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    War Diary: 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Regiment

    Month and year: October 1944

    The 259th Anti Tank Battery (65th Norfolk Yeomanry Anti Tank Regiment) October 1944 war diary covers the units time in Holland in the area of Nistelrode and S-Hertogenbosch

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/921

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    October1st.0600 hrs.Battery moved off 1430 hrs. "H" Troop moves to HEES 4851 and came under command
    R.B's. The Battery was under command 22nd Armoured Bde. The Battery, less one
    troop moved to NISTELRODE 4947 and came under command 5.RTR. "H" Troop task to
    cover north side of village between R.B's 6 pdrs. on left to M.G's on right.
    Battery, less one troop, task to support 5.RTR by covering N.W., N., N.E., and W.,
    of village. "G" Troop deployed on E. of village. "I" Troop W. of village.
    Nothing to report during the night.
    2nd.0900 hrs.C.O. visited the Battery and went round "H" and "I" Troops in the morning. Quiet
    day, nothing to report.
    3rd.0600 hrs.5.RTR moved out in the evening. Orders for one troop ("G" Troop) to move under
    command R.B's to VINKEL 455479 at first light in the morning. Troop Commander
    contacted C.O. R.B's to lay on the party.
    4th.0600 hrs."G" Troop moved off first light to HEES 4750 and guns put in at VINKEL supporting
    one Coy. R.B's with 1 squadron 5.RTR in support. B.C. co-ordinated anti-tank
    defence of NISTELRODE which contained Rear 22nd Armoured Bde, who provided two
    tanks. One gun at 493482 moved to replace one gun position previously occupied
    by a "G" Troop gun at 496475. weather had improved and was fine and dry though
    very cold at night. Three new re-inforcements arrived including an equipment
    5th.1100 hrs.C.R.A. paid a visit in the morning and looked at all the gun positions. He was
    accompanied by the C.O. and B.C. Nothing else to report.
    6th & 7th.0600 hrs.Quite days, training when possible and maintenance.
    8th.It was possible to send some men to a cinema show. Routine maintenance and training.
    9th.0900 hrs.Baths at UDEN. Weather turned wet. Nothing to report.
    10th.0200 hrs.Stand-to from 2200 hrs. to 0200 hrs. Attack put in on GEFFEN 4352 but beaten off.
    Some shells on HEES.
    11th.0600 hrs.All quiet. Football match in afternoon. Battery beat R.H.Q. 3-2. Nothing to
    report at night.
    12th.0900 hrs."I" Troop practiced moving to alternative position. Football match in afternoon,
    Battery beat 258 Battery 2-1. Catering Adviser paid a visit to the Battery in
    the afternoon.
    13th.& 14th.0900 hrs.Specialist training continued. Northing further to report.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    15th0900 hrs.One Officer on leave to Brussels, 48 hrs. 5 O.R's on 24 hour leave to EINDHOVEN.
    Sgt.Lawrence ("I" Troop) completed a night shoot from 2000 hrs. to 0500 hrs.
    firing 58 rounds (20 A.P. 38 H.E.). H.F. shoot at 9250 yards road junction 363452
    along the road N.W. to 10,000 yard. Gun position 443428. A successful shoot
    though no definite results apparent. A very wet night.
    16th0900 hrs.A quiet wet day with nothing of interest to report.
    17th.Another night shoot with one of "H" Troop's gun firing 41 H.E. and 20 A.P. Target
    at road in DUNGEN from 364427 to 369427. A miserable night firing from 2000
    hrs. to 0100 hrs. 2 A.P. rounds fired at 2315 hrs. caused explosion and large fire.
    18th.0900 hrs.Nothing of interest to report. "H" and "I" troops changed over positions.
    19th.0900 hrs."G" Troop no longer required at VINKEL so pulled back and leaguered up in
    20th.0900 hrs.Preparations made to support a future attack with indirect fire from 2 Troops.
    R.H.A. co-operated by loaning surveyor. Still very wet weather and roads and
    tracks getting into a very bad state. C.O's "O" Group at 1400 hrs. Further
    "O" Group ordered for next day.
    21st.0900 hrs.C.O's "O" Group final details for "first of a series of operations to clear the
    Bosche from the south of the R.WAARL". Attack by 131 including
    8th Hussars and 1.RTR. 259 Battery still under command 22nd Armoured Brigade
    for movement. One troop to support attack with H.F. on road running S.E. from
    S'HERTOGANBOSCH from 340459 to 360452. "I" Troop moved into position in morning
    at 442428. "G" and "H" Troops and B.H.Q. remained in present locations.
    22nd.0600 hrs.Attack put in. "I" Troop fired 251 rounds (128 A.P. 123 H.E.) starting at 0800 hrs
    and stopping at 1615 hrs. Another 4 rounds per gun fired at 2215 hrs. Programme
    allowed for another series at 2300 hrs. but this was cancelled at request of 5.RHA
    (whose Tac.H.Q. was just behind the gun position) on account of the flash of the
    guns. Attack going well.
    23rd.0600 hrs."I" Troop remained in position but no orders to fire. Orders to move at 1600 hrs.
    Stayed in position to move first light 24th October.
    24th.0600 hrs."I" Troop returned and leaguered up near Tac.H.Q. Ceased to be attached to 22nd
    Armoured Bde. for movement and came under command Regiment for all purposes. A
    lot of movement around us but no further orders except that there would be no
    movement before 1000 hrs. 25th October. s'HERTOGRENBOSCH finally had the Bosche
    taken of it.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    25th.0600 hrs.Orders received from the Regiment to concentrate in LOOSBROOK area. All "neat and
    tidy" by 1745 hrs.
    26th.0600 hrs.Battle going well. Advance party to recce. new leaguer area set off at 0910 hrs.
    Regiment moved at 1230 hrs. via DINTHER 4441 and SCHINDEL 4138 to area N.W. of
    BOXTEL. B.H.Q. established at 323379. Holland appears to get poorer at each
    move. Families appear to get larger and larger. An Autumn touch about trees,
    turning a beautiful ruddy colour, and leaves beginning to fall.
    27th.0600 hrs.2nd i/c and Lt.Crinean went to examine result of indirect firing. As the bridge
    was blown it was not possible to get along the s'HERTOGENBOSCH road but civilians
    reported craters in road. In DEN DUNGEN craters astride the road (where they
    should have been) and shrapnel taken back for confirmation that it was 17 pdr.
    28th.0600 hrs.A Football match in the afternoon between B.H.Q. and "G" Troop. "G" Troop won
    9 - 7. Another very cold day. Nothing to report.
    29th.0600 hrs.A Recce party called for and moved off at 0930 hrs. Battery moved in Regimental
    column at 1330 hrs. Tac.H.Q. established in BERKEL at 202355. Troops all under
    cover in barns.
    30th.0600 hrs.Lt.Crinean left to go to LARKHILL on Troop Commanders Anti-Tank Course. Lt.Lealand
    takes over command "I" Troop. Maintenance during the day.
    31st.0600 hrs.Battery remaining for time being in present Regimental concentration area. Canteen
    made in school - troops expanded slightly. Baths for the Battery in the morning,
    Cinema party in TILBURG in afternoon. A Dutch Interpreter now posted to Battery.