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    War Diary: 211 Field Park Company RE

    Month and year: October 1944

    The October 1944 War Diary for 211 Field Park Company covers their time in Nijmegen, repairing bridges, working on sawmills, repairing mine detectors among many other tasks

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/1591

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    HOLLAND. NIJMEGEN.1Enemy continued to shell town and surrounding area in early hours. vigorous reaction by own
    artillery. Weather very poor - drizzle and bad visibility. Routine works.
    E.7145902 - 4Very little of importance to report. Usual artillery and air activity over NIJMEGEN area. Routine
    works carried out.
    5Routine works. Heavy enemy shelling 1930 hrs. No casualties. Quiet remainder of day.
    6 - 10Campaign entered static phase. Little to report other than routine works. Stores for screening
    of NIJMEGEN bridge collected by this unit and delivered to site. Mechanical Equipment employed
    digging artillery pits for local units and in filling bomb craters on roads. Weather overcast and
    dull. Artillery of both sides engaged in harassing fire. Little air activity except on 7 due to
    poor weather.
    11-13Routine works. Weather fine. Quiet generally. Some artillery activity during morning and 12
    night 12/13.
    14-16Little to report other than routine works. Some artillery activity at night otherwise very quiet.
    C.R.E. 30 Troops ordered training in engineer subjects to be carried out. Attention also to
    be paid to weapon training, handling of arms and battle drill in preparation for next offensive.
    171. Sgt and 40.RS. (12 E & M Section) despatched to ANTWERP to carry out works on proposed rest camp
    for 30 Corps. C.E. 30 Corps ordered this unit to supervise welding work being carried out by
    civilians of bridge at GRAVE spanning River MAAS. Civilians also to be provided with mid-day meal.
    This unit also gave technical advice in working of electrically operated sluice gates under GRAVE
    bridge. This duty to be taken over by 210 Fd Coy. R.E. as soon operators are proficient.
    18Interpreter attached this unit. This person, formerly a civilian, to be given uniform and status
    and pay of Sergeant but will not wear badges of rank.
    19Commenced training course. Unit employed on routine works. Nothing exceptional to report. Some
    Artillery activity at night.
    201030O.C. wounded by stepping on unexploded missile in ground. Evacuated 10 C.C.S.
    20-29Little to report beyond routine works. MaJor P.C. BAINES. R.E. posted to this unit w.e.f. 21 Oct.
    ex C.E's Branch 30 Corps to command unit. Visited unit periodically 28 to 31 Oct. finally joining
    for duty on 1 Nov.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    HOLLANDNIJMEGEN. E.71459030Sawmill at WIJCHEN C.6158 now being operated under supervision of S/Sgt. H. Ford and R.E. of this unit.
    Contract previously arranged with civilian owners but this unit have exclusive control of all
    timber stocks, and works carried out at Sawmill. Layout similar to that existing LINGEVRES
    in early days of this campaign.
    31Routine works. Nothing to report.
    The whole period under review has approximated to the position existing in the original bridgehead
    when this unit Was at BAYEUX. Warfare has become static with little movement and the unit has not
    changed location during the month. Nevertheless although this is in direct contrast to the previous
    work, 'routine works' which figured very little in that period have now assumed proportions
    customary when Corps field Park Coy is static. Field stores has gradually built up Corps Dump
    and by end of month it had assumed considerable size. Daily issues and receipts of Engineer Stores
    have been higher than normal and this coupled with considerable requisitioning and local purchase
    has kept the platoon fully occupied. M.D.R.S. repaired 65 detectors and B.L.R'd 3. Total
    detectors dealt with to date in this campaign is 491. 458 have been repaired and re-issued, 33
    have been B.L.R and cannibalized for spares. workshops Platoon and 12 E & M Sect have carried
    out the following works:- Construction of office truck on 8 ton Frauhauf low loader for Fd stores
    Platoon. Modifications to office truck HQ. 30 Corps TPS Engrs, construction and painting of
    interior of office truck for C.E's Branch 30 Corps. Interior painting of 5 L.C.V's., building
    power trailer for Main Corps, construction of blackouts for Main and Rear H.Q. 30 Corps, making
    desk and drawer for C.E's branch, making 1000 timber dogs, 3 large filing trays (3 tier),4 map
    boards, 15 map panels for G(OP) 30 Curps, 100 wooden crosses, cutting upwards of 3000 F.R. of timber,
    making 100 mine probes to specification, fitting tilt frames to Tippers, numerous turning and grinding
    Jobs of a minor miscellaneous nature. Plumbing work included general overhaul of billets of Rear
    H.Q. 30 Corps., 23 M.E. Platoon and H.Q. 30 Corps Troops Engrs and repairs to showers and swimming
    baths at NIJMEGEN. Canvas Work carried out included numerous repairs and modifications to tents
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    and 'bivvys' and making sidescreens for Jeeps. 1 Penthouse at Rear Corps waterproofed.
    In addition to above, numerous works of a miscellaneous character were carried out and the
    Platoons have been exceptionally busy during the whole month. 1 1/2 hours training carried out
    each day since 19 Oct. Programme attached at Appendix 'B'.