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    War Diary: 4th - 7th Dragoon Guards

    Month and year: Febuary 1944

    The 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards February 1944 War diary starts with the unit in Tian, Scotland and covers their move down to Newmarket, England.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/838

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LANGHOLM1B & C Squadrons are on leave. A Squadron arrived at LANGHOLM
    to-day by train from TAIN.
    2The C.O. spoke to all ranks present with the regiment to inform them
    that we were to leave 27 Armoured Brigade very soon and go to
    the 8 Armoured Brigade (just back from M.E.): this would not
    involve any change in our role in the assault The reason
    for our leaving the Brigade with which we had served since its
    formation originally as the 1st Reconnaissance Brigade
    in June 1940 and as the 27 Armoured Brigade in December 1940 was
    that the reorganization of assaulting troops was to be made and
    we were the only regiment trained in our particular
    role and so available for transfer. The Staffs Yeo from the 8th Armoured
    Brigade were to take our place in the 27th, and we would be in the
    8th Armoured Brigade under Brigadier J.H anstice D.S.O. the other two
    regiments in the 8th Armd Bde are the Sherwood Rangles (Notts Yeomanry) and
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LANGHOLM224 lancer the latter in vice the 3rd RTR. The move was
    to take place on 13 Feb 44.
    The C.O. departed on leave in the evening.
    3A Squadron went on leave so that now only HQ. Sqn are at
    LANGHOLM. Brigadier CUSTANCE D.S.O. (AFV Schools) called
    in the morning and lunched here with O.C. 148 Regt R.A C. (Lt Col.
    Simmons M.C.) after which he discussed with Major Barker,
    the adjutant and O.C. 148 problems & policy re courses.
    4Nothing to record
    5Personel of H.Q. Sqn saw a film on the German anti Personel
    Butterfly Bomb in the morning.
    6HQ Sqn and details of A, B & C Sqns all under Major G.K. Barker
    attended a parade of the 8 Inf Brigade when General Sir Benard
    Montgomery K.C.B D.S.O., visited the brigade and made a short
    address: the General who was accompanied by Lt Crocker (Comd
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LANGHOLM61 Corps) walked among the ranks, all personnel being allowed
    "to break ranks & crowd in to see him : there was no formal
    inspection. There were nearly 3000 men on parade and were
    formed up in three sides of square : the General made his address
    from the bonnet of a jeep everybody crowding closely around him.
    7B Squadron returned from leave in the evening.
    8No definite order yet available about our move except verbal
    ones that advance. Party should go on 10 Feb. This party
    was detailed to-day together with the rear party.
    all our tanks and three tonnes are to be handed over to the
    Staffs Yeomany here.
    9Day spent in preparing vehicles for handover.
    10Advance Party trains under Capt Abel, road under the Q.M. left
    to-day & proceeded to CHIPPENHAM Centre Camp NEWMARKET
    (the regiment was in the South Camp in summer of 1942).
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LANGHOLM11order received by telephone confirming our move on 13 Feb but giving no
    details of trains. a party from Staff Yeo took over nine
    Shermans and 2 A.R.V.s (the letter only arrived yesterday) and
    until our assistance loaded them on to Warwells at the station,
    the train departing in the evening all the organisation for the train
    & move was done for them by us. Seven three tonnes
    11were also taken over by them. C Squadron returned off leave.
    12Remaining 19 3-tonners were taken over by the Staff Yeo and
    the rest of our Shermans. all there vehicles appeared to be
    in very good condition and the handover went extremely well.
    The Staff Yeo officer i/c taking over party said he was well pleased
    with the vehicles.
    The Scout Cars were taken over in the morning and left by
    train in the evening.
    In the late afternoon Capt Abel rang up from
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LANGHOLM12NEWMARKET to say that be had seen a message from 2 Army to Corp
    saying that our move was postponed to 22 Feb. 3 Div were immediately
    asked about this, in the meantime the convoy number??? route etc,
    for the main road party came though, and later confirmed that
    the message was correct and no move was to be made. The
    13road & rail party were cancelled therefore and arrangements
    then had to be made to get A Sqn who were coming back off
    leave on 14 Feb to return to LANGHOLM. a start had been
    made on loading baggage wagons but these were left loaded
    and later dispatched to NEWMARKET.
    14Remaining Shermans were taken away by the Staff Yeo &
    loaded into warwells in the afternoon. all the vehicles
    and tanks take taken over by the Staff Yeo were in a very
    clean condition indeed and well maintained and
    the Stiff Yeo expressed their pleasure at taking over vehicles in
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LANGHOLM14such condition.
    15The C.O. arrived from NEWMARKET in the evening where he had
    been visiting the advance party.
    The C.O. held a Squadron Leaders conference in the evening: main
    points discussed were :- our change over to 8 Armoured Brigade,
    mobilisation and training.
    16Squadrons carried on with individual training such as mines training
    shooting personal arms, and I training.
    17Parties of B Vehicle drivers and D.Rs left to go to V.R.D.s near
    GLASGOW to collect our complete War Establishment of new
    B' vehicles - less 2 - 15 cwt & half tracked which are coming from
    18Regimental rest days. all the new 'B' vehicles and m/c s???, referred to
    arrived safely in the evening.
    19all the old 'B' vehicles excluding utilities and one 15 or 30 cwt per
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LANGHOLM19Squadron (retained for driving instruction) were taken to GLASGOW
    to be handed into a V.R.D. to-morrow morning. Lt.W. Davis was
    i/c the party. a gunnery trade test for about fourteen
    gunners was held. Lt G.G.R. Moore conducting the test.
    20The CO. held a Squadron Leaders conference at which training programme
    for coming week was outlined. Squadrons held games in the
    21The C.O. ran a T.E.W.T. for Squadron Leaders and captains
    in the afternoon which is to be broken down by Squadron Leaders &
    their troop leaders during the week.
    Squadrons carried on with various forms of individual training such
    as firing personal arms, grenade throwing, semaphore, mines, unarmed
    combat a young officers and N.C.O.s drill cadre under the adjutant and
    R.S.M. was started.
    22C Sqn held a T.E.W.T. for toop leaders & crew commanders in the afternoon.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LANGHOLM23Nothing particular to report except that the loading of the baggage wagons
    for the move to NEWMARKET commenced.
    24Nothing particular to record.
    25The C.O. held a Squadron Leaders conference at 1000hrs
    Each Squadron (excluding HQ) sent a team of 3 out of their
    tank crews to 79 Armd. Div for a short course on "snakes".
    26The main road party under Major I.G. Gill M.C. consisting of 70 vehicles
    departed for NEWMARKET in the morning: night 26/27 Feb.was
    staged it DONCASTER accommodation being in waterlogged tents
    on a very cold night: snow started to fall soon after the convoy
    started and roads were treacherous Doncaster was reached without
    mishap. In the evening the main train party under Major J.A.D'd
    Goldmid??? left from LONGTOWN travelling overnight to NEWMARKET.
    27Main train arrived at NEWMARKET at 0815 hrs and was met by
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    NEWMARKET27the staff Captain of the 8 Armd Bde. The road party arrived in the
    evening at about 1900 hrs.
    CHIPPENHAM28The day was spent in unloading and settling in; the regiment is now
    in the centre camp at CHIPPENHAM PARK: the other two regiments
    in our new Brigade, the 24 Lancers and Notts Yeo (Sherwood Rangers)
    occupying the South and North camp respectively.
    A Sqn have then delivery of 18 Sherman IIIs (diesel) during
    the last two days. The C.O. held a Squadron Leaders conference.
    29Individual training cadres in D&M, Gunnery & Wireless were
    started to train up those not yet tradesmen who me filling
    trademen's places on the W.E. and 1st line.
    The Brigade Comd (Brigadier J. H anstice DSO) and Brig. Major
    (Major L. Biddle M.C. -Notts Yeo) called and discussed training
    and other points with the C.O.