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    War Diary: 4th - 7th Dragoon Guards

    Month and year: June 1944

    The diary covers the 4th - 7th Dragoon Guards from their camps in the UK in Hursley, Toothill and Larkhill, the landing in Normandy and the fight 12 miles inland to Les Hauts Vents to the west of Caen.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/838

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    HURSLEY1-2Regt concentrated - all D Day vehicles at HURSLEY in C.13 CMP
    (Marshalling Area). D+2 to D+6 (ie A.A. & Recce Troop, A.2 Ech
    and Q.M. at C.22 at TOOTHILL, remainder at LARKHILL (Bustard Camp).
    22230RHQ Tank Troop moved out of HURSLEY IN THEIR craft loads (ie C.Os
    and troop Ldrs tanks on one L.C.T. (2534) and 2 i/c and (I.O. on
    another craft (L.C.T. 2535) "B" & "C" loaded at STANSWOOD Bay on
    to their L.C.Ts "A" & RHQ were on mixed loads with parties from
    other units, of 68 InfBde. AMn & POL vehicles were loaded onto
    L.S.Ts to-day with Capt.Verdih (OC A.1 Ech) going over in a Scout
    Car on an L.C.T. Major I.G.Gill 'MC' (OC 'B' Ech) loaded onto
    SOUTHAMPTON3RHW & 'A' Sqn tanks loaded onto their L.C.Ts in the morning and
    the craft moored off STANSWOOD Bay.
    424 hr postponement of D Day.
    512th Flotilla L.C.Ts (carrying 'B' & 'C' SqnDD Tanks i.e.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    SOUTHAMPTON5Sherman Mk V specially equipped for swimming with twin
    propellers and collapsible canvas sides (to give freeboard when
    afloat and prevent water coming actually on to the top of the
    tank) set sail in the morning and 51 Flotillla carrying 'A' & RHQ
    tanks set sail at 1230 hrs. D Day is to-morrow. H Hour (i.e.
    time of A.V.R.E. touching down) is 0725 hrs. Maps were dis-
    tributed on the craft and all informed of actual places of landing.
    As practised on all recent exercises 'B' Sqn were to come in on
    the right and support the 6 Green Howards in the assualt and 'C' Sqn
    on the left supporting the 5 E Yorks: 'A' Sqn coming in with RHQ
    at H+60 to support the 7 Green Howards. The sea was moderate
    to rough and all the craft were tossed about quite a bit.
    LA RIVIERE60720'B' & 'C' landed (being put right in by the L.C.Ts as the sea was
    too rough for DD) on the FRENCH coast on the beach running west
    from LA RIVIERE (on the coast line between CAEN & BAYEUX):
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LA RIVIERE60720this is the spearhead of the 30 Corps assault with the Canadians
    on our left and Americans on our right. The assault went well
    and after some trouble in getting off the beach 'A' & 'C' pushed
    on with their infantry inland. Lieut.D.Mann and Lieut.W.M.A.Lewis
    were wounded by snipers in LA RIVIERE and Sgt.Vaughan of 'C' Sqn
    was killed while commanding his tank.
    0850'A' & RHQ were all successfully brought in but two tanks of 'A'
    Sqn failed to get off the shore, one going into a large shell
    hole on the shore. The beach now was very crowded and narrow as
    the tide was rising but as yet we were not under fire, the enemy
    seeming to have been taken completely by surprise.
    Opposition met was from isolated pockets, platoon localities and
    snipers: the infantry worked closely with the tanks.
    7Early stand to at 0430 hrs. Move further South through CREULLY
    on to BRECY with 'A' Sqn leading. 69 InfBde were in front and
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    ST LEGER7the Regt met in position in the afternoon. 'C' Sqn carried out
    a recce of the ST LEGER feature and South to the Rly and saw no
    enemy except two 88 mm which knocked out two tanks, as a result
    of which Cpl Jones and his crew were wounded and Lieut.Wide
    evacuated his tank with the turret crew after engaging the 88mm
    After he was hit he and his turret crew got out and managed to
    return to the Sqn. The Regt harboured at BRECY getting in in
    good time. An unfortunate accident occurred in the harbour when
    Lieut.R.D.Hancock (RHQ Tank Troop Ldr) was killed and the Signals
    Offr badly wounded by one of our own tank Brownings.
    8The C.O. attended early conference at BdeHQ plan for the day
    being for the mobile column leaving on two routes to high ground
    further South to VILLERS BROCAGE. 24 Lancers and elements of
    supporting arms (inf and gunners) as defence guard, 4/7 D.G.
    moving of rear BdeHQ on right route. The column made position
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LOUCELLES8in the afternoon in the LOUCELLES area, Heavy mortar fire being
    encountered just North of the rly when the tanks came out of a
    narrow valley on to the more open low-lying country. In the evening
    the Regt harboured with the BdeHQ on high ground just North of
    9A good nights rest has by all except slightly disturbed by mortar
    fire. Left harbour at LOUCELLES. Moves South to take feature
    Point 103 at which point the S.R.Y. had reached previously. "A" & "C"
    Sqns made a pincer movement on the village AUDRIEU and knocked
    out on SP gun. "B" and RHQ moving to selected harbour area on
    the East side of point 103. This feature dominated the ground
    South, SE and SW and on arrival there, there was a battle going
    on in which the gunners were playing a big and successful part.
    "A" Sqn destroyed one Tiger at long range with HE. The harbour
    area came under mortar fire and an enemy tank was seen to the East
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    9of the locality and the Regt was then drawn over the center
    of the feature placed in watching position for the night.
    "C" Sqn Had two personnel wounded by mortar fire. The Regt now
    had some 39 tanks fit for war and it had suffered the following
    casualties in personnel: Officers Killed 2, Wounded 6, Missing
    Nil, and O.Rs Killed 8, Wounded 17, Missing 7.
    10The position was subjected to mortar fire by the enemy all night.
    No casualties were inflicted. The Regt stood to at 0430 hrs and
    as soon as daylight came an enemy counter-attack developed from
    the South and SW. The 8 D.L.I. responsible for the perimeter on
    this side were in danger of being overrun but the BdeComd, who
    handled the battle with confidence brought the Sqn of the S.R.Y.
    round the enemy's left flank just in time and many casualties were
    inflicted on the enemy who were beaten off. The Regt did not have
    a major engagement itself in this battle but all three Sqns played
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    AUDRIEU10their part in supporting the Infantry defending the perimeter.
    Great importance was attached to this feature by Higher Formation
    and the Bde did very well in retaining it in no uncertain manner.
    In the evening all was quite. 24 L moved a Sqn SW to ST PIERRE to
    clear up that village and this Regt provided patrols in the even-
    ing to the East of Point 103.
    11The morning was quite except for occasional mortaring. In the
    afternoon the Regt supported an attack by the 6 Green Howards on
    CRISTOT, a village about a mile to the East of Point 103, with
    the intention of gaining position of Point 102, another domin-
    ating feature. Prior to this attack "B" Sqn and the C.Os in his
    tank, made a recce in force of the approaches to the village and
    point 102, and met considerable opposition from hidden snipers and
    machine gunners who seemed to be in every hedge. However there
    were no casualties to us. For the attack the Infantry went in
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    CRISTOT11two Coys up with "B" Sqn supporting on the right and "C" Sqn on
    the left. The Infantry crossed start line at 1720 hrs and soon
    met opposition in the way of machine gunners and snipers. The
    country was very close for tanks and long close and thick hedges
    made it impossible to see the enemy who inflicted severe casualties
    on the Infantry. A very sticky time. The left hand Sqn reached
    the objective but the infantry could not get in further than the
    outskirts of the village and had to withdraw after a lot of cas-
    ualties. "B" Sqn on the right got into the outskirts of the
    village but bumped into anti-tank guns and lost 7 tanks and
    casualties which included "B" Sqn2 i/c (Capt R.J.F.Abel) and
    Lieut.G.G.R.Moore. About 2030 there was a threat from enemy
    tanks in the SW. These tanks were numbered about 9 and were
    Tigers and Mk.IVs. They approached Point 103 feature and started
    to shoot it up and this caused apparently, considerable
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    CRISTOT11disorganisation among those there and a number of casualties to other
    units occurred. Tanks then moved off Eastwards and as darkness
    began to fall one was seen moving from out Artillery barrage,
    going in the direction of CRITOT with out Infantry and two carriers
    all on the same road. The Regt after this unsuccessful evening
    returned to Point 103. When attack by Green Howards had failed
    our fwdtrp were withdrawn after Green Howards had come back to
    S.P.C.O. of Green Howards asked if we could try to help wounded
    to get out from fwd positions and also others who were pinned
    down. 2 i/c was unable to get wireless touch for covering fire
    so took Blenhein back alone to where wounded were. As he got
    there three Germans fired from about 50 yds range, and he used his
    Sten from the turret, accounting for one of them. He and his
    gunner then dismounted and loaded wounded on to tank, the dead
    body of C.O. of 5 E.Yorks and also some unwounded men who had not
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    CRISTOT11been unable to move until the arrival of the tank, being pinned
    down. As he got back into the turret two more Germans raised
    themselves on the bank as if to fire. A quick burst of Sten was
    put down and subsequently kept up as the tank withdrew. (The
    turret could not be traversed on account of the wounded on the
    outside). All the men aboard were brought safely back and this
    action also enabled another 15 men to get away who would
    otherwise not have been able to move. The M.O. (Capt.S.C.H.
    ) did particular brave and noble work in helping to deal
    with the numerous casualties.
    12Little to report except patrol activity during the day. In the
    evening the Regt moved out to go for a rest in harbour near a
    farm about two miles South of BAYEUX. The move was done by night
    along considerably dusty roads.
    13Late reveille. Morning spent in the cleaning up and reorganising.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    13Unexpectedly the Regt was called upon in the afternoon to go to
    support 6 and 9 D.L.I. (151 Bde) in an attack on the high ground
    dominating TILLY SUR SEULLES. Once again the country was very
    close and not suitable for tanks especially on the left flank
    where "C" Sqn operated. The attack was successful on the village
    of MARCEL but "C" Sqn lost one tank and three O.Rs taken pris-
    oner. "B" Sqn did not participate in this attack and
    were allowed to take a well earned rest. 10 more tanks and
    crews came up from Dely Sqn. "A" and "C" Sqns withdrew from
    the positions gained at about 2200 hrs and returned to the old
    14"C" Sqn were given a holiday. "A" and "B" (and of course RHQ)
    moved out at 0930 hrs and joined the 151 Bde again in the two-
    phase attack with the objective of capturing the HOTTOT. feature
    and the village about one and half miles SE of TILLY. The attack
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    HOTTO14was well supported by Artillery and RAF preparations. "A" Sqn
    were on the right with the 9 D.L.I. and "B" Sqn on the left with
    6 D.L.I. After Strenuous fighting in which "B" Sqn lost 5 tanks
    and following casualties: killed 5, wounded 3 and missing 4.
    Phase I i.e. attainment of the line of the road East - West through
    LINGEVRES was complete at about 1400 hrs. The infantry dug in
    in the position. Phase II was not continued with. "A" Sqn
    operating on the right flank had a wonderful day and knocked out
    5 Panthers one anti-tank gun and one half-track and captured
    intact one 'Peoples Car' and one half-track which were brought
    back for use in the Regt. Sgt. Harris was responsible for 4
    Panthers and Capt Stirling for one. It was a great sight to see
    all these enemy Panthers burning in a row. "A" and "B" Sqns with
    drew from the positions gained by the Infantry to harbour at
    BAYEUX leaving troops to keep the Infantry company for the night.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    15Complete day of rest for "A", "B" and HQ. No attacking was done
    by 50 Div and "C" Sqn undertook responsibility of supporting for
    the 151 Bde in their front.
    16"C" Sqn relieved "B" Sqn of their duties at 151 Bde and local
    defence South of LINGEVRES was made otherwise the day was quite.
    178 ArmdBde less 4/7 D.G. came under comd of 49 Div at 1000 hrs.
    The Regt remained in mobile reserve with 50 Div. In the after-
    noon the Regt less "C" Sqn (who were in support of 151 Bde
    just West of LINGEVRES) supported an attack on TILLY SUR SEULLES.
    "A" Sqn were in support of the Essex Regt and 6 D.L.I. and at
    1615 hrs sent a patrol round the right flank of TILLY. Attack due
    to commence with Artillery barrage at 1600 hrs. Things went
    slowly to start with, but the enemy put down a little shell fire
    on the road leading to TILLY, from the North. Infantry were held
    up along a line 1/4 - 1/2 mile North of the town those on the right
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    17flank getting abreast of the town i.e. 6 D.L.I. Progress was
    extremely slow owing to Spandau and snipers fire, and "A" Sqn had
    one tank with a track blown off on a mine. At 2100 hrs the
    Infantry commenced digging in and consolidating their positions
    just North and West of TILLY. RHQ had been at SUCEELS during
    this battle. "C" Sqn on the right with the 6 Green Howards made
    a successful local defence South of LINGEVRES to area Point 113.
    The Recce Tp section with "C" Sqn lost their tanks and one driver missing.
    2230RHQ and "B" Sqn, who had been in reserve, withdrew to
    harbour about a mile North of BUCEELS and spent a quite night.
    18The C.O. attended a conference at 151 BdeHQ at 0900 hrs when
    plans for further attack on TILLY were laid on for the afternoon.
    "B" Sqn took over "A" Sqns position in support of the Essex and
    6 D.L.I. at 1200 hrs. The day was extremely wet making observ-
    ation by tank gunners very difficult. Attack commenced at 1500
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    18hrs. "B" Sqn supported 6 D.L.I. 1520 hrs leading elements of
    6 D.L.I. reached line half a mile NE of TILLY their objective
    being the high ground South of TILLY at MONTILLY. Enemy tanks
    were reported West of MONTILLY (although ST PIERRE the next
    village to the West is in 49 Div's hands).
    1600"A" Sqn who had one Tp with the Essex in the West on the road to TILLY, sent two Tps
    to help "B" Sqn and although country was extremely difficult for
    tanks and the objective partly surrounded by a natural anti-tank
    obstacle, Two Tps of "A" Sqn and "B" Sqn succeeded by 1615 hrs in
    getting onto the objective and making a firm base. "B" Sqn had
    two tanks hit, which were recovered, and knocked out one PzKW IV.
    Prisoners taken from the 7 Bn 901 Panzer Grenadiers said that his
    Coy had suffered very many casualties during the last two days.
    Two other prisoners were taken by "B" Sqn and stated that they
    had just returned from leave!!! RHQ (consisting of the C.Os and
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    18Sgt.Porter's tanks) stayed throughout the battle by the 151 BdeHQ
    near the main road running South into TILLY. TILLY itself was
    only partly taken by the Essex. The Infantry consolidated their
    positions and the tanks were withdrawn to the harbour North of
    BUCEELS as darkness fell. "C" Sqn remained out in the area West
    of LINGEVRES with 69 Bde. The A.1 Ech ammunition and petrol
    vehs made a perilous but successful journey to "A" and "B" Sqns
    in the evening and refilled them in the TILLY area. The following
    message was received from the Brigadier during the day. "The
    Corps Comdr visited the Bde this morning and asked me to tell
    you how very pleased he was with the Bde and how he congratulates
    them on the tremendous efforts they have made and the excellent
    results they have achieved. He stressed how well the general
    landing operation had gone and how pleased both the Prime Minister
    and General Montgomery were with the situation".
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    19"C" Sqn remained with 69 Bde and had a quite day. "B" Sqn to-day
    supported the 231 Bde in the afternoon (2 Devons, 1 Hants and 1
    Dorsets) in an advance half a mile to the South of LINGEVRES.
    For the first time the tanks were not called for by the Infantry
    Brigadier in impossible or unnecessary tasks, the country again
    being close and most unsuitable for tanks. The infantry using
    their own Anti-tank weapons claimed 4 enemy tanks, believed to be
    Tigers. "B" Sqn did not have much of a shoot and were largely
    occupied in getting themselves into proper positions to meet
    enemy tank threats which was very difficult. Up to 1600 hrs
    there was tremendous Artillery support (the whole Corps artillery
    being available) and the 2 Devons successfully made their object-
    ive. Unfortunately the C.O. of the 1 Dorsets (Lt.Col.Norris) was
    wounded. "B" Sqn remained in mobile reserve to the Bde just
    behind the Infantry until darkness and then returned to the Regt's
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    19new home at a farm in FOLLIOT (near JURUSALEM about 4 miles South
    of BAYEUX). "C" Sqn also returned to Regtl harbour, getting in
    after dark.
    20The Regt is now mobile reserve to the 50 Div and spent a quite day
    in harbour at FOLLIOT, A.q Ech also being here. "A" and "C" Sqn
    LdrLdrs (Major Goldsmid and Major Bell) attended conference with the
    6 Green Howards and 5 E Yorks at the 69 Bde concerning proposed
    attack on ONCHY and LONGRAYE which is to take place on
    the 22nd.
    21Owing to the inclemental weather not much unloading is being done on the
    beaches and aircraft are mainly grounded and the 69 Bde attack was
    postponed. The Regt received orders to send on Sqn to 49 Div
    on the 23 June leaving two with 50 Div and RHQ. Lieut.W.Davies
    promoted to Capt vice Capt. Abel who was killed at CRITOT on
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    FOLLIOT22The Adjt attended conference at Bde to discuss reinforcements in
    tanks and personnel. At the moment Sqn tank strength are as
    follows: "A" - 14, "B" - 14, "C" 16, HQ - 4 (this includes
    5 17-pdr Shermans in "A" Sqn).
    23Another quite day resting.Orders received from 50 Div for the
    Regt less one Sqn ("B" Sqn) to come under command 49 InfDiv
    with effect from 1200 hrs, 24th. "B" Sqn are to remain 50
    Div for the forth coming operation. Details given below. 2nd/Lt
    Shepperson and 2nd/Lt Simmonds arrived and were posted to "B"
    Sqn reinforcements. Ly-Col. L.E.Misa, D.S.)., and Col.G.E. de
    Pass, D.S.O., called in the evening. A present of 10 cigarettes
    per man was received from General Montgomery. In his letter
    the C-in-C said: "Tour chaps have done, and are doing, very
    well. Tell them from me that I am delighted with 50 Div".
    24Again quite. Two or three Boche planes were seen through normally
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    FOLLIOT24the only planes in the sky are our own. The gunners near here
    put up a terrific barrage in the evening believed to be
    counter-battery work. There was no enemy shelling in
    reply. One extra Firefly and four more 75mm Shermans and 2
    Homeys arrived from the Fwd.Del.Sqn. The C.O. held a SqnLdrs
    conference at 1200 hrs and issued detail for the forthcoming
    operation 'Dauntless.'
    25The following letter was received from HQ, 69 InfBde to-day
    "Dear Byron, I feel I must write to you about the magnificent
    help the 69 BdeGp received from your regiment on D Day. From the
    moment we got together for the lengthy planning for the assault
    landing I personally felt, and I know my COs did also, that we
    should be a happy and useful combination and so it has proved.
    The fact that the Bde broke through the beach defences and gained
    its objectives eleven miles inline by 12 noon on D plus 1 was
    very largely due to the first class co-operation between you
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    FOLLIOT25Sqn and Tp Comds and their opposite numbers in the 5 E Yorks, 6
    and 7 Green Howards. Our comparatively light casualties were
    also due to the magnificent way your gun numbers dealt with the
    numerous Spandaus and their crews encountered in the many engagements
    from the beach to ST. LEGER. I think all ranks of your
    regt already know every officer and man of this Bde thinks
    of the 4/7 Dgnd but in case there is any doubt, I should be
    grateful if you could convey to them out appreciation of their
    very gallant work with this Bde. Our great hope is that your
    chaps will again be with us in our future scraps with the Hun.
    Yours ever, F.C.Knox, Brigadier." To-day "B" Sqn continued under
    command 50 Div and shot up one Mk.IV. Remainder of the Regt
    took part in Corps attack on the FONTENAY-TESSELL-RAURAY area.
    The Regt was in Div reserve and remained hidden up behind Point
    103. Corps plan shortly was as follows: On D Day (25th June)
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    TESSEL2549 Div were to push South to Capture TESSELL wood enabling 50
    Div on the right to advance to GRANVILLE and St. VAAST. D plus
    1 15 Scottish Div were to capture the CHEUX feature to the East
    of TESSEL wood following which 49 Div were to push further South
    to VENDES and MONTS, the Regt being given the role, with the 12
    K.R.R.C. of watching roads to the west.
    26The following Special Order of the Day by Maj.Gen. E.H.Barker
    CB, CBE, DSO, MC was received from the Comdr 49th (West Riding)
    InfDiv. "Yesterday the 49 (WR) Div was given the task of making
    the first break in the German defences which, owing to delay
    imposed on us by weather conditions, he had had time to strengthen
    considerably. We had in front of us a difficult position and it
    was held by some of the best German Troops of 12 SS Pz Div. The
    result was the success we expected, but the fact that it was a
    success was due to the magnificent spirit, efficiency and fighting
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    TESSEL26qualities of the commanders and troops tat took part. I send
    them all my congratulations and heartfelt thanks for the part they
    have played sp successfully. I am thankful to know that such a
    small proportion of casualties were killed, especially in the 11
    RSF which had such bitter fighting in FONTENAY. The infantry bore
    the brunt of the fighting and have excelled themselves, but success
    could not have been achieved without the excellent support of the
    8 ArmdBde and the Arty of the Div. The administration in the
    rear both as regards to dumping vast quantities of ammunition and
    the evacuation of casualties has been equally excellent. The 49
    Div has now proved itself in battle against a tough and experienced
    enemy and results auger well for its future fortunes. Again my
    congratulations and good luck. E.H.Barker, Maj.Gen, Comd 49 Div".
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    26The Regiment was in support of 49 Div in operation from
    Tessel wood to Rauray. Plan Div appeared unsatisfactory and
    operating in extremely bad country we had a very bad day and
    could not get on. Sqns being held up on the River line East of
    Tessel. "C" Sqn losing 4 tanks to 2 Tigers and Panthers holding
    the crossing. The Regiment returned to Pt.103 in the evening.
    27Sqns were disposed in Area Pt.103 in case of enemy counter
    attack, and the whole regiment moved in the evening to Pt.102 to
    the East of pt.103. This was the dominating feature over
    which the battle had been waged and was a filthy area to harbour in.
    The Commanding Officer held O Group 2300 hrs, in pouring rain.
    28"A" & "B" Sqns, moved out early to support the D.L.I. and Tynes
    Scots in an attack on to Rauray. RHQ joining the battle HQ of
    the D.L.I. at the start line (a warm spot). The Infantry
    with out support got on to the feature Brettevillette. The
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    28Regiment harboured for the night North of Fontenay le pesnil
    near St.Nicholas farm.
    29Support of Infantry in Rauray area continued. In the evening
    RHQ's area was shot up and later smoked off by our own armour
    (Churchills who were on our left) and they treated "B" Sqn,
    likewise until Captain W.Davies was sent hurriedly over in a
    Jeep to stop the performance.
    30The Regiment withdrew into reserve at Les Haut Vents with orders
    for an immediate move to Pt.102 if the enemy counter attacked.
    It is known to-day that the whole of the available German Armour
    (parts of 9 Pz Div) is now on the British front.
    "B" Sqn, remained in close support of the 10th D.L.I. in the
    Rearay area, no attack developing on their front.
    Lieut.J.H.G.Ford who had been liaising with the 7 R.T.R. who
    were on our right went down South of Cheaux with Battalion
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    30before returning to the regiment in his A/A Crusader.
    The following message was received from Commander 30 Corps:
    "Personal for Commander 49 Div from Commander 30 Corps
    (.) Please convey to all officers and men my heartiest
    congratulations at the splendid way in which 49 Div and 8 Armd.
    Bde have fought forward grimly and determinedly over beastly
    country against the stiffest opposition of the best German
    forces (.) You now occupy the key position of the Second Army
    front and I am completely confident that you will hold it against
    the severest Boche counter blows. The hottest part of the
    struggle is brewing and I know you will play a furious and
    glorious part in a shattering defeat of the best German armies.
    Well done 49 I am proud to have you with me again.