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    War Diary: 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles

    Month and year: January 1944

    The 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles January 1944 War diary covers the units time at Hawick, exercise Grab at MUIR of ORD and street fighting training at Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/1384

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    HAWICK3Bn Route MarchWeather
    4 & 5Bn move to MUIR OF ORD for Ex "GRAB"Fine
    MUIR of ORD6-9Bn in concentration & assembly area - Orders briefing waterproofing of vehs.Snow Bn under canvas
    9March To "hards" Bn embarked
    10/11Bde landed a practised Role Follow up Bde, moving to assembly area, reforming and moving
    inland to take up a def posn. Bde dug in night of 10/11. Exercise finished noon on 11th
    11Bn entrained at Crook of Alvis for HAWICK.
    12Bn arrived HAWICKShowers
    17COs Lecture on Ex GRAB to all who took part in Ex. Officers Day
    19Maj BJ.FITZG Donlea assumes comd of Bn Vice LT Col I.C Harris on leave.
    24/25German Weapons Circus visits Bn. D Coy on Street Fighting Course Edinborough & Glasgow 25 to 29Fine, Warm
    29/31Lectures and Arty on 18 set practise for offrs with R.A.
    Ex Grab was main event of month it was found that time given for the waterproofing of vehs
    not sufficient. 7 Days considered advisable. Beach Ord Failed Completely A U.L.O. is
    considered necessary. A harbouring area for vehs should be laid down compiling
    of AFWs 5167 need more careful compiling