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    War Diary: 231st Infantry Brigade Workshop

    Month and year: October 1944

    The 231st Infantry Brigade Workshop October 1944 war diary covers the units time in the Netherlands, vehicles being damaged by shell fire and muddy conditions.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/716

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    HOLLAND1Location - Venhorst MR 575364.
    2Unit moved to Daftshof (Malden) MR 696576.
    9Owing to enemy shell fire, 4 vehicles were damaged, one being written off.
    10Unit moved to Beuningen MR 648648.
    27O.C., 2 Officers and 19 O.R's. attended lecture by Corps Commander at Nijmegen.
    281 Officer and 3 O.R's. attended lecture on the "Demobilization Scheme" by
    W.O. lecturer.
    315 O.R's. sent on 48 hrs. leave to Antwerp.
    NOTES 1. WORKSHOPS - Work has been hampered by very muddy conditions in the unit
    area. This has been partly overcome by moving M.T. sections on to the
    sides of a by-road and by making hard standings. It is noticeable, how -
    ever, that repair time has increased.
    At one period, six heavy tracked vehicles were under repair at once.
    This is not very satisfactory in an infantry brigade shops, as there are
    insufficient tackle and trained personnel to deal with six heavy tracked
    vehicles quickly. A Coles Crane was borrowed to lift the engines of these
    vehicles, and this greatly eased the problem. It is felt that one of
    these cranes on W.E., would be a great asset.
    The guns of one field regiment have been in workshops for examination
    and overhaul. It is noticeable that these guns, new in the Spring, now
    require much more work than in the previous overhaul programme three months
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    There have been many vehicle smashes requiring chassis repairs,
    particularly jeeps. Most of these are due to muddy and narrowr road conditions,
    but some jeep smashes are head-on and appear to be due to carelessness.
    2. GENERAL
    The site at Malden was surrounded by medium guns - daily C.B. shelling
    fell in the area. Finally, a battery of 155 mm guns moved into the workshop
    site, and all ranks were therefore made to sleep below ground. As a
    result, the C.B. fire attracted this battery caused damage to vehicles
    only, no personnel being hit.
    Due to the muddy conditions, an attempt was made to find a workshop
    site in Nijmegen, but it was finally decided that mud was preferable to the
    shelling and bombing centred on that city. It is worth noting that poss-
    ession of the site at Beuningen was disputed by one Corps H.Q., one Div. H.Q.
    and one Recce. Regt. of another Div. As a result, the first ten days in
    this site was a constant battle for billets.
    Entertainment allotments have been good lately, and it is now possible
    for all interested to see one or two shows each week.