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    War Diary: 5th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment

    Month and year: May 1944

    The 5th Royal Tank Regiment (5 RTR) May 1944 War Diary mentions the units departure to D-Day Marshalling Area Camp R5 and a trooper awarded 2 years hard labour for deserting

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/867

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    APO England1Bde Holiday - Cambrai celebrations
    2Bde Holiday
    3Lt. G. FIRTH posted to 30 RHU
    Advance party leaves for Camp R5 under
    comd Lt. PEEL.
    4Lt.Col R. N. wilson and Major R. B. Flering
    leave the Regt.
    Major R. E. MAUNSELL M.C. assumes comd
    of Regt.
    Lt. D. E. COCKBAINE promoted A/Capt.
    51400CO's Conference.
    61030CO's Conference.
    7The Regt prepares to move to new
    8No event
    90700Main Party leaves Betts Covert for
    Camp R5 arriving there at 1200hrs
    0715Soft vehs under comd Lt. G. H. RIDLEY
    leave for Camp R5 and arrive there
    at 11t5hrs.
    Residue left at Betts Covert under
    comd Major J. R. PATON.
    Camp R510Regt commences waterproofing vehs.
    12)No event
    152/Lt. Clarke posted this unit from 61st
    Trg Regt and is posted to 'A' Sqn.
    16Echelon personnel leave Betts Covert
    for Camp T4. 2/Lt. P. Alexander posted
    this unit from 100 OCTU and is posted
    to 'B' Sqn.
    17Lt. Col; C.A. Holliman MC and Bar
    posted this unit and assumes comd of
    the Regt.
    Major R. E. Maunsell M.C. assumes duties
    of 2IC.
    1200C.O. meets all officers of the Regt.
    181145Griff talk by C.O. to all ranks.
    Subject: - Future Operations.
    Lt. B. K. PEARSON posted this unit
    and posted to 'C' Sqn.
    19NO event
    20Waterproofing completed.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Camp R521The Regt allowed Day Passes to LONDON.
    Allocated as follows:-
    'A' 'B' 'C' Sqns - 9 men daily
    HQ Sqn -13 men daily
    1230Bde Conference for all Officers i/c Ships
    1400COs Conference with all Officers i/c Ships
    Subject;- Marshalling
    22Offrs i/c Ships meet Ships Comds.
    23Wading trials. On return to Tk Park vehs
    formed up as per craft allocation.
    24No event
    25Regt Day Passes cease and all personnel
    confined to Camp as from 0001 hrs.
    26No event
    272Lt. Smith posted this unit and posted to
    'A' Sqn. 2/Lt. Feaver posted this unit and
    posted to 'B' Sqn. 2/Lt. Pendrill posted
    this unit and posted to 'HQ' (Recce).
    558560 Tpr Glynn L awarded 2 years Hard
    Labour for Deserting His Majesty's Service
    by FGCM held on May 20th.
    280800CO leaves to attend CICs Conference at
    21 Army Gp HQ.
    1900CO addresses all NCOs of the rank of Cpl
    and above. Subject: Discipline.
    290845CO addresses the Regt on Future Operations
    and Prospects.
    1230All Offrs Comd Crafts attend a Conference
    at Bde.
    20302IC lectures all Sqn Leaders and Sqn 2ICs
    on Beaches etc.,
    30Final Briefings and details as to Ship
    Personnel which are to be known as Craft
    31No event