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    War Diary: 53rd Reconnaissance Regiment

    Month and year: June 1944

    Covers the 53rd Reconnaissance Regiment in the UK being put on 6 hours notice to move and waterproofing vehicles at Mote Park.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/565

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    FIELD1944 6 JuneRegt put at 6 hours notice to move.
    Cloth Model Discussion on "CO-OP" between an Armoured Car Regt and a
    Reconnaissance Regt held at Hothfield with The Royals.
    FIELD9 June0930Discussion on Inter - Troop Patrolling Competition held,
    Final Result:- - (1) (Lt wilson & patrol from C Sqn Assault Troop
    (Lt Chapelhow & patrol from B Sqn Assault Troop
    (3) Capt Pitts & patrol from A/Tk Bty.
    BEARSTED10 JunFinal A/Q conference 53 Div at Bearsted,
    HATCH PARK12 Jun1200Div Commander, Maj General R.K. Ross M.C. addressed assembled Regt at Hatch
    FIELD17 JunB Sqn plus attached troops moved to Marshalling Area
    FIELD19 JunRHQ, HQ Son & C Sqns moved to Div Residue Concentration Area at Mote Park,
    Nr Maidstone,
    MOTE PARK21 JunWaterproofing of vehicles at Mote Park commenced,
    FIELD23 JunA Sqn joined remainder of Regt at Mote Park.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information

    Lt. Col. Is Williams
    Major J. Bielski

    Major ASD Graesser
    Major JH Piesse
    Major PM Comburn
    Major Sir HJ d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, Bt.

    Capt GF Keep Capt
    Capt JH Pitts Capt
    Capt RH Price Capt
    Capt DS Craigen Capt
    Capt RT Williams Capt
    Capt WF Goodyear

    Capt RFC Burton
    Capt AP Blackie
    Capt (QM) J Cooper
    Capt RW Clarke (RAMC)
    Capt WJ Mallender (REME)
    Capt (Rev) H Smith (1st Ox & Bicks Lt Inf.)
    Lieut KCY Wilson
    Lieut JE Reynolds
    Lieut BR Grey-Jones
    Lieut RA Talbot
    Lieut LM Weinstock
    Lieut ES Stuart
    2/Lt Long
    Lieut K McDonell
    Lieut JHP Upton
    Lieut TB Wood
    Lieut NG Mathewson
    Lieut AA Pounder
    Lieut PJ Nolan
    2/Lt. CF Boraston
    Lieut FJ Wakeford
    Lieut JA Watson
    Lieut ETJ Morgan
    Lieut JS Chapelhow
    Lieut EN Crewe
    Lieut CR Flodgdell
    Lieut RFG Barlow (attd)
    Lieut P Utley
    Lieut JRM Thirkell
    Lieut D Addison
    Lieut EH Boyle
    Lieut JD Richards
    Lieut HL McCarthy
    Lieut J Holmboe-Erikson