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    War Diary: 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Regiment

    Month and year: November 1944

    The 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Anti Tank Regiment's 259th Anti Tank Battery November 1944 war diary covers the units time in Holland and Belgium.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/921

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    1st0900 hrs.Training programme started. Football in the afternoon "H" Troop beat "G" Troop 1 - 0
    2nd0900 hrs.More training. Football - "BHQ" beat "I" Troop 11 - 1.
    3rd0900 hrs.Training. Football - Battery V Local Dutch, win for the Battery 10 - 0.
    4th.0900 hrs.Training. Battery Hockey Team v 258 Battery. Battery lost 5 - 1 at Tilburg.
    5th0900 hrs.Church Service conducted by our padre. All gun teams now under cover. Troop
    cooking started.
    6th0900 hrs.A new training programme started.
    7th0900 hrs.Training continued with some lectures by the A.E.C. Troop football league
    started. Capt.P.H.Stewart, R.A. left to go on Gunnery Staff Course at Larkhill.
    C.R.A. visited Battery.
    8th0900 hrs.Training. A Regimental Hockey Match played in the afternoon against Div. Signals.
    Regiment won. Warning order received at 1900 hrs. for recce parties to start
    0830 hrs. on the 9th November 1944.
    9th0830 hrs.Recce party left. Another days training including a lecture from an Officer of
    the A.E.C. A miserable day with a spot of snow.
    10th1300 hrs.Regiment moved to area BREE 5084. A long march via TILBURG, GHEEL and MOLL.
    Battery arrived at D.P. at 2115 hrs. and leaguered in the dark. A lot of vehicles
    missing (all Batteries alike). B.H.Q. established at HASSELT 551847.
    11th0900 hrs.All vehicles in by 0900 hrs. Recce parties left at 1100 hrs. Troops deployed -
    "G" Troop under command 1/5 Queens at ITTERVOORT 663875 "H" Troop under command
    1/7 Queens at KESSENICH 665855. "I" Troop at THORN 674867. Tac.H.Q. established
    near Brigade at NEERITTER 649867. All guns could not be put into position in
    daylight, these were dug in after dark.
    12th0600 hrs.Some shelling and mortaring in "I" Troop area and Church Tower was cracked about
    with 88's. Cold wet miserable day. N.T.R. during the night.
    13th0600 hrs.A quiet day, some shelling in area of "G" Troop just after dark. 3 men posted to
    31st R.H.U. Nothing to report during the night.
    14th0600 hrs.Large attack started at 1615 hrs. by 1/7 Queens capturing a look at 691879.
    257 Battery and one troop 258 Battery supported the attack with H.F. The C.O.
    Operation order attached.
    used 259 Tac as his Tac for short time that attack was going on. The operation
    was successful and from the gunfire other attacks on our left progressed through
    the night.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    November 15th.0900 hrs.Lt.R.Smith, R.A. joined the Battery and took over L.O. Very quiet day and N.T.R.
    16th0900 hrs.A quiet day. THORN was shelled during the night. A few men from each troop went
    to an ENSA Show at BREE in the evening.
    17th0900 hrs.Another quiet day. "I" Troop got a bit more shelling in THORN but by now our
    friends on the left were practically up to the MAAS. 1 Coy of the 1/6 Queens went
    into WESSEM 704864.
    18th0600 hrs.Orders from 131 Bdr. that the Battery stands down from 0800 hrs. on the 19th
    November and reverts to command of the 65th (Norfolk Yeonanry) Anti-Tank Regt. R.A.
    Troops to concentrate in troop areas and Battery to concentrate in KESSENICH 6685
    when 1/7 Queens had moved from there. plan for 1/5 and 1/7 Queens to move north
    of WESSIM CANAL and take over from 53 (W) Div.
    19th0600 hrs.Queens knew nothing about moving so guns pulled out of pits but remained in same
    area. Ban on visits to pictures, cafes, etc. instituted by the C.R.A. as
    punishment owing to two O.R's failing to salute the G.O.C.
    20th0800 hrs.Still no sign of Queens moving. "G" Troop pulled out and concentrated in the
    School at KESSENICH 6685. Another miserable wet day.
    21st0800 hrs."I" Troop pulled out and billetted themselves in THORN. "H" Troop pulled out but
    stayed near positions.
    22nd0800 hrs.Nothing to report.
    23rd0800 hrs.1/5 and 1/7 Queens moved over the canal. "I" Troop stayed in THORN. "H" Troop
    concentrated in KESSENICH. Tac. and A1 Ech. moved to KESSENICH. Tac established
    at 1130 hrs. at 663854. The whole Battery now back in Belgium. Weather remained
    very wet.
    24th0800 hrs.Everything arranged for a Junior N.C.O's and potential N.C.O's class to start on
    the morrow. Visit from Mobile Canteen and Skin Inspection by M.O.
    25th0800 hrs.Junior N.C.O's course started. RSM took marching drill. C.O. inspected billets
    and expressed satisfaction.
    25th0800 hrs.Church Service held by padre.
    27th0800 hrs.All main springs in striker mechanism had been strengthened by L.A.D. by adding an
    extra coil, Guns therefore all fired, 6 rounds each to test springs. Gun position
    (troop area) 641842. Troops fired one after the other. Targets lateral road
    698829 and road junction 714828. Two misfires one APC, one HE (LV),in both cases
    primers fairly struck. All HE (HV) changed for HE (LV) new scale 14 rounds per gun.
    "I" Troop moved in eventing to join Battery in KESSENICH.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    28th0900 hrs.Lt.J.Yates, R.A. attended an Investiture held by Field Marshall Montgomery in
    BREE. Two Officers Maj.J .J. Barclay, R.A. and Lt.A.Ayling, R.A. were decorated
    with the M.C. Training, including the N.C.O' S course, continued.
    29th0900 hrs.Another days training. 2nd i/c went on recce for a future move and crossed into
    30th0900 hrs.B.C. left for 48 hours leave to BRUSSELS. Lt.R.Smith, R.A. went to 131 Bde. for
    "griff" and was wounded as he was leaving, Bde. being shelled, and evacuated.
    C.R.A. visited the Battery and spoke to each Troop and B.H.Q. telling them about
    leave etc. Orders received at 2000 hrs. to move on the morrow.