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    War Diary: 231st Infantry Brigade Workshop

    Month and year: September 1944

    The 231st Infantry Brigade Workshop September 1944 war diary covers the units move from France, through Belgium and into Holland.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/716

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    FRANCESep 1Location 556795 St. Remy. 6x3-tonners supplied to RASC to assist in bringing
    up POL & Sup. in view of the very long L.of C.
    2Location 195785 Lieven. Unit sited in local FFI HQ. A night of alarms and
    indiscriminate firing into the darkness by FFI.
    4D.R. involved in accident and adm. hosp. Vehs. loaned to RASC rejoined unit.
    Moved to locn. 767204 Peronne nr. Amiens.
    BELGIUM6Location J385516Denderwindeke.
    10Location 945765 Houtvenne.
    12Location 145697 Schaffen.
    17Location K248830 Bourg Leopold.
    1910x3-tonners supplied to RASC to carry forward POL etc. for assault into
    24Location K284816 Bourg Leopold. Div. Rear parties & 151 Bde. Wksp. come
    under command.
    27Vehicles loaned to RASC rejoined unit.
    HOLLAND28Location 598341 Handel. Div. Rear parties & 151 Bde. Wksp. removed from
    NOTES 1 . WORKSHOPS - Production has been cut down by the large number of moves
    during the month.
    From experience it appears that this wksps. will be asked to change engines
    and undertake heavy rep on RAM SP mountings, and Sherman OPs. It seems that
    G.1098 should be amended to include the special lifting and other tackle
    required. It is just possible to lift Chrysler Radial engines with a
    Scammell, but this wksp. has no means of lifting the M.I.O. G.M.C. Diesel
    engine. .....Contd. Sheet 2.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    NOTES WORKSHOPS - Contd. It is thought that this question of lifting engines should
    be given consideration, as now, one of the unit's two Scammells is permanently
    tied up in Wksps. for this purpose. For 'B' Veh. engines, a light
    breakdown vehicle with a 30-cwt. jib would be most useful. The 15-cwt. gantry
    is a poor substitute and time waster, as it cannot move engines from one place
    to another, and the vehicle must be moved back and forwards under the gantry.
    The system, during the recent pursuit, of keeping 3rd line wksps. up
    with fwd tps, is unsatisfactory. Frequently several Bde & 3 line shops have
    been in the same area. On the other hand, this unit has had to send back
    60 miles to Rec a tank, simply because all wksp. facilities had been brought
    right fwd. This unit has also salvaged from L of C areas, vehicles and guns
    with valuable assemblies intact, simply because there was no other drill for
    clearing the battlefield behind the forward areas. While this is a useful
    source of supply for any unit which is prepared to scour the back areas, it
    hardly seems an economical system.
    It would appear that W.E. includes more armourers than can be employed.
    It has been found that with Bn. armourers, plus a W.O. supervising from Bde.
    H.Q., there is no need to go on circuit and that 1 S/Sgt. and 1 or more cfn.
    are not fully employed.
    The washer from the Trailer Servicing Light, has been successfully
    fitted with a B.S.A. m/c engine. This greatly increases its scope, as it
    can be moved away from the generator.
    2. RECOVERY- This section has not been exceptionally busy recently, but has had
    constant moves, some shell fire, and several periods of stand-to, while att-
    ached to Bde. H.Q.
    The transporter, which remains with wksps., has done several very
    long runs, backloading tanks, and has fully justified its inclusion on W.E.
    The tractor, has been fitted with a jib, and it is thought that every Bde.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    NOTES RECOVERY - Contd. - wksps. tractor should be so fitted. With this jib, the
    tractor, when available, is always employed on engine lifting or wksp. rec.
    One job on the move through the Nijmegen corridor, was the recovery of
    a 4 wheel trailer, under shell fire. The trailer was found to hold all the
    instruments of the Royal Netherlands Band.
    Rec Sec's Wireless comm. has been little used, as Wksps. & CREME are
    almost invariably beyond 22 set range.
    3. STORES. - This sec has been able to provide about 92 per cent of the items
    demanded, which is very good service. There has been great difficulty in
    obtaining major assemblies, presumably due to lack of L of C tpt.
    4 GENERAL - The Belgians and Dutch have been much more friendly than the
    French, and much less given to panic rumours about pockets of German stragglers.
    As many men as possible have been put in buildings, as tarpaulins
    are hardly suitable under the current weather conditions. When it has
    been tactically impossible to site wksps. near buildings, some hardship has
    been experienced. No tentage has yet been issued.