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    War Diary: 1st Battalion Buckinghamshire Regiment

    Month and year: June 1944

    The 1st Battalion Buckinghamshire Regiment (Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry) June 1944 covers the unit from their embarkation and disembarkation in 5 ft deep water and fighting around Ouistreham and Caen Canel.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/1269

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Peyworth III Camp Marshalling Area "A".1Comd. Offr, Staff Capt and Adjt remained at Camp to tie up final details of
    embarkation, with those landing third and fourth tides and residuals
    The remainder of the Battalion was in various marshalling camps in area
    "A" split up into craft serials. No-one was allowed to leave these
    camps but various entertainments. were provided.
    Second tide parties remained in these camps for four days.
    4During the day the movement order to proceed to embarkation points was
    2300Movement order received (verbal)
    Portsmouth50743Convoys moved from camps to Embarkation points by vehicles and embarked
    on LCI(L) and vehicle parties on LST during the morning. No-difficulty
    was encountered and convoy assembled off the Isle of Wight during the
    At Sea60500Warning order to sail (verbal)
    0700Convoy sailed - voyage uneventful. - Sea, slight-swell. Sky, clear with
    occasional cloud.
    0800News heard that British and American troops had landed in NORMANDY
    1640Coast of FRANCE sighted.
    1900Convoy arrived at dismbarkation point LE BRECHE and was switched to
    LE BRECHE2030Troops disembarked. One man wounded (almost drowned); The craft were
    unable to beach in less than five feet of water and many men had to swim
    the first few yards to the shore,
    2100Commanding Officer and 'R' Group assembled at 5 Beach Group Command Post.
    2200The situation was unsatisfactory, Enemy troops were still holding out
    in Strongpoint LION SUR MER and small numbers were sniping in OUISTREHAM
    and LE BRECHE. Recce of BMA impossible further WEST than 075812 owing
    to enemy fire. The decision was taken to expand the SSDs until the BMA
    was free of enemy.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    62330Enemy aircraft flew over BMA and bombs. were dropped, but AA fire was
    intense from land and sea.
    Casualties: 1 killed 2 wounded (one of which mentioned above)
    705002 enemy discovered occupying same dugout as our men and promptly made
    0600Decided that Lt Col Sale would command both Beach Groups owing to the
    death of CO 5 Beach Group
    1100JU88 shot down onto Command Post. No casualties. Butterfly bombs were
    scattered over the area.
    1700Coy dispositions as on attached trace.
    1 Pl "D" Coy established in area LION SUR MER to relieve Commandos who
    had attached enemy positions.
    Enemy air activity was mainly fast runs down the beaches to bomb and
    machine gun, but only few appeared, and they suffered heavy losses.
    They were encouraged by low clouds. By night single- enemy planes were
    overhead continuously.
    80700Remainder "D" Coy relieved RM Commando at LION-SUR MER; where-they
    encountered enemy snipers.
    1000"D" Coy relieved by 9 Inf Bde, who were to assault the strongpoint.
    1130Single FW.190 jettisoned bomb on to SSD 3 while trying to elude British
    fighters. Petrol fire started with thick black smoke and ammunition
    soon involved. Lt. Col. Sale with great courage organised parties
    to extinguish the flames and remove amn to a safe distance together with
    Major Carse and Major Boehm. Much heroism was shown by officers and men.
    Lt. Col. Sale was seriously wounded and operated on in BDS. Major Boehm
    was also wounded but remained on duty.
    1530Fire died down. Major E.A. Carse assumed command of the Battalion and
    both Beach Groups.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    82300Report received that enemy paratroops had landed in area HERMONVILLE.
    It was in fact British containers dropped in error.
    Wounded 2 NCOs and 3 men.
    Enemy shelling of the beaches began, but was sporadic. Weather dull
    and cloudy, Battalion HQ now established at rd jun 087807 with Command
    Post 091805. Pls of "D" Coy moved to Pet and Amn Dumps.
    91700Strong Point LION-SUR-MER finally captured by Bde. Report of enemy
    holding out in DOUVRES.
    10Major Carse promoted to Lt Col. Major Boehm appointed 2IC.
    First copy of Beachcomber produced by Lt. J.B. Johnston.Appx "A" Issues 1-6 incl
    10/11Enemy aircraft active during night no casualties.
    111600Patrol from "B" Coy taken to LUC SUR MER to investigate two Germans
    reported living there nothing was found.
    LION SUR MER120700Bn HQ moved to its intended posn in Orchard 069809 and all offices were
    dug in to a depth of 5ft. "D" Coy HQ to Pet Dop HQ from 087806.
    Casualties: 1 killed 1 wounded.
    130015A per and incendiary bombs fell accross HQ and amn dump causing three
    stack fires. Casualties 4 men wounded.
    Casualties killed 1 man "B" Coy on a mine.
    141700OP established CHURCH TOWER, LION SUR MER to observe shelling of beaches.
    Visibility good, but observation unsatisfactory. OP established on
    beaches 086806.
    "D" Coy concentrated area 103800.
    Casualties. 1 NCO "B" Coy wounded.
    151000Heavy shelling of QUEEN BEACH. Six out of seven LCT hit on beaches.
    Casualties. 1 man wounded.
    2000Spitfire crashed on POL dump - fire put out at once, Pilot safe,
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    160800New HQ at OUISTREHAM, (Map ref 109794) sited.
    "C" Coy established def posns in area Lock Gates OUISTREHAM.
    1345New HQ shelled. Casualties - 1 wounded.
    1700OP withdrawn.
    2330Lt Shilling took patrol to end of PT DU SIEGE 134784. One enemy
    aircraft attempting to bomb lock gates was shot down
    171600OP established in enemy concrete shelter on bank of Canal (Map ref 117783).
    "D" Coy moved into OUISTREHAM (HQ 110788) to operate MOON ASSEMBLY AREA.
    Shelling of beaches was intermittent,
    RIVA BELLA18HQ moved to new location 109794. All offices have been dug in to a depth of
    five feet and roofed with 6" timber.
    It was announced that no further copies of "Beachcomber" will be published.
    Selling diminishing in quantity.
    19Normal shelling and air activity by night
    20Normal shelling and air activity by night.
    21Normal shelling and air activity by night. Standing Orders issued.Appx "2B"
    220650Lock-gates shelled with slight damage to Power House.
    6 Beach Gp assumes responsibility for ground and air defence of bridge and
    Lock Gates 119787.
    240110Bombs dropped near lock - one a delayed action of 2 hrs.
    0330Several leaflets dropped, written in very bad English. slang. FIRST
    No examples available.
    2340Further attempt to bomb locks - no damage.
    Enemy shelling directed against beaches and lock gates.
    251015Padre Dix MBE CF conducted C of E service in RIVA BELLA, Chalet Des Effants.
    2359Shelling of Port and beaches was increased. A permanent smoke screen is
    now laid from area 097803 to prevent enemy observation of the beaches from
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Casualties: 2 ORs wounded from "C" Coy.
    Coy reliefs - see 6BC/0/1 dated 24 Jun.
    Appx "C"
    262359Enemy shelling has increased again, the beaches and port area being the
    main targets, but although several direct hits have been obtained on the
    walls, the gates are still intact.
    27Comd 101 Beach Sub-Area laid down that 6 Beach Gp will be responsible for
    the defence of OUISTREHAM PORT.
    281300"B" Coy and exoavators working on canal bank shelled.
    One shell hit roof of coy stores, wounding 2 men.
    2923502000 kg bomb fell on civilian house next to QM 108795 Rescue party
    organized by RMO. Bomb may have been aimed at Red Lamp put up by Pro.
    302359Operation Order Issued
    Entertainment plan
    Appx "E" Appx "F"
    Corps Rest Centre and Recreation Centre opened at PETIT ENFER
    Occasional enemy shelling of beaches.
    Coy posns at end of month see Trace "Z"
    Appx "D"