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    War Diary: 1st Battalion South Lancashire Regiment

    Month and year: August 1944

    1st Battalion South Lancashire Regiment August 1944 War Diary covers the units advance deeper into France to the Flers area. Including detailed information on unit positions, training in bridging and target practice against a captured Panther Tank.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/1332

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    BENVILLE. 1297, Map Sheet 7.F.11130Warning Order for advance party to R.V.N.E. of BAYEUX at 1400 hrs.
    1210Press representative from Liverpool Post visited Battalion.
    1400E.N.S.A. Concert.
    2000Movement Orders No. 7. give route to CAHAGNOLLES
    20750Movement Order No. 8. Fresh route to Bde D.P.
    0930Battalion "O" Group, Orders for transport move.
    1155Head of Bn Column passed Bn. S.P.
    1203Head of Bn Column passed Brigade S.P.
    1615Battalion in position in area ST HONORINE-DE-DUCY. (St.Lo.6F/2 - 7365) -
    ST. HONORINE-DE-DUCY.31000C.O. to Brigade for conference with Brigadier on situation and new role
    of 3rd Division. 3rd Division now in 8 Corps.
    M.S. St. Lo.1625Warning Order for Brigade move on August, 5th, to area FORET-L'EVIQUE 6549.
    6F/2.1/500001700"O" Group to discuss routine for take over of defence positions.
    7465Bn on section training during morning. Rest in afternoon. Games and
    recreation in evening.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    40040Fresh warning order from Brigade. Recce party to be standing by from
    0800 hrs. New area previously indicated now changed.
    1110Recce party R.V. BN.H.Q. to report to GRANVILLE (665507) Map Sheet 7F
    1/100,000 for 1230 hrs.
    1800C.O. with Company Commanders on T.E.W.T. in "Bocage"
    1935Two complete platoons from 5th Kings Regt as reinforcements.
    Companies on training as day previous.
    2300"O" Group orders for move August, 5th,
    2400T.C.V's not arrived at Div.S.B
    50300T.C.V's still not arrived.
    0800Bn transport marshalled.
    0900T.C.V's arrived.
    0915Head of column passed S.P.
    1145Battalion reached new position, west of LA-BENY BOCAGE Reference
    6443 - Sheet 6F/4 - 1/50,000.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    51255All companies in position.
    1640Shelling to S.E. about 2,000 yds distance, continuing spasmodically.
    1800Signal Exercise "PRIME"
    60300Signal Officer to collect T.C.V's.
    0730Bn on one hour's notice to move,
    10002 i/c to Brigade. Recce party to LA-BISTIERE to take over from R.U.R.
    1100L.O. from Brigade with SITREP.
    1130Recce party moved off.
    1700"O" Group. Orders for move.
    1805Head of column passed S.P.
    2000Bn in position LA-BISTIERE.
    2100In contact XIX. U.S. Corps.
    2200Heavy Arty Barrage (own) continuing through night.
    70700Bn on immediate orders to move.
    0857One shell short of "B" Company area from direction of VIRE.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    70917Member of French resistance movement from VIRE made contact. Despatched to
    100310 shells, left forward of Bn area,
    10106 shells forward of "D" Coy's area, Heavy calibre.
    1100C.O. called to E.Yorks HQ.
    1130Brigadier gave orders for Battalion to follow up exploitation of R.U.R
    1200"O" Group warning orders.
    1230C.O. cantacts R.U.R. on recce.
    1330Company Comanders recce area.
    1350Lincs. held up on line of railway, 6632.
    1600"A" Coy, R.U.R. to move forward - postponed.
    1645Move II ditto. Our "B" Coy on move but halted at LA-RAIRIE.
    1700Major. E.F. Johnson rejoined unit.
    1740Lincs. obliged to pull back NORTH of railway. R.U.R. not moving on
    original axis.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    71800C.O. rejoins Bn.
    1830C.O. to Brigadiers "O" Group.
    1930Message from Brigade - no move before 0300 hrs. Same role as previous.
    2045Bn. "O" Group.
    2225Messages from Brigade - no relief of R.U.R. until further orders. Back to
    Casualty - Lieut. Sharples, wounded.
    81225-1245.Heavy bombers returning from S.E. Arty barrage engaging German A/A
    1805Representatives arrive from 25th Field Regt who are now in support to
    replace 76 Fd. Regt. (Temporarily).
    1810Info. from Brigade that E.Yorks are to relieve LINCS by 090200B.
    1905Bde order for 2 Coy's to step up on R.U.R's.
    1915Bn. "O" Group. Orders for B & C Coys to move to MONTISWOER.
    2200"B" Coy left Bn. area. "O" Coy ready to follow.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    82230R.U.R. commenced to move out to area preparatory to Ex "WALTER"
    "B" and "C" Coy's move up to fill gap.
    By2400Both companies in new position.
    90600"H" hour EX "WALTER"
    08159 1B. report themselves on first three objectives. pr.223. 651358.
    Ringed contour 655313. X Rds 664316.
    1030Bn. "O" Group. C.O. gives probable role and general plan for Bn.
    1115C.O. called to Brigade for orders.
    8 1B. to advance down VIRE - TINCHEBRAY Rd with U.S. Forces in contact on
    right. Bn. on 2 hours notice to move.
    1630Adjutant called to Brigade for fresh orders.
    1640Message from G 3. No. move, orders on way.
    171212 shells in "B" Coy's area. SSE. Medium calibre. No damage.
    1745Ad jutant returned with orders. 8 1B to move to concentration area S.E.
    VIRE 101000 - 101800 hrs. B.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    92030Bn. "O" Group, Company Commanders informed of future plans.
    100130Movement orders from Brigade - to VIRE. S.Pt. 1000 hrs.
    200U.S. report 30-40 enemy tanks N. area 7217 - 7123 Map ref.1/25,000 37/12.W
    0755Recce party for VIRE left under 2 i/c - Major Waller.
    0815Bn. "O" Group Orders issued for move to concentration area S.E of VIRE
    1/25000 34/12 N.E.
    0850Exceptionally heavy British Arty fire supporting LINCOLNS fighting patrol
    pt. 670294 Map. 34/12 N.E VIRE.
    1000Marching personnel en-route - VIRE. Transport following 2 hrs later.
    1230Bn in position S.E. VIRE - digging in.
    1323Shells land S.E. of forward positions. Distance 1000 yds. Odd shells up
    to 2200 hrs.
    1430 - 2000Brigade "O" Group for operation on VIRE - TINCHEBRAY axis.
    2200C.O. briefs Company Commanders, Tank-and Artillery reps.
    8 British Inf Brigade in order - Sth Lanes - East Yorks - Suffolks.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    VIRE10to advance from VIRE to TINCHEBRAY on main road. 185 Brigade to conform
    by movement on left flank on railway line axis. 9 Brigade in reserve
    E. of VIRE. Americans to move on right flank.
    Bn plan - "A" and "B" Coy's forward - "C" and "D" Coy's to "leapfrog"
    through with tanks in support (City of London Yeomanry)
    110200"B" Coy report three heavy calibre shells from S.S.E. in coy area,
    0245Arty and bombing charts reach Bn. H Q.
    0630Patrols report area LEFAY and 664310 unoccupied) Map reference.
    ---- do ---- 66831 occupied by enemy. ) 1/25,000 - 34/12.N.E.
    ---- do ---- Building 649304 unoccupied. )
    08501 LINCOLNS REGT form firm base at 652306 and 649303. This cancels Arty "stonk"
    on first objectives.
    0900"H" hour. Heavy Artillery support Battalion during advance.
    0920American elements not now moving on right flank
    0925"A" Coy held up by enemy mortar fire area 653303 (1/25000-34/12) -NE-VIRE
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    11"B" Company reach 652309,
    "D" Company ordered to move forward,
    0937"A" and "B" Company continue advance.
    0945"A" and "B" Coys report no opposition at 653306 and 658306 (1/25,000 - 34/12
    NE. VIRE.
    1005"A" Coy at 658301.
    1040"A" Coy at 660247, LA-VILIONNTERE (Map of GATHEMO-1/25,000-34/12.SE
    "B" Coy at 667298.
    1055Brigadier "If little or no opposition, advance main axis rapidly"
    1102Enemy gun position reported 678275 (34/12 SE.
    1123Enemy reported LE-BOIS 655294
    1130"C" Coy now passing through "A" Coy at LA-VILLONSTERE.
    2. E.Yorks Regt start to move forward.
    1210Main axis under shell fire. One Sherman tank hit 670293.
    1312"D" Coy reach LA-VILLONIERE advancing.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    111315"A" Coy take prisoners (Infantry 95 G.G.R - attached to 13 A/TK,
    1405On left 185 Brigade reach 251405 - pt 262.
    1406Wounded Sgt states "C" Coy pinned down 300 yds short of pt 272 - 676289
    by heavy mortar and M.G. fire. About 15 casualties.
    1420"A" Coy reach 665296. Bn. H.Q. established at LA-VILLONIERE
    1500Major Chance slightly wounded at pt 247 - 670293.
    1515C.O. holds "O" Group for new plan of attack on pt 272.
    "A" and "D" Coy's right flank - pt 272 with arty support.
    "B" Company continue up main axis when "A" and "D" complete movement.
    1530"C" Coy contacted by Int. Sgt in position 670293 pt 247.
    1620E. Yorks reach 672293 on main axis (1/25000 34/12 S.E. )
    1630"A" Coy capture 2 prisoners from 959 G.R. Regt at 664295.
    1640R.A.P. established at LA-VILLONIERE.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    111700"A" Coy reported at 667287 - under small arms fire.
    1727"A" & "D" Coy's crossed start line.
    "A" Coy, East Yorks in position main road at pt247.
    1728"B" Company at 668921.
    1734"D" Coy 667287 under small arms fire,
    1753"D" Coy ordered to secure ob jective including bridge 681285 and to patrol as
    1825"A" Coy trying to move round right flank, hold up by fire.
    1830"D" Coy request Tank support, forward troops at 674288.
    1840"A" Coy under accurate artillery fire and mortar fire.
    1850Carriers pinned down 677291,
    1855"A" Coy at 667285.
    19308 I.B. now at 637314
    1943Enemy M.G. post located at ridge 672287.
    2030Coy's stand fast.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    112000-2100.Organising fire plan to assist attack on 272.
    2130Artillery Barrage failed to materialise.
    2230Coy's stand fast and patrol forward from present localities.
    City of London Yeomanry relieved during night by Goldstream Guards.
    120530Patrols report no contact with enemy during night.
    0600Brigade "O" Group - same plan of attack on pt 272 as night of 11th.
    0730Bn "O" Group with Company Commanders.
    0900"H" Hour "Stonk" commenced on pt 272 and area.
    2 East Yorks Coy's on left of wood LA-SALIERE 676294 (1/25000 34/12 S.E.)
    0905"B" Company report own medium Artillery falling in company area.
    0920"A" "B" and "C" Coy's moving.
    0927"A" and "B" Coy's held up by Mediums falling short,
    0928"B" Coy ordered to wait until "lift"
    0942"A" Coy moving forward as far as Arty permits approx 300 yds.
    "B" Coy ---------- do --------- 200 yds.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    120955East Yorks report being shot up by own tanks.
    1000Tanks report signs of hasty enemy withdrawal,
    "C" Coy ordered to push on as hard as possible,
    1014"A" Coy reach objective.
    1018Tanks now forward of pt 272.
    1020"C" Coy on objective.
    1023Brigadier orders exploitation of objective and forward to 684294
    1100"A" Coy at 674281 bridge intact.
    1125"B" Coy capture prisoner - Medical Orderly, 5th Para, (Fritz Hope)
    "A" Coy find packages containing despatches. Passed on to Division for
    1135Brigadier and R.V. Pt.247.670273.
    1150Bridge at 681285 reported by "C" Coy "Intact"
    1214Americans make contact and are exploiting forward in collaboration with us.
    1335East Yorks holding orchard 679291 - patrols to AUBESNIERE 6828.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    12Suffolks stepped up behind East Yorks and S.Lancs,
    U.S. Forces "K" Coy and another not known of XXIII Regt, 2 Div in area
    RATURDIERE 6627. Plan to attack I'AUBENIERE 6726 and LE-BOSA 6825.
    1715Bn. H.Q. established 674288.
    1810Officer of R. E's brings in prisoner from 680286.
    193020th A/Tank Regt report mines at Track 677293. Pioneers to clear.
    2145Carrier Pln takes four prisoners at X roads 693275.
    3rd Recce also patrol 200 yds short of X roads.
    22451 Suffolks pass through to X roads 693275 taking 27 O.R's and 3 Officers
    130600Fairly quiet night and occasional shelling
    08452 East Yorks pass through to X roads 693275.
    1000East Yorks and Suffolks now thoroughly established in area of X roads.
    1030C. O's "O" Group with Company Commanders.
    1645Brigade "O" Group.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    131900Bn "O" Group. East Yorks and Suffolks to advance to 707277-699270-
    693266. Bn. to move to 693275 at 2100 hrs.
    2045Heavy barrage on all forward known enemy localities.
    2210East Yorks and Suffolks on objectives.
    222522 Prisoners passed through to P.O.W. cage.
    140050Bn ordered to move to 694270-689278-696275-689280.Map ref 1/25000 37/12.SW,
    Suffolks exploiting further forward.
    0120Bn moving now.
    0210Brigadier orders "stop everything"
    Enemy message intercepted - position overrun send group III.
    0330Companies move to new locations and await orders.
    0730Bn. H.Q. at 689279. Bn deployed - area X roads 692275.
    11303rd Recce move out along main axis.
    1405"C" Coy patrol contacts K.S.L.I. (185 Bde) at 700282. 7/25000.37/12.S.W
    1715Brigade "O" Group.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    141830Bn "O" Group. Coy's to advance to X rds 719258-pt 251 - 706253. A
    Squadron of Churchill Tanks with each company.
    1930Coy's move to F.U.P.
    1950Operation cancelled. Coy's return to area 693275. 1/25000.34/12.S.E
    2000Americans moving to area 702258 now.
    2100Contact patrols arranged with East Yorks and Suffolks,
    2230Brigade order patrols to WOOD 6828 and TRACK 696284.1/25000.34/12.S.E
    150600Quiet night - normal shelling.
    0615Patrols report area's allocated as being clear.
    0900Americans now at LE-BOSA 6825 - TRUTTIMER-IE-PETTT 6824. Map ref.1/25000. 34/12. S. E.
    1020Brigade order "Carry out last night's operation"
    1035Orders issued to Tank Cmdrs, Arty Reps, Coy Cmdrs. "H" Hour 1130.
    1110"H" Hour put back to 1215 hrs.
    1155Americans state 706253 (1"25000 37/12 S.W. clear of enemy,
    1200Stand fast "Plan off"
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    151210Suffolks moving to Pt.251 - 704261 now.
    1215Special B.B.C. Announcement - Further Allied Landings in South of France.
    1330Coy's return to old locations with supporting arms.
    1500Zero hour - Propare to move 1600 hrs.
    1515Area 743285. Area clear. Suffolks.
    1600Bn moving rapidly to ne area 739244 (1/25000 37/12 S.W. )
    1745Track Junction 737248 - clear.
    1800No enemy in locality.
    1830All companies in position area 736248.
    1845Patrols report forward areas clear of enemy. Several P of W surrendered
    during Bn advance, had been waiting all day for our arrival "Very
    1900Casual shelling - S.E. No casualties.
    2030"O" Group for forming of bridgehead 776223 (1/25000 37/12 S.W) and
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    15"C" & "D" Companies forward.
    2200"C" & "D" Companies on move now.
    East Yorks moving to area 787263.
    2335"C" Company cross main road at MARTIGNY 764245. (1/25000 37/12 S.W.)
    2352"D" Coy cross river at 756236 (1/25000 37/12 S.W.)
    Bridge blown, river crossed by marching personnel. R.E's required to
    repair bridge.
    2355"C" Coy cross river at 765244 Bridge intact.
    160020Difficult transport movement, alternative route made, Very heavy
    thunderstorm. Rain bogs tracks.
    0111"C" Coy reached second objective 763249 (1/25000 37/12 S.W.)
    0114"B" Coy contact "D" Coy at 756236 without incident.
    0118"D" Coy in Orchard 763235 - consolidating
    0205Railway level crossing 764244 clear, Contact made with 30 Inf Regt,
    3rd Bn. U.S. V Divn who pulled out to allow our advance & deployment.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    160253Bn H.Q. established at 763239.
    0300"A" & "B" Coy's reach final objectives at 776237 - 769233. LA-RIVIERE,
    0530Transport moves to advanced area 763239,
    0730Contact made with East Yorks at FRENES 782250 who have established firm
    0830"D" Coy take two prisoners. One artillery - one A/Tk Regt. Gdr.
    0900"A" Company runner captures sleeping "Boche" in barn, left behind by his
    unit 253 Inf Regt.
    1235Contact completed with U.S. Forces - bridgehead secured - U.S. Recce
    forces push further south of TINGHEBRAY.
    12373rd Reace and Suffolk Regt push on east towards FLERS - no contact with enerry.
    12403 Recce patrols enter FLERS and still no contact with enemy.
    1400Coldstream Armour passes through en route for FLERS.
    16009th Br. Inf. Bde pass through to LANDISACQ 8021 (1/25000.37/12 S.W. )
    1900Member of "Macquis" contacts Bn H.Q. complete with Sten Gun and 36 grenade
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    16dropped by parachute. Claims to have already killed 3 Boche and wanted to
    be as close to enemy as possible with Free French Forces. Passed on to Bde.
    2000Bde H.Q. now established at Track Jn -764255. (1/25000 37/12 - S.W.)
    2155Single low flying enemy plane drops three bombs S.E. LA-RIVIERE (1/25000 37/12 SW)
    170600Patrols report no troops in areas allocated either enemy or friendly at
    770223 & 766224 (1/25000 37/12 S.W. )
    0900Bn H.Q. Platoon Commanders and Sergeants discuss minor tactics on recent
    operations. Coy's on individual training.
    0945Second-in-Command called to Brigade
    1145Bn ordered to clear area CHANN 783188 (1/25000 37/10 N.W.)
    1330"C" Coy Mortar and Carrier Platoons search area as above for enemy weapons
    ammunition and installations,
    2000Task carried out by Mobile Carriers and Embussed Infantry,
    Area between points 765200 - 839194 - 818168 - 775175. (1/2500 37/10 N.W.).
    180900Coy's on "Patro. Training".
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    180930C.O. organises scheme for 3" Mortars.
    1130Wireless exercise "Bulldog"
    1400Recreational training - soccer and swimming.
    1730Second-in-Command called to Brigade re Divisional move to area S.E.
    of FLERS (1/25000 37/10 N.E.)
    19003" Mortars carry out short exercise area 776241 (1/25000 37/12 S.W.).
    190800Advance Party leave for new location LA-CHAPELLE-AU-MOINE. (1/25000 37/10
    N.E. 852168 MESSEI-ST-GERVAIS.
    2045I.O. called to Brigade - detailed plan for move to new location.
    2100"B" Coy area. Many refugees return without food, Arrangements made with
    civil affairs TINCHEBRAY for this relief.
    LA-RIVIERE.200930Transport passes Bn S.P. for new location - route - LA-RIVIERE - CHANU-
    LARCHAMP - LA-CHAPPELLE-AU-MOINE. Map refs.1/50000 7G/1 783188-779150-852168.
    0954Bn passes Brigade S.P.
    1000Marching troops en route via LANDISACQ ) FLERS - LA-CHAPPELLE - MOINE.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LA-CHAPPELLE-AU-MOINE.201210Transport arrives new location area 852168 N.E.(Ref 1/25000 37/10 N.E.)
    1350Marching personnel arrive area LA-CHAPPELLE-AU-MOINE.
    1355Senior officers of Bn attend Boating and Bridging demonstration - Lake
    843166 (1/25000 37/10 N )
    1715C.O. attends Brigade "O" Group,
    1925Bn Order Group - Future training.
    210800Heavy and persistent rain throughout day.
    0900Coy's on individual training.
    1400Recce of local recreational area (LA-CHAPPELLE-AU-MOINE. )
    220730 toVehicles training-river crossing by day on (C1. G FBE Bridge) Area 843165
    1130Lake - (1/25000 LARCHANY)
    1000I.O's course at Division - Lt. Jones attended.
    1430C.O recce's training areas for companies FORET MALOUZE - BOIS DE MISSEL
    1600-200.Rifle companies train in use of storm boats - area lake 843165 (1/25000 LARCHANY.)
    A/Tk guns and Jeeps on same training.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    222200-2400Vehicles training - river crossing by night on C1.G. FBE Bridge,
    area 843165 Lake (1/25000 LARCHAMP).
    230200-0400.Rifle companies train in use of Storm Boats - river crossing by night
    Area Lake - 843165 (1/25000 LARCHAMP.)
    1130C.O. recce's area for combined Inf and Tk training Square 8416 (1/25000
    LARCHAMP) 37/10 N.W.
    1245Paris liberated - B.B.C.
    1400Demonstration by "A" Coy Inf platoon and Tank troop.
    Remainder of Coy's recreational training.
    240800-1200Rifle Coy's Training - patrols, stalking
    Medical inspection for all OR's.
    1400Recreational training - soccer.
    250800-2000.Mortar Pln and Int. Section search area NORREY-EN-AYGE for destroyed
    and abandoned enemy equipment. Map ref 40/12 N.E. 1/25000 255400-278360 -
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    251400-1600.Rifle Coy's train with Churchill Tanks, Infantry advance with Tak
    support in BOCAGE. Map ref 37/10 N. W. 1/2500.847165.
    1500Party visited FLERS to see film
    1615Recreational training - swimming.
    Bn Soccer trial match.
    261000C.O. recce's area for training Exercise SNIPE "I" August, 28/29.
    1000Bn provide Brigade H.Q. Guard. Mobile baths with unit the whole day,
    271000C.O's church parade.
    1400Safety officers and N.C.O's recce area for Exercise SNIPE I.
    1500Bn Soccer team play K.O.S.B. XI.
    280700Exercise "SNIPE I" all Pls exercised in attack against an unlocated enerty
    -2000Mortar Pl in support Field firing Area 791151 - 784163. 1/25000 37/10 N.W.
    1430First Details of Formation of "R" Coy issued.
    1430Stalking "Crusader" Tank concealed in Square 8118 (1/25000, 37/10 N.W.)
    "D" Coy patrol under Capt Shirtt.
    Use of PIAT and smoke.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    281445C.O's discussion at Brigade "Infantry and Tank co-operation"
    1800Bn Athletic Meeting and Assualt at Arms. First Committe meeting.
    290700-1445Remainder of Bn complete Field Tiring Exercise SNIPE I
    0900Sports Committe recce proposed course and area for Bn Athletic Meeting
    to be held 2/3 September, 44.
    0930-1200."A" and "B" Coy's firing of PIAT - live ammunition against captured
    PANTHER TANK Map ref:-1/25000 37/10 N.E 865173.
    1400Film entertainment at FLERS.
    1800Bn played 1 K.O.S.B. at soccer, Result;- 1 S.Lan.R. 7 - KOSB. 3.
    1900Theatre entertainment at FLERS.
    300830"D" Coy carried out recapitulation of Exercise Snipe I, walking over the
    ground and bringing out points of battle proceedure,
    2" Mortar practice proceeded concurrently with above.
    Similar training for A,B,C Coy's cancelled owing to inclement weather.
    Coy's carried out W.T. and interior economy in Coy areas.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    301130-1230.Sig. Exercise "TURKEY" Part I.
    1400Selected personnel of Bn attended CONGER demonstration at FLERS.
    1430-1530Sig Exercise "TURKEY" Part II.
    2230Warning Order for Advance Party to stand by on August, 31st
    311100-1120.One platoon of "B" Company carried out Exercise SNIPE I with
    cooperation of 1 Tp of tanks from COLDM GDS (152)
    1100Advance party moved off to LAIGLE (7843).
    1125-1245.One platoon of "D" Company carried out Exercise SNIPE I with
    cooperation of I Tp of tanks from COLDIN GDS.
    Vehicles prepared for Bde Cmdrs inspection of September, 1st.