War Diary: 53rd Reconnaissance Regiment

Month and year: July 1944

Covers 53rd Reconnaissance Regiments arrival in Normandy, initially by B Squadron on the 1st July with the rest of the regiment following on the 24th.

National Archive Reference: WO 171/565

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PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
LE HAUT DU BOSQJul 1B Sqn.: In harbour at LE HAUT DU BOSQ 9066 - not in contact.
MAIDSTONE.Regt less B Sqn.: At Mote Park, MAIDSTONE.
SECQUEVILLEJul 2B Sqn.: Moved to SECQUEVILLE and later returned to LE HAUT DU BOSQ to take over
small area under Command 71 Bde.#
Jul 3Regt less B Sqn.: Series of sand table Exercises commenced, All Officers attended for one
week. Many tactical problems were discussed and a close study was made
of the ground and going in Normandy.
LES SAULLETSJul 4B Sqn.: Sqn. moved into reserve at LES SAULLETS 9072
Jul 5/7B Sqn.: Sqn. employed in carrying mines to forward infantry.
Jul 8.B Sqn.: Mortared in harbour. Cpl Owens killed and one O.R. wounded.
Jul 10Regt less B Sqn.: Waterproofing completed.
Jul 12Regt less B Sqn.: Cross Country Run over 7 mile course.
Jul 14Regt less B Sqn.: Put at six hours notice to move to Marshalling area.
Jul 15/16Regt less B Sqn.: Regiment moves to Marshalling area leaving at midnight.
Jul 17(O.C.Troops - Lt.Col.L. Williams)
Regt less B Sqn.: Embarked at Victoria & Albert Docks on "Vancouver City"/and U. S. Ship "John E. Ward"
(O.C. Troops Major J Bielski.) Saied that evening.
18.Regt less B Sqn.: Convoy stood off SOUTHEND.
TOURVILLE.18B Sqn.: Relieved 15 (S) Recce Regt. on traffic control duties at TOURVILLE 9364.
Two O.Rs wounded by mortar fire,
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PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
19 JulRegt less B Sqn.: Convoy put to sea at 1800hrs. Uneventful calm crossing.
20 JulRegt less B Sqn.: At anchor off COURSEULLES SUR MER 2100hrs.
21 JulRegt less B Sqn.: At anchor.
22 JulRegt less B Sqn.: At anchor. Concert held on board "Vancouver City" - Talent chiefly
provided by "A" Sgn.
23 JulRegt less B Sqn.: Boxing contest held on "Vancouver City".
24 JulRegt less B Sqn.: Disembarkation from both vessels began.
MARCELET.25 JulRegt less B Sqn.: Regiment re-united in harbour area at MARCELET 9468
27 JulRegt less B Sqn.: under command 71 Inf. Bde takes up defensive position on ridge S.W. of
Baron 9462 relieving 1 Oxf. & Bucks. Sporadic mortar and shell fire. "B" Sqn
under command 158 Bde at ETERVILLE 9864. By a miracle of good fortune
no casualties. Men learning to keep under cover.
28 Jul.Regt less B Sqn.: Situation unchanged. Mortar fire occasionally heavy. Cpl Davies H.N.

(C Sqn) killed. Major PM Cowburn slightly wounded and four O.Rs wounded.
Night recce patrol by Lieut Nolan and 3 O.RS (A Sqn) produced useful
29 Jul.Regt less B Sqn.: Situation unchanged, Mortar fire increased towards evening, Lieut KCY
Wilson and 3 O.RS (C Sqn) on reace patrol at night brought back information.
30 Jul.Regt less B Sqn.: Unchanged, Night recce patrol by Lieut Nolan and 3 O.RS (A Sqn) brought
back information about enemy near X rds LE BON REPOS 9461.
31 Jul.Regt less B Sqn.: Unchanged, Sporadic mortar fire. Lieut Wilson and 3 O.RS (C Sqn) on recce
patrol at night. Tpr Evans L.J. (C Sqn) missing from this patrol.
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PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
Lt. Colonel L. Williams.
Major Le Bielski.
Major ASD Graesser
Major JH Piesse
Major PM Cowburn
Major Sir HJ d'Avigdor Goldsmith, Bt.
Captain JH Pitts.
Captain RH Price.
Captain WF Goodyear.
Captain RFC Burton.
Captain DS Craigen.
Captain RT Williams.
Captain AP Blackie
Captain JHP Upton.
Captain J Cooper (QM)
Captain RW Clarke (RAMC)
Captain WJ Mallender (REME)
Captain (Revd) H.Smith (RA ChD)
Lieut JD P Richards
Lieut BR G Grey-Jones
Lieut NG M Mathewson
Lieut ETJ Morgan
Lieut HL McCarthy
Lieut GF Keep
Lieut JRM Thirkell
Lieut TA Talbot
Lieut IM Weinstock
Lieut ES Stuarty
Lieut FL Wakeford
Lieut PJ Nolan
Lieut J Holmboe Eriksen
Lieut JE Reynolds
Lieut P Utley
Lieut JA Watson
Lieut JA Cshapelhow
Lieut CR Flogdell
2 L/t. CP Boraston
Lieut KCY Wilson
Lieut K McDonell
Lieut TB Wood
Lieut AA Pounder
Lieut D Addison
Lieut EN Crewe
Lieut FL Long