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War Diary: 1st Battalion Buckinghamshire Regiment

Month and year: August 1944

The 1st Battalion Buckinghamshire Regiment August 1944 covers their time based in OUISTREHAM and movement to area Port en Bessin.

National Archive Reference: WO 171/1269

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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
OUISTREHAM FRANCE 1 Order of the Day received from Colonel Montgomery 101 Beach Sub-Area
on the final closing down and breaking up of the Beach Gps, thanking every-
one for their good work and loyal co-operation, The Beach Gp sign
known affectionately within the Bn as the WREN is ordered to be
removed from Battle Dress and painted out on vehicles.
0930 Visit of Div Comd 6 Airborne Div to Bn. Looked at posn occupied by 'D'
Coy on the Docks and discussed future operational role. Suggested
several changes and proposes to set it out in writing.
'A' Coy sent 50 men to act as guards to the bridges. over the river ORNE
115762 coming under comd 4 SS Bde.
Following Div Comd's visit and severance with 101 Beach Sub-Area Op Orders
Nos 2 and 3 are cancelled.
Adm arrangements now that Bn is under Corps. and not L of C are much
improved. 3" mortar amn is drawn immediately without indent and all major
deficiencies are made up.
2 0800 B' Coy come under comd 6 Airborne Div attached to 52nd (2 Oxf Bucks)
A tk Pl and Carrier Pl also come under comd 6 Airborne Div and take up
HQ at 137702.
3 of Pioneer Pl clearing minefield by 'S' Coy billets to make miniature
range injured when mine explodes. One man 14400442 Pte Higgs S. being
3 0445 Total casualties up to 31 Jul now confirmed as 4 killed 49 injured.
German naval rating captured by local AA on coast by Canal entrance.
Sent to PW cage for naval interrogation. Believed to have come ashore
on human torpedo.
0550 Report that suspicious person had been seen in cornfield near crashed AC.
Sentry fired on him but he ran away into cornfield which was believed
0800 A' Coy searched minefield for suspected German without result.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
3 1000 22 men from the Bn go to Corps Rest Camp for four days at MOUDINEAUX
Map ref 969802.
1300 Shelling of area starts. 48 shells land round about.
1730 One German midget submarine beached at 083801. Warhead was missing.
No dead or survivors.
1800 Coy relief. 'C' Coy relieves 'D' Coy on def of docks.
Every Coy now completed tour of duty on this def.
Appx 'A'
1850 C' Coy phoned completion of adm move with 'D' Coy.
2000 Shelling started again after a short Iull and docks area received a heavy
pounding, one man 14365558 Pte Tomkins N. of 'C' Coy being killed by a
2030 Comd Offr went to investigate shelling etc at 'C' Coy and was wounded in
the leg. He had just parked his jeep under the trees and was walking
towards 'C' Coy along the side of the road when a shell landed and
exploded approx 10 yards from him. The blast throw him to the ground.
but despite the shrapnel in his leg he was able to get back to the jeep
and drive it to the Mortar Pl office next to 'C' Coy where one of the
Pl drove him back to the RAP for treatment.
Wound is not very serious and he is taken to 6 Cdn Hospital.
Altogether 7 persons were hit and 1 killed by the shelling. 50 shells
were sent over.
Gun team of A tk Pl all wounded and one killed when enemy mortar fire
was brought down on site. Det took cover when a Cdn Machine Gunner
nearby warned them that he was going to fire at a snipers' post. This
firing brought the usual reply of mortar fire but as the det was
concealed no casualties were caused. After it had all finished the det
came up and were returning to their posts when one more bomb fell between
two of them Ayres and Burks, killing Pte Ayres outright and wounding Pte
Burks seriously. Det Comd Cpl Edwards, immediately ordered det to return
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
3 2030 to slit trench at once, but before they could all get back another bomb
landed and wounded them all. Cpl Edwards being the last into the trench
was more severely wounded than the others. All were evacuated to 6 Cdn
Hsptl and were due for evacuation.
2045 Major Boehm assumes command of Bn pending the return of It Col E.A. Carse.
2200 Shelling started again and continued spasmodically throughout the night.
4 0150 C' reports operational handover from 'D' Coy now complete. Handover
hampered by incessant shelling of the canal bridge. No casualties but
damage done to EAST side of Lock - not very bad.
0900 Heard that Lt Col Carse will be evacuated to England and will be hors de
combatior approx 5 weeks.
1000 Corps and Airborne Div informed of casualty. Recce made for new adv Bn
HQ othor side of R. ORNE. Warning order issued to 'S' and 'HQ' Coys
Appx "B"
1500 Proposed move of Bn HQ postponed sine die in view of possible amendments to
operational role. Awaiting instructions from 6 Airborn -Div
1600 New entertainments programmes issued.App "C (i)" and "C (ii) ".
5 0800 Shelling of area chiefly round the docks - no military damage or casualties
suffered. About 20 shells fired.
1000 Our own 3" mortars ranged on their DF Tasks - no recriminations encountered.
1030 Informed by our QMS at Echelon that amendment No 4 to WE has been published
although we have not yet received it, and makes provision for a Captain in
the Mortar Pl: Mortar Officer Lieut Johnston accordingly promoted to
Capt in ROs.
pm No decision yet taken regarding the appointing of a new commanding officer.
Major Boehm meanwhile carries on as locum tenens.
6 Normal routine, No shelling to speak of just the odd one or two now and
1500 Visit of Comd 1 Corps to Bn HQ. Only paid flying visit, stayed 10 mins.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
6 1600 Received instructions that further coy and 2 pls required the other side of
R ORNE with effect from 7 Aug 44. Comd Offr decided to withdraw 'A' Coy
from YORK BRIDGE and put in 'D' Coy there (50 men) and put whole of 'A'
Coy into this new posn. Coy to come under 6 Airborne Div delegated to
49 Recce Regt and act as a sort of long-stop to the regt. Probable
duration of stay said to be 3 days.
7 800 A' Coy took over new posns 'D' Coy took over YORK BRIDGE as arranged.
All coys now committed operationally except half 'D' Coy which is resting
and cleaning up.
am No shelling during morning.
1300 Hinted by senior chaplain 7 Base Sub-Area that Ronnie Dix, our Padre, may
be called to take up the post of Vicar of CAEN in the English Church there.
1500 Comd offr and Adjt visited Col Carse in 6 Cdn Hsptl LA DELIVRANDE. Quite
fit and well himself but will not be fit for duty for approx five weeks
and will probably be evacuated to England within a few days.
A further 23 men went off to 1 Corps Leave Camp at MOUDINEAUX 969802.
Reports from last lot were excellent - a soldier's paradise with no
8 am LT Dunkley returned to Bn transferred to CMP not being accepted in view of
shortage of infantry officers also 6 men loaned from 'A' Coy originally to
CMP at LION SUR MER returned to Bn at our request in view of operational
commitments of all coys now.
pm Normal routine. Mail arrived from England after lapse of 4 days.
9 0150 13 rockets fired by enemy from area FRANCEVILLE PLAGE on to docks. Eerie
whistling sound but no damage done. First appearance of rockets up to date.
Shelling also started with NIL results.
1000 Padre Dix leaves Bn to take up post of resident Charlain to the Garrison
Church at CAEN. (St Nicholas (British) Church) Sad day for the Bn after
ten years continuous and faithful service.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
9 1000 Padre's personal farewell message to the Bn published in Regimental Orders,Appx "E"
1500 D' Coy come under comd 102 LAA and move to RANVILLE area - HQ at farm
118732. 'A' Coy take over bridges. again as originally instructed, All
coys now committed operationally, only personnel left under comd 1 Bucks are
balance of 'S' Coy (HQ and a few pioneer pl) and Bn HQ and 'HQ; Coy.
1600 Carrier pl move to orchard 142699.
10 0210 FCP reports that two black objects out to sea north of harbour.
0220 Black objects on being fired upon turned and made off seawards.
0230 Two more rockets fired, aimed at area. of FCP where Bofors was firing.
No damage.
0500 Our own arty fired spasmodically throughout the night.
pm Normal routine.
1950 D' Coy returned to normal location in res area at OUISTREHAM. Take over
11 am Normal routine
2230 Enemy plane crashed on a house behind 'S' Coy lines, occupied by Airborne
rest camp. Burst into flames and the house was soon one mass of flaming
rubble. Everyone lent a hand but despite fire brigades and ambulances
which arrived on the spot quickly a total of 17 persons were killed in
the house and a further 10 injured.
Bombing and shelling during the afternoon. One shell landed in 'A' Coy
old HQ in the town and one in the Square near to a queue of soldiers
waiting for the NAFFI mobile van. No-one was occupying ('A' Coy at the
time but Pte Higgins, one of Bn snipers was wounded by shrapnel in the
hand and on removal to hospital had to have two fingers off.
pm L/C Teagle (A tk Pl) hit by mortar bomb near Pl HQ. Removed to hospital
and subsequently had to have left arm off.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
OUISTREHAM FRANCE 12 Rev Duplock Padre (C of E) to local AA unit is ministering to Bn in place
of Rev Dix.
am Shelling on docks
pm Normal routine
2230 Advised by 1 Corps that the Bn has to supply draft of 3 officers (incl 1
Capt) 150 ORs to 7 Argylles tomorrow morning at 1000 hrs. The blow, long
awaited, has therefore at last fallen. Comd Offr decided, in view of
operational commitments (ie 'B' 'C' and 'S' Coys in line) to draft from 'A'
and 'D' Coys. 6 Airborne Div confirmed that this must be as others could
not be released in time. Conference 'A' and 'D' Coy Comds called for
0030 hrs.
13 0030 Conference held. Decided that 'A' Coy should go complete less Coy HQ and
Coy Comd. Allowing for halt and sick etc. 'A' Coy could muster 90 bodies.
Balance of 60 accordingly provided by 2 Pls (complete) of 'D' Coy.
Offrs were to be Capt Hope, It Hands of 'A' Coy., and as there are no subalterns
at present in 'D' Coy, Lt Shilling from 'C' Coy was chosen.
0100 1 Corps phoned to say must be ready by 1400 hrs and NOT 1000 hrs.
0130 Airborne agreed that guards supplied by 'A' and 'D' Coys on bridges shall
be abandoned at dawn.
0600 Bridge guards dismounted.
0700 Bn tpt lifted 'A' and 'D' Coys back to original billets.
0900 Comd Offr saw 1 Corps to try and obtain future policy regarding drafting
and our operational role here. Nothing concrete available.
1400 Draft leaves. Onthe whole men in excellent spirits knowing that they are
going to 51st Div. The men have known for some time that we were
likely to supply drafts so this was not altogether unexpected.
1500 Lt Dunley finally posted to CMP. No 241 HQ Pro Coy (5 Beach Gp)
Conference Coy Comds. All Coy comds told of present posn and Bn policy as
far as known. Decided to eliminate Coy by Coy where possible rather than
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Pls from each Coy.
14 am Normal routine. No infm can be obtained as to the likelihood of further
drafts in the near future. 'A' Coy move in with 'D' Coy.
pm Shelling commences again. No damage or casualties. Mortar bomb causes
damage in Carrier PI area. Landed close to 2IC PI and 2 Sjts. One. Sjt
(L/S Smith R.) committed to hospital, other two minor wounds, remain with
Bn on duty.
2350 Notified by 1 Corps that Bn is to move to CRESSERONS Map ref 042793
15 0800 Arrangements made with 6 Airborne Div to withdraw 'B' Coy, Carrier Pl, & A tk
Pl from line in view of move. QM sent to recce new area.
1600 Bn moves by Coys to new location.
1615 Warned by 1 Corps that we are expected to find further draft of 8 offrs and
100 ORs by 1900 hrs tonight. Reply quite impossible in view of move.
Finally arranged that draft will be ready by 1100 hrs 16 Aug 44.
1800 Settling in at new area in orchard and fields.
1900 Conference of Coy Comds. Decided that draft to be found from 'C' Coy (2
Pls) and 'D' Coy (1 Pl). Offr question still in abeyance.
1905 1 Corps state only 3 offrs now required - all subalterns.
1910 Offrs selected; 2/Lt R.C.B.M. Viney, Lt D.A. Chatham; Lt J.C. Soulsby.
This now cleans out 'D' Coy and posn is 'A' and 'D' Coys - HQs only, 'C'
Coy - 1 Pl and HQ, still complete.
pm Lt R.D. Moore promoted A/Capt in lieu of Capt Hope posted with previous
Thunderstorm and heavy rain starts - continues to approx 2300 hrs. All
bivouacs etc flooded, Morale low!
16 am Informed by 1 Corps that we are to be allowed to retain minimum cadre of
5 offrs and 100 ORs.
1100 Draft goes off in good spirits to 1st Bn Black Watch Regt.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
16 1400 Conference of Coy Comds etc to discuss minimum cadre.
1500 Informed by 1 Corps that we are to be allowed to retain 12 vehs and adm
eqpt only, remainder to be handed in.
Minimum cadre statistics issued to all coys.Appx "F"
pm Major H.H.H. Boehm officially appointed A/Lt Col in command of Bn w.e.f.
4 Aug 44, ie date of casualty of Lt Col E.A. Carse.
17 am Cleaning up and settling in. Coy stores being prepared for handing in.
1800 Further draft ordered, 1 offr and one Pl to 1/4 KOYLI (49 Div)
2 offrs and 2 Pls to 5 Seaforths (51 Div) and 1 offr and batman to 7 D.W.R.
(49 Div) 'B' and 'C' Coys warned.
18 0700 6 Airborne Div rep arrived to loan tpt urgently required to move tps forward
in view of German rapid withdrawal on their front past TROARN.
0830 10 - 3 tonners and 10 - 15 cwts despatched to Airborne Div.
1000 B' and Coys find the drafts ordered - 2 Pls. 'B' Coy with Lt E.S.
Collins and Lt R.S. Corley-Pocook - 1 Pl 'C' Coy with A/Capt R.D. Moore.
The offr for 7 D.W.R. to be Capt J.C. Fox (Sp Coy Comd).
'B' Coy draft go off in good spirits.
1300 C' Coy draft and Capt Fox go off also in good spirits. Total numbers
drafted to date 10 Offrs and 335 ORs. Bn is now left with Specialists
Offrs only plus 4 Coy Comds and 1 2IC Rifle Coy, and specialist ORs plus
1 Pl 'B' Coy
Visit from DAAG 1 Corps. Policy seems to be to draft specialist offrs in
specialist jobs only and not to post them as rifle pl comds etc;
1400 Adv party sent to GRENTHEVILLE - 1 Offr and 6 ORs to prepare ground for
proposed move forward of Bn.
2200 DAQMG 6 Airborne Div arrived to say our tpt which we lent this morning has
now become SO involved that it will be quite impossible to extricate it for
several days. Also states that 1 Corps have stated that they can keep the
tpt as we have to hand in all our tpt and eqpt anyway.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
18 1700 QM sees ADOS about handing in eqpt as per instrs. Told that it is not
required to be handed in. No-one really seems to know what is happening!
19 1000 It D. J.D. Defriez attached to 1 Corps as L.O (semi-permanent)
1100 Lt Col Boehm goes to HQ Airborne to try and sort out the tpt question - can
get no real satisfaction. General Gale, Comd 6 Airborme Div. officially applies
to 1 Corps to use our Mortar P1 and Carrier Pl complete in an operational role.
1300 OC Mortar Pl and Carrier PI warned accordingly to stand by.
1500 Offr from GSD 1 Corps arrived to say we were to supply 10 - 3 tonners and 3 - 15
cwts to 7 Armd Div at ance.. Explained that all our 3 tonners were with
Airborne which caused some surprise. GSD branch do not seem to be quite in
the picture and are the odd lap or so behind. Agreed to send 2 - 3 tonners
and 3 - 15 cwts immediately, and GSD said he would arrange for the return of
our remaining 3 - tonners from Airborne.
1910 Further visit by by Col Boehm to HQ Airborne. AQMG promised to get 3 -
tonners. back. Still no news as to our future role.
2000 Further message received from DDOS 1 Corps saying all eqpt and all vehs less
10 to be handed in. This is becoming quite a habit now., but we still have
not handed anything in!
20 0930 CO and OM go to 1 Corps. On may over are met by agitated offr from Airborne
who states that General Gale urgently wants to see them. Arrive at HQ
Airborne to find that they want all our tpt and carriers for load carrying.
CO explains it cannot be done as we have just had another order to hand them
all in.
CO and QM proceed to 1 Corps, sees DDOS and it is there arranged that stores
need only be handed in as and when we like and if we like. The following
infm is also obtained (i) Our future is likely to be garrison duties (ii)
21 Army Gp are now preparing a minimum cadre for the Bn - nos not yet
specified (iii) There will be no further drafts till our future is settled,
and the minimum cadre agreed (iv) We will remain present location until further notice.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
20 1500 It Col Gore, G1 Ops 21 Army Gp arrived to enquire if we had yet withdrawn
all our men from Airborne Div. Explained that they had been withdrawn a
week ago and since sent on draft. 21 Army Gp it appears knew nothing of
this and were extremely surprised as we are apparently directly under 21
Army Gp and not 1 Corps. He hinted that we might be returned to OUISTREHAM
in our original role of guarding the docks and that we would become a
garrison unit later.
2300 Started to rain hard and continued raining throughout the night. Enemy
AC overhead. AA opened up - no bombs in our area.
21 0900 In view of weather coys move their men into buildings together with stores.
Amendments 2, 3 and 4 finally received from O2E as special favour.
No further news of future.
22 Comd offr visits Airborne Div. No chance of Mortar or Carrier Pl being
used. Airborne want to retain the vehs as long-as possible. Still no
news. Normal routine. LO goes to 1 Corps - no news.
23 am CO and Adjt visit 5 Kings at LION SUR MER who are in the same state of
(suspended animation' as ourselves. They still know. nothing.
pm CO and Adjt visit 101 Beach Sub-Area to see if they know anything. Comd
101 Beach Sub-Area accompanies CO and Adjt to HQ L of C where 'A' Branch
assume that we have been under comd L of C since 1200 hrs 22 Aug. They
also state that we are to have a minimum cadre and after a lot of humming
and hawing the infm is dragged from them that eventually we are to receive
new intakes of 'bomb happy' gentlemen and recruits from England to train as
a future garrison. It was particularly stressed that this was still
unofficial as 'officially' we must not be told anything. This statement
produced a certain amount of righteous indignation from the Comd Offr who
asked how we were to know who to retain on the cadre if we did not know our
future role. Everyone said they couldn't agree more but 21 Army Gp had
apparently decreed that we were to be kept completely in the dark, so that
was that
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
23 Highly unsatisfactory.
Visited Reforsec and were shown the cadre consisting of 16 Offrs and 136
ORs. This stated that coy comds must go and the QM but we retained a
skeleton Support Coy. Reforsec said that these men were urgently required
and would be posted almost immediately, once we let them know our draft
availability state. The posn regarding stores and vehs was still not
cleared up.
24 0900 Conference of all comds and proposed minimum cadre given out.Appx "G"
1000 C.O. goes to L of C to clear posn re stores. Adjt goes to 1 Corps who do
still not know that we are no longer under their command, and arranged for
certain personnel who are attached to Corps Reception Camp to be released
the following day.
1400 CO on return from L of C announces we have been given the wrong cadre and
we should be working on a cadre of 9 offrs and 72 ORs incl all Coy Comds
and QM but no Sp Coy at all.
25 am Conference all comds. New cadre ven out and all told that this is now
firm. This leaves, after deduction of personnel attached away on 1 Corps
duties and with Airborne Div, 6 offrs and 201 ORs.
Appx "H"
1100 Rep from 2 Army Reforsec arrives to get our drafting figures. Arranged that
Adjt will go over to 1 Corps with this rep and sort it all out as it appears
that 1 Corps are to be given first chance of our drafts, but they must be
posted to Bns by 26 Aug which has been given as a deadline date by 21 Army
Gp for final posting of Bucks Bn.
1400 Adjt and rep visit DAAG 1 Corps and after 4 hrs, arrangements are made with
DAAG 51 Div to absorb 6 offrs and 169 ORs in the various Bns of 51 Div in
their own specialist roles. Exact details are worked out on the spot as it
appears there is no time for consideration. Protests are made but with no
avail. Everyone agrees once more that the whole thing is quite ridiculous
and entirely unnecessary, but that the powers that be have laid it down that
it will be all completed by 26th, or else they will will all be posted to RHU'S.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
This is considered to be punishment worse than death. so arrangements are
made to post them direct to Bns as asked, despite short notice. It is
arranged that tpt shall collect from this HQ at 1000 hrs 27 Aug 44
1800 CO visits 5 Kings to learn that on the same day as the 'Bucks' drafted offrs
and men to 51 Div and 1/4 KOYLI, they, the 'Kings', had drafted men to 1
Bn Oxf Bucks. This despite General Montgomery's letter saying that 'all
due consideration would be given to Regimental Associations'. Not very.
26 0900 Conference for commanders and details of drafits given out.
1 Gordons 4 Offrs 78 ORs
5 Black Watch 1 offr - ORs
5/7 Gordons - Offrs 14 ORs
152 Inf Bde HQ - Offrs 3 ORs
2 Seaforths - Offrs 29 ORs
5 Seaforths - Offrs 23 ORs
5 Camerons 1 Offr 22 ORs
Totals 6 Offrs 169 0RS
This now leaves the Bn with its minimum cadre of Offrs and 72 ORs plus RMO
and 32 ORs who are still available for drafting. 106 ORs and 6 Offrs are
attached away and not available for drafting at present. The balance of 32
ORs are to remain with Bn until specially called for and not to be posted to
RHU. It is usual to post them to RHUs but this concession was obtained from
Reforsec 2 Army.
1000 CO visits 11 L of C to whose comd we have been delegated by L of C and is
told that we are to be under 4 L of C Sub-Area and directly under 101 Beach
Sub-Area, and are to move to PLANET Map ref 7886
1400 Major J.N. Kaye sent off to recce new area. Decided to move on Monday
and get rid of surplus stores immediately. All Sp Coy stores to be handed
in less cooking eqpt, and all amn less personal scale.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
27 0900 6 ORs plus cook sent an to PLANET as Adv party.
1000 Tpt for move laid on with 11 L of C in view of lack of own tpt on loan to
Airborne Div.
1030 Drafts for 51 Div depart. This draft consists of most of the old
'originals' of the Bn from pre-war Territorial days and is a very sad
day for the Bn. They all go off in good heart neverhheless.
Total drafts to date amount to 16 offers and 504 ORS.
1400 Comds conference. Details of move given out verbally. In view of lack
of tot a shuttle service has to be run, so Bn must start early. Present
available tpt amounts to 8 - 15 cwts and 10 - 3 tonners (on loan from 11
L of C).
1800 All our 15 cwts (12 in all) return from Airborne Div.
28 0600 10 - 3 tonners arrive for loading. 'B' Coy leaves first at 0755 hrs then
C' Coy 0805 hrs then 'D' Coy 0815 hrs then 'A' Coy at 0845 hrs and 'HQ' Coy
at 0930 hrs,
pm QM stores moved on second trip. Move completed by 1700 hrs.
29 am Balance of 'S' Coy personnel transferred to HQ Coy. 'S' Coy books and
affairs wound up. 2 - 3 tonners on loan to Airborne Div return. All
our dvrs less carrier dvrs are now back with us which means a further 13
available for drafting!
'HQ' Coy now consists of Bn HQ, Sigs Pl, Adm Pl (incl Carrier and A tk
remmants), Pnr Pl.
pm Standing Orders for Bn while at PLANET issuedAppx "I"
Definite news received of death of Capt J. A. Hope in action while serving
with 7 Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Capt Hope was first offr to be
drafted when 'A' Coy went complete less its HQ on 13 Aug. He was killed
on 17 Aug during an advance to ST JULIAN. Full details are not available
but it seems that fairly heavy casualties were suffered by 'A' Coy in the attack.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
30 am Bn settling in. All coys are in fields again only buildings being
Sigg Office, and exchange, and one room for Comd Offr and Adjt, one room for
Offrs Mess, one room for Sjts Mess. Rest of accn in stores tents and
Arranged locally for 70 men to attend camp cinema at 30 Corps rest camp,
which is very close to this HQ.
pm Notified that draft of low med cat men are to be posted to 1 Bucks with
effect from 28 and that we are to collect. Draft consists
apparently of 2 WO IIs 2 S/Sjts 7 Sjts 20 Cpls 155 Ptes. Total 186 All ranks.
This will raise once agein question of WE. as at present we are working on Inf
Bn WE.
34 0900 C.O. goes to 21 Aemy Gp to try and discover something about this incoming
1000 Informed by 101 B.S.A. that they are moving to CAEN by 1800 hrs 4 Sep 44
and that 1 Bucks is to take over their accn and adm of units at PORT EN BESSIN.
1300 Comd Offr returns to say that the posting of 2 WO IIs 2 S/Sjts has now
been cancelled but that 182 ORS will be arriving this evening.
1400 QM sent to 101 Beach Sub-Area to allot accn for move.
1500 C.O. and Adjt visit 36 RHU and fix up direct for 182 ORs to march hore (6
miles) tonight to arrive about 1930 hrs. 20 - 160 lb tents erected to house
draft for the night. Capt G.L.E. Eyles 'B' Coy put in charge of draft until
dispersed to coys later.
1830 BM 101 Beach Sub-Area visits CO to fix up final handing over details and def
of PORT EN BESSIN etc. Mutually arranged that we take over control at 1
1600 hrs 1 Sep 44.
1900 Entertaimment programme issued such as it is:Appx 'J'
1930 New draft arrive - a depressing sight!
2000 Infmd that move of 101 B.S.A. has been postponed 24 hrs.
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Attached to War Diary..
AF. B3008 and 3009Appk "k"
The 'Beachcomber'Appx "L"
Nominal roll of offrs and ORs drafted during AugustAppx "M"
Operational Casualties up to 31 Aug 44Appx "I"