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    War Diary: 2nd Battalion Household Cavalry Regiment

    Month and year: June 1944

    The June 1944 2nd Battalion Household Cavalry Regiment covers their time in the UK and their orders building up to their deployment to Normandy in July.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/837

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    BRIGHTON.Jun 442 HCR was waterproofing vehs. As much as possible weapon trg and fire trg on
    the S. DOWNS Trg Area was carried out..
    6JunD day.
    20Jun2 HCR moved to a tented camp at PADDOCKHURST in the 8 Corps Tps Residues Conc Area.
    2 HCR was now Priority Residues with the exception of the Corps Comd Protection
    Tp (Lieut Creswell) which proceeded abroad with 8 Corps Tac HQ.
    Move Order Appx A
    26Jun2 HCR was inspected by F.M. Lord Birdwood, G.C.S.I. Afterwards a Sports Day was
    held. Lt Col Abel Smith was sick at home and the parade was comd by 2 IC, Major
    Sir Peter Grant Lawson. As usual on such occasions the weather was vile.
    Appx B
    2 HCR Adm Order Nos. 5,6,7.
    2 HCR was having a long period of waiting but already in the enclosed type of
    fighting taking place inthe NORMANDY Bridgehead there was no role for an Armd
    Car Regt at this stage.
    Appx C, D,E