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    War Diary: 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Regiment

    Month and year: April 1944

    The 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Anti Tank Regiment's 260th Anti Tank Battery April 1944 war diary covers the units time in the UK based at Kimberley Hall

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/921

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall1st0600Battery left with skeleton representation, 6 Offrs & 43 ORs for exercise
    "Shudder" at 1715hrs arriving concentration area at 1900 hrs.
    "2nd0600First day of exercise "Shudder" under Comd of 1/7th Queens, approach march
    to Swaffham and establishment of firm base at end of day. Exercise was held
    in very heavy rain which continued nearly the whole day. Clean parade of
    personnel left in camp but no Church Parade.
    "3rd0600The B.C. Comd the Regt, 2i/c taking command of the Battery for the second
    and last day of exercise. This time under comd 1/5th Queens. Exercise ended
    at 1330 hrs. One M 10 of "J" Troop bogged trying to cross marsh ground for
    C.R.A's experiment. The M 10 arrived in camp at 2130 hrs after salvage by
    22nd Armd Bde Workshops.
    "4th0600Capt Gregory of R.Armd Corps unit maintenance inspectorate visited the
    Battery and discussed M 10 problems with Troop Comds. B.C attended to C.Os.
    conference at 0930hrs.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall5th0600Waterproofing of "B" vehicle was proceeded with, and the Bty had the advice
    again of Capt Gregory. A quite day otherwise.
    "6th0600The B.C & 2 i/c attended 131 Bde conference at King's Lynn on exercises
    "Shiver & Shudder".
    "7th0600The B.C attended the 131 Bde T.E.W.T at Castle Rising (1241) North of King's
    Lynn. A party fired Sten guns at Wicklewood.
    "8th0600The Regiment was inspected by General Sir R.Gordon-Finlayson KCB, CMG, DSO,
    Col Comd RHA in the morning. He said later "He was much impressed with
    the smart turnout of men & equipment". The C.O spoke to all O.Rs who have
    joined the Battery since Sept 1943.
    "9th0600Declared holiday for Easter within the Division.
    "10th0600The B.C and 2 i/c attended T.E.W.T. with 8th Hussars conducted by the Colonel.
    Normal training for the Battery.
    "11th0600A party u/c Lt J.Brewer.RA went to Thetford Rifle Ranges, approx 40 ORs.
    Troop Comds attended 131 Bde T.E.W.T. at Castle-Rising
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall.12th0600The Bty started for concentration area for scheme "Kangaroo" Bivouac area
    Frog Hill 3209.
    "13th0600Exercise "Kangaroo" not a great success due to the enemy arriving in the
    wrong place and not hurling themselves on to our firm base,as was laid on.
    Own Troops 5th R.T.R, 4th C.L.Y, 1 R.B less 1 coy, 5th RHA, 259 & 260 Btys
    1 Tp 4th Fd Sqn RE, Bde HQ. Enemy Troops 1 RTR, C coy RB, CC Bty 5th RHA.
    The Bty arrived home at approx 1645hrs.
    "14th0600The Bty left for Foulness Ranges at approx 1000 hrs arriving 1630. Fine
    weather and a good run.
    "15th0600Firing on Foulness Ranges. The weather was good for visibility and the Bty
    expended 360 rnds. Results were poor, due in some parts to sickness of
    normal layers. The Fire discipline was below average and not withstanding
    the above excuse results were disappointing.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall.16th0600The Bty moved off from Foulness at 0730 hrs arriving back in Camp at 1230hrs.
    The weather was poor today and no firing could have taken place at Foulness
    so we were lucky. 2/Lt Ugarte left at 1530 hrs for Holme Range Thornham
    194622 with 9 M 10s for Zeroing tomorrow. The Nos 1, layers & loaders leave
    tomorrow morning.
    "17th0600Nine M 10s Zeroed guns on Thornham Ranges, good quick results being obtained.
    The Party then returned to camp. The BSM took the remainder to Wicklewood
    Range for Sten practice.
    "18th0600Normal training proceeded. With the help of 257 Bty instruction was carried
    out on 17 pdrs, Breech-Buffer & recuperators etc. A Concert by the "Rocket
    Concert Party" was held in the YMCA in the evening a good turnout and fair
    entertainment. Battery Football Comp. BHQ nil V "J" Tp 6.
    "19th0600Normal training. Miniature Range at Wicklewood inspected by B.C and approved
    for M 10s with Bren attachment. Rain at night. Battery Football Comp "K"Tp 1 v "L Tp 3.
    "20th0600Bty preparations for Exercise "Kelly's Eye". Moving at 1200 hrs for concentration
    area (2733) Castle Area Troops taking part mainly 33 Armd Bde (Lackford)
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall.21st0600Exercise "Kelly's Eye". The exercise was really to practice the 3 Armd Regts
    of an Armd Bde and the Bty had a very uninteresting time, as the exercise
    was an advance and no defensive positions or tasks were allotted to us.
    Practice was gained howerer in W/T proceedure etc. Camp was reached at 1700 hrs.
    "22nd0600The C.O. took Trp Sgts on observation of fire on Sanctuary Range, Burnham
    Norton 2962. D Bty 3 RHA provided the GPO and 1 25pdr. Capt Hill, Lt Brown
    2/Lt Ugarte also attended.
    "23rd0600A Church Service (Voluntary) was held at Carleton Forehoe Church for
    National Day of Prayer. Clean Parade held at 1000 hrs. Gnr Walsh played in
    the Regtl Football Team who beat the RASC 12-0.
    "24th0600Vehicle loading trials of G 1098 stores were held, which were very successful.
    A Scissors (Turtle) Bridge demonstration was given by Lt Culver of Div Fd
    Pk Sqn. All M 10 drivers, driving over the bridge. Capt Richardson of AFV
    Inspectorate attached to the Regt from 22nd Apr to 26th Apr carried out
    inspections of "K" Troops M 10s.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall25th0600A start was made on M 10 miniature range at Wicklewood (5320) ."J" Troop
    receiving quite useful instruction, other training for "K & L" Troops
    including W/T procedure in the Kimberley Area.
    "26th0600The Battery moved out on a half day scheme to training area near Honingham
    (5831) good experience in siting of guns was obtained by Nos 1. 4 drivers
    went to Lowestoft to practice sea wading.
    "27th06004 more drivers proceeded to Lowestoft for sea wading in water proofed
    vehicles. M 10 miniature range for "K" Troop. A football team of Officers &
    Sgts lost to a team from 257 Battery 2 - 1.
    "28th0600Normal Training. "L" Troop on miniature range. 4 more drivers to Lowestoft.
    A.B.C.A in afternoon.
    29th0600B.C & 2 i/c sat on Regtl O.C.T.U. selection board. Maintenance and clean
    parade held for G.O.C's inspection next Monday.
    30th0600Quiet Sunday. The Regt played a football match V 525 Hvy S/L Bty, winning
    3 - 0,Sgt Curling,L/Sgt Mitchelson, & Gnr Walsh played in the team.
    Weather Fine & Warm.