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    War Diary: 5th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment

    Month and year: December 1944

    The 5th Royal Tank Regiment (5 RTR) December 1944 War Diary starts with the unit in Kinroy, Belgium and ends with the unit in Limbricht, Netherlands

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/867

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    KINROY1No event - Regt Trg
    2No event - Regt Trg
    31030Visit by 30 Corps Comd - Lt. Gen HORROCKS
    otherwise no event.
    4No event
    5Regt forms into 2 Inf Coys 'B' & 'C' Sqns with a view
    to holding the line as such during the coming operations
    to be carried out by 43rd Div.
    SITTARD60800Regt formed up and moved to new area SITTARD 6867.
    1200Regt established in new area. RHQ, Recce 'B' and 'C'
    Sqns grouped in area 681672. 'A' Sqn location N.W.
    of the town at 681689. The Tks of 'B' & 'C' Sqns
    being left in A2 Ech.
    7Inf posns occupied in area TUDDERN 7070 by 'B' & 'C' Sqn
    plus Recce Tp.
    8 13No events
    141400Griff Talk by the CO to all ranks. Subject: "The
    present situation on the Western Front and
    forthcoming ops")
    15 18No events
    19Regt now placed under Comd 52 (L) Div. *B' & 'C' Sqns
    revert to their tks.
    20Regt reverts to comd 22 Armd Bde. Enemy Aircraft as
    during night dropping a number of AP Bombs.
    211200Regt less 'A' Sqn moved to LIMBRICHT 6670 - otherwise
    no event.
    LIMBRICHT22No event. At night 'A' Sqn was subjected to a hy
    "Stonk" from enemy guns. Strong suspicions of civilian
    informants in this area passing infm to the enemy.
    Cpl Cant Killed
    Tpr Gilroy Killed
    Tpr Ibbottson - Wounded.
    23 24No events
    25Christmas Day - extra fare was forthcoming.
    26B' Sqn placed under comd 1 RB and took up posns in the
    line at HOLTUM 658738. "A" Sqn had one tp NIEWSTAT
    684724. Defensive posns for tks had previoualy
    been prepared by 'Bull-dozers".
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    LIMBRICHT27 28No events
    29B' Sqn relieved by 1 RB and return to LIMBRICHT
    30 31No events