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    War Diary: 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Regiment

    Month and year: April 1944

    The 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Anti Tank Regiment's 258th Anti Tank Battery April 1944 war diary covers the units time in the UK based at Attleborough

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/921

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    AttleboroughApril 1st. to april 9th.Individual and collective training continued with Sp & Bty drill orders,
    T.E.W.Ts & lectures for officers & N.C.Os. Signal classes were started under Lt.
    Flatt R.A. (attached from B.H.Q.) M10 Driving & Maintenance classes continued
    under Cpl. Gillard (attached from R.A.C.) The Bty strength was now more normal as
    most NCOs & men had returned from courses, leave etc.
    King's LymApril 6th1000The B.C. & 2 i/c attended a lecture by Brigadier 131 Bde on exercise SHIVER in which
    this Bty had taken some part.
    KimberleyApril 6th1730The C.O. spoke to all officers on the keeping of Army accounts.
    Castle RisingApril 7th0900The BC attended a 131 Bde T.E.W.T.
    KimberleyApril 8th1000All officers of the Bty. + 30 O.R.s drawn from all tps. were inspected by + addressed
    by General Gordan Finlayoon???, Col. Commandant R.A.
    AttleboroughApril 9thEaster Sunday was observed as a holiday throughout the Division.
    LarlingAptil 10th0900BC. & 2i/c attended a T.E.W.T. for 8th Hussars of Norfolk Yeomany under the direction
    of the C.O. The T.E.W.T. was on the formation of a flank screen by the Recce
    Regt & the A/TK. Regt of the Division & some value was got out of the exercise
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    AttleboroughApril 10th0800Individual + Sp. training latest re-inforcements fired a rifle practise at
    Thetford Ranges while the others fired 50 Brownings & Stens at Eccles Range.
    Castle RisingApril 11th09002 i/c of Sp comds attended a T.E.W.T. with officers of 131 of 56 Inf. Bdes.
    the exercise was on the formation of a firm base by self & A/TK. guns
    Thetford areaApril120800Bty Drill Order. Practice movement & deployment & control by wireless
    AttleboroughApril 130800Morning. Individual training.,Afternoon Proceeded to Fouleness for firing practise.
    FoulnessApril 140900Firing at moving + jinking??? targets. 347 rounds were fired. Bty returned to billets
    AttleboroughApril 14th0830four L/Bdrs of the Bty. attended a short cadre on 2" Mortars & PIATS.
    AttleboroughApril 15th0800Individual Training & Maintenance.
    AttleboroughApril 16th1400Guns were taken to Thornham ranges for zeroing. 3 Guns off the road.
    ThornhanApril 17th08009 Guns were zeroed. Bty. returned to Attleborough p.m.
    AttleboroughApril 18th0800Individual training & maintenance. P.M. P.T. & games
    "19th0830Packing parades were held + all available vehicles were loaded.
    Castle RisingApril 21-221400Exercise with 1/5 Queens. Skeleton Bty. took part. Exercise on support by M.10s in
    dawn attack + on formation of flank screen
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Sancturary RangesApril 24th1015Lt. Harrion & six senior Sgts. attended a practice of observation of fire & the
    giving of fire orders for indirect H.E. fire, The C.O. directed the practice.
    Attleborough"2000The Bty. held its first dance in the Drill Hall. It proved very popular
    LowersoftApril 25-29.Drivers from this Bty. attended short courses in driving B Vehicles through sea
    water. Four drivers per day were sent. Individual training & maintenance continued
    AttleboroughApril 251400all M10 drivers practised driving guns over a scissors bridge.
    AttleboroughApril 26.0900Regimental audit Board audited Bty funds A/C. Warning nominal rolls
    1100were completed of witnessed.
    AttleboroughApril 26-30Individual + collective Sp: training + maintenance continued. Officers &
    Sp. Sgts + Nos 1 attended lectures on wireless procedure, care & maintenance
    of sets & batteries, & care & maintenance of M10s. Reserve signallers
    were given a short refresher course. Water proofing teams
    worked on two 15 cwts.. J.A.B. J.J. + Typhus inoculations were
    completed by the M.O. + dental treatment continued