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    War Diary: 5th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment

    Month and year: March 1944

    The 5th Royal Tank Regiment (5 RTR) March 1944 War Diary mentions the units time in Kirkcudbright, Boyton Ranges and a shooting competition.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/867

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    BETTS COVERT16 Tanks despatched to KIRKCUDBRIGHT for Range Firing under
    27 Tanks despatched to KIRKCUDBRIGHT for Range Firing
    3TEWT. Object: To study handling of a Tank Squadron in
    Close country in the new esteblishment
    4No event
    5Capt DANIELS joins unit, posted to "C" Sqn
    6Advance party under Brigade arrangements leaves for
    7Major MAUNSELL relinquishes duties of 2 IC and assumes
    command of "C" Sqn
    Major R .B .FLEMING posted to this unit, assumes the duties
    2 IC, 5 R Tks.
    1400CO and 2 IC leave by road for KIRKCUDBRIGHT
    8No event
    9Main party move to KIRKCUDBRIGHT Ranges leaving BRANDON
    Station at 1430 hrs under Major MAUNSELL. Party consists
    of 20 Officers and 220 ORS
    101230Main party arrive at KIRKCUDBRIGHT and are stationed at
    Capt BERESFORD collects 9 Humber Scout Cars
    11 )
    12 )Regt firing on Ranges. "C" Sqn Tp wins competition shoot
    13 )
    14 )
    15CO and 2 IC arrive back at BETTS COVERT
    2355Main party leave KIRKCUDBRIGHT at 2355 hrs by rail for
    161140Main party arrive at BRANDON station
    1400CO's conference with Sqn Ldrs
    1200Road party leaves HOWELLS FARM under Capt MESSENT
    17CO's conference :- "General Discussion"
    18No event
    190900Admin Party leave for BOYNTON Ranges (Suffolk) under
    Capt CHESTERFIELD posted to 104 Holding Unit, Skegness.
    6 A/A Tks arrive
    201400Road party arrive at BETTS COVERT from KIRKCUDBRIGHT
    1400Major FLEMING to BOGNOR REGIS to attend RAF Demo.
    21Party leaves for BOYNTON Ranges under Sqn arrangements
    22No events
    23BOYNTON Party returns
    1400CO's conference : "Battn Exercise No. 1"
    24No event
    25No event
    261400Battn Exercise No.1 starts. Bn move to night leaguer at
    MR 2731 Sheet 66
    270630Begt leave leaguer and Continue Exercise
    1040Exercise ends. Regt returns to BETTS COVERT
    1400COSs conference
    Capt HUXLEY, LAD, attached to this unit from 131 Bde.
    28Padre DICKSON arrives and takes up duty as relinquished
    by Padre HARRIS
    29Lt.MEDLAND posted to this unit from Pre OCTU Alma Barrae
    30Blackdown, otherwise no event
    31CO umpires Exercise for 131 Bde.
    Strength State:
    39 Officers
    776 ORs