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    War Diary: 231st Infantry Brigade Workshop

    Month and year: June 1944

    The June 1944 war diary for the 231st Infantry Brigade Workshop covers the unit arriving in Normandy at Asnelles.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/716

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Arborfield1944 June 1Location - Aldershot Command M.R. 209848
    Training in progress - Drivers signals & Tests, Mine lifting, Small Arms, & R/T Procedure.
    2Training in progress - Mine lifting, Small Arms, Range practice & Duties of Gas sentries.
    6"D" Day. Lecture on America, Unit Cricket Match.
    7Warning Order to move to Marshalling Area received.
    9Move to Marshalling Area postponed.
    Southampton10No: Light Scale move to Marshalling Area Camp C.1.
    15Light Scale moved to Embarkation Area. Embarked at 1400 Hrs.
    16Anchored off French coast.
    France17Disembarked M.R. France 7E/5-875865 at 1500 hrs. Landing was made in 18" of water.
    De waterproofed and proceeded to location M.R. 784779. Workshop set up, Troops settled in,
    fed and ready for work by 2100 hrs.
    23Residue of unit due to arrive. No news of residue received to date.
    2425 pdr. Ram S.P. for repair - ignition wiring harness faulty. Engine removed. This was the
    first heavy tracked vehicle ever repaired by this Workshop.
    25Workshop area completely surrounded by Army Group petrol dump. Most undesirable but necessary
    due to overlapping of Division, Corps, & Army areas.
    26Ram repair completed.
    (1) Workshops.- see Appendix 'A' for detail.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    France1944Most Wksp. sections slack. Instrument section kept busy and general trades busy on
    manufacture of miscellaneous items requiring much searching for material from local sources.
    (2) Stores.- see Appendix 'B' for detail.
    Stores Section have been notified that a large further scaling is being despatched for
    W/T. This is likely to raise a considerable transport problem within the unit. Reference
    the Ram repair mentioned, it was found impossible to obtain the harness required anywhere
    in 2nd. Army, and the old harness was eventually patched up. As this Division landed with 72 Rams,
    it seems wrong that Stores Section should have no Ram scaling, but a considerable scaling of
    Sherman Mk.V.
    (3) Recovery.- see Appendix TC for detail. that attached)
    (4) At first, W/T communication was in use to C.R.E.M.E. but this was later cut out
    W/T worked well considering the inexperience of the Driver Operators, there is no
    doubt that it can be relied on whenever necessary.
    (5) Rations have been adequate, but it is very noticeable that tinned foods issued in
    compo packs are of much poorer quality than those issued in M.E.F. & C.M.F.
    (6) Many unit vehicles and vehicles in for repair have given electrical trouble following
    removal of waterproofing material. This seems unavoidable, even when material is
    removed under supervision and at a very early stage.