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    War Diary: 2nd Battalion The Cheshire Regiment

    Month and year: June 1944

    The 2nd Battalion Cheshire Regiments June 1944 war diary covers their embarkation onto LST 2926 and a detailed account of their actions in Normandy.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/1276

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    On board LST 2926.1st.(cont)Food for the men is quite good although it is rather a drastic change for
    us all being used to army rations. American food seems to be much richer
    then ours. The C.O and I.O. are allotted cabins, the C.O. with the ship's
    skipper and the I.O. with several American Naval Officers.
    We look like being aboard ship for 3 or 4 days before we move off.
    2nd,Nothing of particular interest to report today. The ship has anchored
    in the Solent. The sea is rather rough and the vehs both on the top deck and
    on the tank deck have had to be chained down. As far as the eye can see
    stretches every conceivable kind of Landing Craft and Ship with many
    destroyers and Cruisers interspersed between them.
    3rd,Usual ships routine. Still anchored in the Solent sea is still very rough.
    Men spend most the day either watching the other ships formin up or
    sleeping on the deck.
    4th.Anchored in the Solent. There doesn't seem to be any sign of our moving
    off yet. The sea must be very rough in the Channel. The ships are daily
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    On board LST 3926.4th(cont).increasing in numbers, they stretch as far as the eye can see. Surely
    the greatest armada of all time. Sea is still quite rough in the Solent.
    5thUsual ships routine.
    1600Ship up anchors and moves off down the Solent and anchors just off the Needles
    for the night. Rest of convoy forming up on the right and left of us.
    We seem to have anchored right on the outside of the convoy with our side
    towards France. I think the balloon will go up tomorrow morning.
    6th0300Some gunfire in the early morning on the coast of France.
    Sea is still very rough many of the vehicles are swaying dangerously.
    A Sherman Tank the on Tank Deok breaks loose and damages several vehicles
    parked on either side of it.
    First tide assault Bns landed on the coast of France at 0720 hrs this morning.
    Our convoy is now sailing towards the coast of France. Everyone is looking
    forward to getting off the ship and getting on with the job.
    It is with mixed feelings that one takes the news that France has at last
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    On board LST 2926.6th.(cont)been invaded.
    1115No enemy activity at all. There are manyships in our convoy which is
    escorted by dozens of destroyers and light naval craft. Several of the
    Rhino ferries which are being towed by L.ST's have broken adrift in the rough
    sea and the Mother ship is having great difficulty in getting them under control
    again. Sea is very rough indeed several of the vehicles on the deck are
    slipping and sliding in spite of the lashing and chaining to the deck. Extra
    lashings are necessary. Heard news on the radio that the allies have captured
    La Riviere.
    1500L.S.T. dropped anchor off the French Coast. Lots of assorted shipping as
    far as the eye can see.
    2 British Naval vessels close in to shore are firing salvos at various points
    on the coast.
    1600Sea is not so rough now. Brilliant sunshine. Troops aboard LST are impatient
    to disembark. More and more shipping coming in. No sign of enemy air
    activity. Sky is full of our own aircraft patrolling backwards and forwards without ceasing.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    On board LST 2926.6th(cont)
    1800LST up anchors and moves nearer shore.
    2315Landing of 2nd Tide personnel is postponed until tomorrow owing to the
    very bad weather.
    2330Air Raid, Ship A.A. Barrage opens up on several enemy aircraft overhead.
    Several sticks of bombs are dropped quite close to the LST but fortinately
    apart from one man injured by a splinter the ship suffers no damage.
    None of the shipping seems to have been touched. The sky was lit up by
    all kinds of flak, tracer and incendary. Some of the bombs landed on the
    beach. LST puts down a smoke screen which fills the interior of the ship
    and does not help matters very much.
    7th0030Personnel from a Rhino Ferry and LCT board LST 2926 as they have not been
    allowed to land on the beach. Decks very crowded now with all kinds of odd units.
    0100Another short air-raid by enemy bombers. Still no damage to shipping.
    0545Another air-raid by enemy bombers. Ships off the beach put up a terrific
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    On board LST 29267th(cont)A.A. barrage.
    A LCT coming alongside to take off various personnel fowled the anchor
    and steering engine of our LST. Took 90 minutes to free it during which time
    it was severely damaged and caused damage to the steering mechanism of the
    LST. Sea still very rough during the night and early morning.
    1400Pulled in close to the beach and waited for the tide to go out.
    As the tide receded it revealed numbers of vehicles which had been overturned
    damaged or drowned, tanks, lorries duckws and many other vehicles. The beach
    itself was a shambles, LCT's LCI's had run up onto the beach obstacles
    and were either overturned on their sides or balanced precariously on top
    of the obstacles when the tide went out. Their was evidence of bitter
    fighting having taken place on the beaches, bodies were still lying strewn
    on the beach. The Beach Group was working overtime to clear the beaches with
    bulldozers, cranes etc, and to rescue those vehicles which weren't too badly
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    on board LST 2926.7th1630LST started to unload.
    1730Tac HQ unloaded and joined the long queue of vehicles waiting to get off the beaches.
    1830Still on beach waiting to pass through Vehicles Exit. Vehicles were stretched
    as far as the eye could see radiating from the one muddy exit like the
    spokes on a giant cartwheel. If the enmy came over now and strafed the
    beaches it would be utter chaos.
    Sommervieu M/R 82580737/18 S.W.1845Tac HQ left the beach and proceeded to Somervieu where 50(N) Division
    HQ. was situated.
    1900C.O. and I.O. visit 69, 831 and 151 Bdes and "C" Coy H.Q.
    2300C.O. and I.O. return to Tac H.Q.
    The Fremch people seem very glad to see us although those in the coastal
    town must have suffered terribly from the air and Naval bombardment.
    Everyone seems very happy and the ruins of the houses in the villages
    through which we passed are decked gaily with flags and bunting.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Sommervieu,8th0700C.O. and I.O. proceed to Martagny and Rucqueville to contact "A" Coy
    who are due to move off wäth 8 Armd Bde column.
    0815"A" Coy contacted and Capt Kelly 2 i/c seen regarding his proposed
    move forward.
    0930C.O. and I.O. return to Tac H.Q.
    1100C.O. and I.O. to "C" Coy H.Q to contact 13 Hvy. Moratr Pln who have already
    left to assist 231 Bde on Commes and Bouffay. Lt. French is instructed
    to take over command of 14 Hvy Mortar Pln, owing to the loss of the two
    Mortar Officers from that Pln.
    1200C.O. has a talk with the Divisonal Commander Maj.Gen D.A.H. Graham and
    56 Bde Comdr.
    1300C.O. and I.O. return to Tac. H.Q.
    1400C.O. and I.O. leave for "B" Coy who are on the St.Leger feature. also to
    contact 69 Bde H.R.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Sommervieu8th(cont)Major Mellor O.C. "B" Coy seen also Brigade Major 69 Inf Bde.
    1445"B" Coy are having a great deal of trouble with snipers who infiltrate
    behind the Coy and Pln Posns.
    1530C.O. and +I.O. leave 69 Bde H.Q and proceed to 151 Bde H.Q. who are
    established South of the Bayeux - Caen rly M/R 816763.
    1630C.O. and I.O. return to Tac HQ.
    Lt. Alexander and 22 O.R's from the Reinforcement Camp arrive at Tac HQ
    and are bedded down for the night pending despatch to Coys tomorrow
    morning to replace casualties suffered so far.
    Gunfire all day long. S.P. Guns nearby Tac HQ firing onto objectives
    West of Sully. 231 Bde are mopping up enemy resistance in Bouffay 7787
    and Commes 7686. 8 Armd Bde meeting resistance at Putot-en-Bessin.
    56 Bde patrolling in the area Drodigny - not in contact with the enemy.
    Operation seems to be going according to plan although 24 hrs. delayed.
    Bn has so far had very few casualties.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Sommervieu8th(cont)Company locations as under:-
    "A" Coy. Moving forward with 8th Armd Bde Mobile Column.
    "B" Coy. St. Leger. M/R 863756.
    "C" Coy. Bayeux. M/R 798807.
    Tac HQ. Summervieu. M/R 825807.
    Enemy air activity all night. Many air-raids over the beaches.
    9th1000Visit paid to "A" Coys Pln Posns by the C.O. Major Abel and I.O.
    Plns located at: 11 Pln - M/R 776828.
    10 Pln - M/R 776776.
    9 Pln - N/R 754855.
    A shell from a Naval craft firing off shore landed in 11 Pln area injuring
    1 man who was evacuated
    1430Reinforcements who arrived last night sent to coys.
    1430Visit paid to "B" Coys PIn Posns all located in the area of the St.Leger
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Somervieu9th (cont)1800Return to Tac H.Q. С.O. to see G.I re disposal of Plns along the Divisional
    front. C.O. decides to moye 9 Pln "C" Coy and 13 Hvy Mortar Pln to 151 Bde area
    1920Message sent to Major Abel O.C. "C" Coy telling him to report to Tac HQ
    with Lt. Owen Pln Comdr of 13 Hvy Mortar Pln and also conveying a warning
    order for the 2 Plns to move to 151 Bde H.Q. M/R 816764.
    2030Major Abel and It. Owen arrive at Tac H.Q.. .
    2040Major Abel and C.O. leave for 151 Bd H.Q.
    2300C.O. returns to Tac HQ having placed 9 Pln "C" Coy and 13 Hvy Mortar Pln in
    6 DLI F.D.L's to bolster up defence as enemy is launching strong counter attacks.
    Air raids all night - not much peace.
    Coy locns unchanged.
    10th09309 Pln Coy visited by the C.O. Major Abel. O.C. "C" Coy and the I.O.
    this Pln was put in on 6. DLI front last night. Capt Lees 2/i/c "C" Coy
    was ordered to place 11 Pln u/c "B" Coy - St. Leger feature. Making a total
    of 5.M.M.G. Plns on the one commanding feature in the surrounding countryside.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Sommervieu10th(cont)"B"Coy visited on the way to 151 Bde H.Q. and instructed to arrange and
    recce posn for 11 Pln "C" Coy to occupy. Object to thicken up defence on
    the St.Leger feature.
    1100Arrive at 151 Bde H.Q. and leave for 6 D.L.I arrive at 6 D.L.I H.Q and
    proceed to Pln areas.
    1130Pln areas visited.
    1230C.O. AND I.O. proceed to "B" Coy to contact Major Mellor. Lt. Kershaw
    Pln Comdr 11 Pln "C" Coy R.V.'s at "B" Coy H.Q. Major Mellor instructed
    that 11 Pln is now u/c "B" Coy.
    1415Return to Tac HQ.
    15303 Reinforcements arrive.
    "A" Coys casualties whilst with 8th Armd Bde mobile colmmn:
    3 killed and 5. wounded and evacuated.
    Plns now w/c as follows;-
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Sommervieu.10th(cont)Plns now u/c as follows:
    Bde | Coy. | MMG Plns | Mor Plns | Remarks.
    69 | "B" | 6,7,8 and 11 | 15 | 11 Pln now u/c "B" Coy.
    151 | "A" | 4 and 9 | 12 & 13 | 9 Pln and 13 Hvy Mor Pln in support.
    231 | "C" | 10 | 14 |
    8 Armd | "A" | 3 and 5 | | Mobile Column.
    Sharp air raids over Tac H.Q area, possibly aimed at nearby S.P. guns
    which are firing most of the day. 2 Messerschmitts swopped low over the
    C.O. and I.O. whilst on a trip between Coys, but luckily they did not open fire.
    Total casualties in the Bn to date: 4 killed and 24 wounded and evacuated.
    11th0900Visit paid to "A" Coy who are with 8 Armd Bde on Point 103, some little
    difficulty in finding them as they had bypassed two villages. C.O. and I.O.
    paid a visit to these two villages, quite unintentionally and learnt
    afterwards, on arrival at "A" Coy that both of them were occupied by the enemy.
    Sommervieu11th(cont)"A" Coy located and details of casualties obtained. Skirmish with a
    Jerry patrol, apparently party of Jerries came towards Pln Posn with hands
    in the air, on 3 men going forward to bring them in fire was opened from
    a second party on the flank, the 3 men were killed outright. Fire was
    immediately opened on the patrol by the MMG Pln and after a brisk fight
    2 Offrs and 14 OR's were captured.
    1330Return to Tac HQ. C.O. to see G.I. who asks for 11 Pln Coy to be moved
    from St. Leger feature where they were u/c "B" Coy to Butte du Gros Orme
    M/R 823719.
    1410C.O. AND I.O. leave to contact 11 Pln.
    152011 Pln contacted and ordered to move. Lt. Kershaw Pln Comdr is taken fwd
    in the C.O's jeep to Butte du Gros Orme and Pln placed in posn.
    1730Return to Tac HQ.
    2000Major Abel O.C "C" Coy reports to Tac Hq with "C" Coy locns. Coy. HQ is now.
    with 231 Bde H.Q.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Somnervieu.11th(cont)Lt. Phillips. "B" Coy wounded and remained at duty.
    A Coy who, are with 8th Armd Bde on Point 103 were shelled this afternoon
    1 man killed and 2 wounded and evacuated. Pt. 103 is a very lively spot.
    The enemy counter-attacking fairly frequently.
    Coy locations unchanged.
    12th0900"B" Coy are to take over "A" Coys posns on Point 103. C.O and I.O. visit
    "B" Coy - "A" Coy and 69 Bde H.Q. "A" Coy reverts to comd of 151 Bde.
    1300Return to Tac HQ.
    1330Leave for 49 Div HQ to contact M.G. Coy Comdr re relief of our MG Pls in 69 Bde
    area. 69 Bde is being relieved by a Bde of 49 Division.
    1700C.O. and I.O. leave to contact Coys and Bdes it now having been deceided
    that Coys will revert to Bn Comd . Coys linked up on wireless to Bn HQ.
    It is decided to leave 4 M.G Pln and 13 Hvy Mortar Pln on high ground at
    Pt.103. Visits paid to 231 Bde, 69 Bde, 8 Armd Bde, 56 Bde and 151 Bde.
    2300Return to Tac HQ. All Coys now u/c Bn and in wireless communication,
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Sommervieu.12th(cont)C.O. to see G.I at Divisional HQo The plan has now been completely changed
    and now is that 151 Inf Bde with "A" Coy MMg and 1 Heavy Mortar Pln will
    advance and secure the high ground and village of HOTTOT 8266.
    Air raids over the beach during the night making things extremely noisy and
    13th0930Major Abel O.C. "C" Coy visits Tac HQ to give dispositions of his Plns.
    1030Visit to Div HQ re proposed move.
    1430Tac HQ move to new location adjacent to Divisional HQ. M/R 809753 Blary.
    Blary.1830Visit from Major Abel who now has the whole of his Coy back u/c of 231 Bde.
    1930Visit from Májor Martin O.C. "A" Coy who gives disposn of his Plns,
    Plan has changed again the attack does not seem to have materialised and the
    enemy is still firmly esconced round the Tilly-Sur-Seulles. area. Great
    deal of trouble is being experienced by the enmy's clever use of snipers
    and his 81 mm Mortar. Certain amount of spasmodic shelling is taking place.
    49 Div is taking over the area East of the River Seulles from 50 Div.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Blary.13th(cont)69 Inf Bde (50 Div) is being relieved by 131 Bde (49 Div.) all supporting
    arms come under comd of 131 Bde for the time being.
    2245C.O. to Div HQ to attend a Conference.
    14th0015C.O, returns. Attack going in today supported by Air and Naval bombardmnt
    Attack to be carried out in 2 Phases with right 231 Inf Bde and left 151 Inf Bde
    onto the road La Senaudiere and thence to Hottot.
    0745C.O. and I.O. to "A" Coy and 151 Bde re attack which is commencing at 1000 hrs
    this morning. "A" Coy will be carrying out a Coy shoot.
    0915C.O. and I.O. to "A" Coy and 231 Bde re support of attack by "C" Coy.
    0950Return to Tac HQ.
    1000Attack starts. Many aircraft over strafing and bombing enemy in woods and
    1040Arty barrage opens up. Guns seem to be firing from every direction on to the
    one area. A tremendous barrage.
    1400Visit paid to "A" and "C" coys and 231 and 151 Bdes.
    Attack seems to be going fairly well.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Blary.14th(cont)Attack seems to have halted along main road La Belle Epine - La Senauderie, Lingevres
    and thence to Buceels. "B" Coy is being relieved by a Coy of the Kensingtons
    Support Bn of 49 Inf Div.
    Coy locns: "A" Coy M/R 823726 Ref 1;50,000 Sheet 7F/1 CAEN.
    "B" Coy M/R 834754 " " " " "
    "C" Coy M/R 774720 " " " " "
    Tac HQ Unchanged M/R 809753. " " " "
    XXX 13 Heavy Mortar Pln is having some trouble with Mortar Trailers -
    the Towing Hooks are breaking off.
    69 Bde were relieved by a Bde of 49 Div.
    15th0900Visit paid to "A" Coy and 15 Hvy Mortar Pln which is now being placed u/c
    "A" Coy and in support of 151 Bde, making a total of 3 MMG Pls and 2 Hvy Mortar
    1030Major Martin contacted and told that 15 Pln is coming under his command.
    110056 Bde HQ contacted and advised that 15 Pln reverts to 151 Bde.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Blary.15th(cont)15 Pln contacted and moved to St.Bazire to take up a posn with "A" Coy
    so that fire can be brought to bear on Tilly-Sur-Seulles,
    1530C.O. and I.O. return to Tac HQ.
    2130C.O attends a conference at 69 Inf Bde HQ for proposed attack tomorrow.
    69 Bde will attack and capture high ground 7963 and HOTTOT.
    with in support - Hvy Mortar Pln and "C" Coy. Air support will be given.
    Attack commences at 0900 hrs tomorrow.
    Entermittent Artillery fire from our guns all day. Enemy air activity during
    day Nil. No sign of Main HQ 2 Cheshire yet, they should have landed on D+6
    it is now D+9. Divisional HQ are moving tomorrow to area Juaye Mondaye.
    "B" Coy is in res with 69 Bde in area Nonant. 1 O.R arrived as reinforcement.
    Enemy appears to be thickening up in front of our F.D.Ls,
    Total casualties to date 5 killed and 28 wounded and evacuated,
    Air raids all night. Not much peace.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Blary.16th0530C.O and I.O. attend "C" Coy co-ordination conference for support of attack this
    morning. 2 MMG Plns 2 Hvy Mortar Plns plus 3" Mortar Plns of the SWB's are
    in support.
    0630Return to Tac HQ.
    0800Leave for "C" Coy HQ. Have great difficulty in getting there owing to congestion
    on roads. 2-3 cols of traffic stretching for at least a mile on a narrow road
    nose to tail all going one way. I.O. sets off to walk.
    0900Reach Coy HQ and witness Coy shoot onto woods South of La Belle Epine
    1000Return to Tac HQ.
    Attack was a success. 69 Bde reaching their objectives. Some trouble
    being experienced by the enemy's clever use of his 88 mm.
    120088 lands in 9 Pln "C" Coy area and kills 1 injures 7, knocking out neary
    a whole section.
    2000I.O. off to the beaches to see whether D + 6 personnel are arriving. Learns
    that they may be landing tomorrow June 17th.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Blary.16th(cont)Posn re stores is rather difficult. No Q.M's staff having landed yet.
    I.O. is doing his best to cope with the sitn but operational requirements
    of course come first and therefore he has very little time to complete
    returns etc.
    Casualties now 6 killed 35 wounded. Air raid again tonight - very heavy
    flak put up by our tps. Pieces of shrapnel are flying all over the place
    I think the bombs are a much pleasanter prospect.
    Coy H.Q's no change.
    17th0800C.O. to Divisional H.Q.
    1100C.O. returns and leaves for 69 Bde HQ and 151 Bde HQ to co-ordinate MMG plan
    for attack by 69 Bde and 151 Bde onto Tilly-Sur-Seulles.
    69 Bde with "B" Coy and 2 Hvy Mortar Plns right and 151 Bde with "A" Coy and
    the ramaining 2 Hvy Mortar Plns.
    1230Return to Tac HQ and then proceeds to 69 Bde HQ at 1430 hrs.
    1600Coy shoot onto targets in the Tilly-Sur-Seulles area. 2 Mortar Plns also in action.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Blary.17th(cont)Enemy does a little shelling with 88's by way of return.
    Tilly-sur Seulles is still not in our hands, Air support did not seem to
    be on the scale expected. Limited to a few Typhoons strafing.
    1800C.O. returns.
    Enemy is using more Artillery today he seems to be bringing quite a few guns
    up now.
    Coys are now getting into a bad state for of stores and equipment.
    The QM staff, Signal staff and Orderly Room staff have not yet arrived.
    I.O. is now having to wrestle with all kinds of returns on top of his own
    work. 69 Bde did not get very far with their attack.
    Coy locns still unchanged. Tac HQ unchanged.
    18th0900Visit paid to 69 Bde and 151 Bde by the Commanding Officer.
    1300Returns to Tac HQ.
    1430"A" Coy engaged in action this afternoon when pln began to run short of ammunition
    Five men dashed back for it and an 88 mm shell landed in their midst killing
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Blary.18th (cont)3 and injuring 2.
    1600D + 6 M.T and personnel has arrived, exactly a week late.
    Major Langrishe O.C. "D" Coy arraives,
    Total casualties todate 10 killed 45 wounded.
    Tilly-sur-Seulles and Hottot captured by us. 151 Bde in Tilly-sur-Seulles
    231 Bde in Hottot. Spasmodic enemy shelling this evening, No enemy airraids tonight.
    19th0900Commanding Officer to Divisinal HQ.
    1000C.O. returns.
    1045C.O and I.O. leave for 231 Bde Hq to attend a co-ordinating conference for
    attack this afternoon.
    1130Proceed to "A" Coy and 151 Bde to co-ordinate Mortar fire. No.12 Pln is drawn
    into reserve. Leaving "B" Coy with 13 Hvy Mortar Pln "C" Coy with 14 Hvy Mortar
    Pln and "A" Coy with 15 Hvy Mortar Pln,
    1300Return to Tac HQ.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Blary.19th(cont)I.O visits Coys and takes D+ 6 carruers to coys.
    1600C.O. to 69 Bde HQ and "B" Coy returns to Tac HQ and proceeds to Div Hq to
    see G.I re Mortar and MMG Posns.
    Tilly-Sur Seulles and Hottot captured this afternoon. German PW captured in
    Tilly stated that 4.2" Mortar fire was "absolute Hell".
    D + 6 and D + II M.T. is landing in dribs and drabs all day. Raining all day
    everyone wet through to the skin.
    C Coy lost 2 carriers this evening. The 2 carriers which were being escorted
    to H.Q of the 1 Hamps by a D.R missed the turning and swanned on about
    100yds. They bumped right into a Tiger Tanks Sgt Kelly who was in the first
    carrier was challenged by a German, he replied in an unintelligible manner
    his only reply from the Tank was a shell which passed over the first carrier
    and hit the second. 4 men were killed and 4 wounded. It was impossible
    to recover the carriers which were subsequently brewed up by the enemy.
    Total casualties now 14 killed and 49 wounded.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Blary.29th0900C.O. to see G.I at Div HQ. Returns and leaves for "C" Coy and 231 Bde,
    1200Returns to Main HQ.
    1400Adjt and I.O. visit coys re reinforcements, Vehicle casualites etc.
    1630Return to Main HQ.
    1800Adjt and I.O. to 205 Reinforcement Camp for reinforcemtnts, only to find that
    out of approx 120 men only 22 are any good to the Bn, the remainder being A/A
    Support Coy and Pioneers etc. No specialists seem to be available.
    M.G Nos are also in great demand but cannot be found in sufficient quantity.
    Div HQ was strafed by 5 M.E 109's this afternoon. Fortunately no damage was
    done. Bn HQ quickly made themselves scarce.
    Coys are still in the same locns,
    21st0900C.O. to 69 Bde HQ.
    1000Reinforcements arrive: 3 new Mortar Officers - 2 ex 2nd Bn Cheshires and 1 ex R.N.F.
    names: 2/Lt Norton, 2nd It Barnett and Lt Linthwaite.
    Reinfocements are distributed to coys, but many more are required, there seems to
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Blary21st(cont)be a distinct lack of the necessary men at the Reinforcement Camp.
    1400Bn HQ moves to new location near Div HQ on Butte Du Gros OrmePt 112
    M/R795713. High ground from which a good view of the surrounding country
    is obtained.
    1600I.O and Adjt visit coys.
    1930Div HQ area strafed again. Jerry certainly seems to have our area taped.
    O.C. Kensingtons Support Bn of 49 Div to see C.O. re support of attack
    on the Hottot objective.
    Coys now u/c as follows:

    69 Inf Bde One Hvy Mortar Pln.
    "B" Coy.
    231 Inf Bde. One Hvy Mortar Pln.
    "C" Coy.
    151 Inf Bde, One Hvy Mortar Pln.
    "A" Coy.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Butte du Gros Orme.21 st(cont)One Hvy Mortar Pln in Div Reserve.
    Coy Locns: "A" Coy. Buceels with 151 Inf Bde.
    "B" Coy. La Belle Epine with 69 Inf Bde.
    "C" Coy. Bernieres Bocage with 231 Inf Bde.
    "D" Coy. 794706 Bernieres Bocage.
    50 O.R's arrived as reinforcements. No air activity during the night.
    22nd0900Conference of Coy Comdrs reproposed combined shoot with the Kensingtons from
    49 Inf Div who are on our left.
    1000Conference ends L.O. leaves with Major Martin O.C "A" Coy.
    1015C.O. leaves to contact C.R.A. "B" Coy and 69 Inf Bde.
    1330C.O. returns to Main HQ.
    1430Visit paid to "C" Coys Pln areas by the C.O. and Major Abel.
    1630C.O. returns.
    Very little activity along the Div front today. Some shelling and mortaring.
    Coy locns unchanged.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Butte du Gros Orme.23rd0900Visit paid to Div HQ by the C.O. to see the General re proposed support of
    attack being made by 49 Div, then on to 151 Bde HQ.
    1030L.O. and S.O. leave for beaches to ascertain whether U.C.V. Officers Mess
    Truck and the water cart have been offloaded yet. No sign on any beach.
    1400C.O. to 49 Div HQ located at CanCagny re proposed shoot on Sunday 25th June.
    Object to support onto Evrecy, Vendes and Noyers. + 49 Div.
    1500"B" Coy lose 1 killed and 7 wounded by a Mortar Bomb exploding in their area.
    HQ Coy are busy digging slit trenches in case the enemy decides to bring up his
    heavy artillery and do some counter battery work. A Nazi plane flew very low
    over Div HQ this afternoon, it had a very warm reception. Coys in same location.
    Front very quiet today. Americans are 1 mile from Cherbourg.
    24th0900Coy Comdrs conference re reinforcements, replacements of vehs and proposed shoot
    shoot in sp of 49 Div during their attack tomorrow morning.
    1230Conference ends,
    22 O.R's arrived as reinforcements. Coy locns no change.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Butte du Gros Orme25th0330C.O. and L.O. off to watch 49 Div attack on Fontenay Le Pesnil and Tessel
    Bretteville wood, The attack is being supported by our MMG and Mortar Fire.
    0800C.O. and L.O. attack is going according to plan.
    Artillery activity all day long. Enemy mortaring and shelling along the whole
    of the Div front. Enemy air activity slight today.
    Weather dull with occasional showers. Coy locns no change.
    26th0900C.O. to Div HQ then on to "A" Coy, "B" Coy and 69 Bde HQ.
    1300Returns to Main HQ.
    1400Leaves for "A" Coy and visits all Pln Posns with Major Martin O.C. "A" Coy.
    231 Bde posns and "C" Coy Plns heavily shelled and mortared Many airbursts
    over posns, luckily no casualties, due to the fact that most of the dugouts have
    a fairly thick earthen roof. Some of the men have utilised the armour sheeting
    off K.O'd Panthers to make additional protection. Enemy is making a great deal
    of use of mines and booby traps on the Dix front. Visit from Col. Harrington
    O.C. 1st Bn Manchester Regt who have landed today. 53rd Div Support Bn.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Butte du Gros Orme.26th(cont)It. *Kershaw 11 Pln Comdr and Capt Lees 2/i/c "C" Coy were heavily mortared
    whilst carrying out a recce.
    Coy locns unchanged. Raining most of day, miserable weather.
    27th1000C.O. to visit "B" Coys Pln posns who are with fwd Bns of 69 Inf Bde.
    1300Returns to Main HQ.
    1645Attack by 6 G.H's 69 Inf Bde goes in supported by Artillery, MMg and
    Mortar Fire.
    9 Pln "C" Coy is now drawn back in reserve.
    Great deal of air activity today. 1 M.E 109 shot down this morning 1 damaged.
    One of our D.R planes was shot down this afternoon.
    15 (S) Div are making rapid progress having crossed the rd CAEN+VILLERS BOCAGE+
    by 1330 hrs today. Coy locns unchanged.
    28thMajority of the Plns have been constantly in the line since "D" Day without
    a rest. Enemy air activity most of the day, mortaring and shelling along the
    whole of the Div front. Enemy still holding out in Chateau de Cordillon on 6 G.H's front.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Butte du Gros Orme28th(cont)Weather wet-showers all day. 9 Pln fired during the evening onto a suspected
    relief of Coys by the enemy on our front. Mortars and Artillery joined in,
    in fact a welcome was given to a Coy which according to PW had never been in
    action before. Enemy mortaring and shelling along the whole Div front.
    Enemy seems to lack the support of heavy artillery with his infantry.
    29th1030C.O. visits Div HQ. and returns to Main HQ.
    1400Major Langrishe O.C. "D" Coy arrives to conduct C.O. around Mortar Coy posns.
    Raining all day on and off. Air activity over Villers Bocage and Bretteville
    area. Typhoons and Mustangs strafing. 3 109's over fwd tps this afternoon doing
    some strafing, but were soon driven off by our Ack Ack and the threat of some
    Spitfires which quickly appeared on the scene.
    30th0930C.O. to "A" Coy and goes round the Pln posns with Major Martin O.C. "A" Coy.
    1230Returns to Main HQ.
    2000Air attack on Villers Bocage area by some 250 heavies. The sky was black with
    them. They met very little oppsn the Ack Ack stopped completely after they droppod their bombs.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Butte du Gros Orme30th(cont)Coy locns unchanged. Enemy doing rather a lot more shelling and mortaring
    on the Div front. Activity by our tps reduced to active patrolling only.
    1 O.R. arrived as reinforcement.

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