R.'s killed
    1 officer and 18 O.R.'s wounded.
    Officer casualties 2/LT. U. C. ROBINSON killed.
    CAPT A. BABBINGTON wounded.
    Following officers joined unit :
    Major P.H.W.BRIND (to A Coy. vice Capt BABBINGTON)
    Capt E.N. LUSHINGTON (re-joined).
    Lieuts P. H. LUFFMAN. ( " " )
    G.H.D. WALSH (to 4 pln.).
    28-Patrolling by all Coys during night 27/28 continues.
    -Enemy mortaring continues.
    -Bde. initiate plan "IBEX" for strafing suspected enemy
    relief during night 28/29 June. Patrolling during this
    night to be limited to standing patrols to ascertain
    whether relief is talking place.
    2300Patrols report movement of enemy vehicles and "IBEX"
    put into operation with arty. 4.2" mortars and M.M.G.'s.
    Casualties for this day 5.O.R's. wounded.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    LINGEVRESJune 290600Enemy mortaring lessens this morning, due to possible
    relief of enemy mortar crews ? Enemy patrolling actively
    200 yds south of our position at houses 800666.
    1200Enemy mortaring increases, but several concentration out
    put down by our arty, which prove very effective,
    15002 enemy S.P. guns shell Bn. area and are engaged by
    our arty. Suspected location in HOTTOT village.
    Casualties this day 3 O.R.'s killed, 6 O.R.'s. wounded.
    3009003 SHERMAN tanks, knocked out during GREEN HOWARD attack,
    are recovered.
    -Enemy mortaring lessons during day.
    -Patrolling during night 29/30 and early morning of
    30 June to usual locations. Enemy at 805667 ("twin
    houses") engaged by own 3" mortars and later by a D Coy
    patrol. C Coy suffered two casualties on the way
    to house 799665 through mortar fire. Patrol continued and
    occupied positions round house all night. No enemy were seen.
    1730First appearance of own a/c in great strength - LANCASTERS
    and HALIFAX'S on way to VILLERS BOCAGE - aroused great
    enthusiasm. Enemy re-action shown by continuous unaimed.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    LINGEVRES.JUNE 30 (cont)M.G. fire during the time the planes were going over.
    Casualties this day: 1 O.R. killed 1 officer and 7 O.R's wounded.

    Officer casualty: Lieut H.R.A. DARTNELL.
    Lt. J. FESTON went to hospital.
    2/Lt. E.J. WILLIS joined unit.
    Appendix C shows various congratulatory messages. Appendix D - map covering area in which Bn. operated during latter part of the month.

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