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    War Diary: 231st Infantry Brigade Workshop

    Month and year: August 1944

    The August 1944 war diary for the 231st Infantry Brigade Workshop covers the units movements in Normandy, issues with stores

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/716

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    FRANCEAug 41 O.R. killed & 1 O.R. wounded by mine when on Rec job.
    6Warning order to move received.A
    8Warning order to move received.
    9Moved to locn. MR 787558
    16Moved to locn. MR 811512
    18Rec Sec under cmd 231 Inf. Bde.
    Following units under command this unit:- 47 FDS:48 FDS: 50 (N) Div OFP: 310 MBLU:
    265 Fwd Del Sqn: 8Armd Bde Wksp: 8Armd Bde OFP:Elts 8 Armd Bde: 50(N)Div Entertainment Unit.
    191 O.R. granted 10 days' Comp. Leave.
    Concert by Divn Concert Party.
    20Warning order to move received.
    Concert by Divn Concert Party.
    21Show given by ENSA party
    22Moved to locn. MR 930285. Above units leave command.
    23Moved to locn. MR 5849.
    24Moved to locn. MR 824422.
    27Warning order to move received. Rec Sec moved to MR 4474.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    FRANCE28Moved to locn. MR 354658
    30Moved to locn. MR 556795
    316 X 3-ton vehicles stand by for R.A.S.C. duties.
    1. WORKSHOPS.- Production has been hampered this month by the need for
    constant movement.
    2. STORES - This month, Stores Sec have been able to supply a very high pro-
    portion of all demanded stores. In view of the movements
    and distances involved to 3 line, this has been a very
    creditable performance.
    It is worth mentioning that in this unit, the success of
    Stores Sec has always varied in proportion to the good and
    bad relations between unit R.A.O.C. & R.E.M.E. In this
    unit, there has been no real difficulty, but the two Corps
    tend to get at cross purposes, and it would be easier to
    maintain a smooth relationship, if Wksps & Stores were of
    the same Corps.
    3. RECOVERY SECTION - This section has been detached all month, and a
    report on its doings will be included in the next
    War Diary.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    4. GENERAL
    The constant moving this month has meant hard work for everyone. The
    by-passing of enemy pockets has involved strong guards, and patrols to
    search woods etc.
    The very bad weather has made makeshift tentage most unsatisfactory, and
    if bivouacs are not issued shortly, it will be necessary to use billets.
    Many unit vehicles have been ditched in convoy, due to night running on
    narrow and cambered roads. The general driving standard, however, has
    been high.
    Early in the month, sites had to be swept for mines, but more recently,
    no mines have been seen.
    The Div moves have often necessitated the 3 wksps being located in one
    small area, for ease of communication and administration. This necess-
    ity is fully understood, but in practise it has rarely been possible to
    find 3 satisfactory sites in one small area, and this unit has had its
    share of poor sites. The difficulty has been to find an adequate site
    which does not become bog in bad weather.
    W/T has been in use, but has not been satisfactory. Under the conditions
    when it has been required, i.e. when Div H.Q. or Rec Sec have been at some
    distance from this unit, the range has been too great for our 22 set.
    It is felt that if REME W/T is to be of any value, high powered sets
    must be used.
    The French people have become increasingly friendly as we have moved
    Eastward, and the unit has received a great welcome everywhere,
    It has only been possible to carry all equipment and assemblies by the
    use of captured enemy vehs.