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    War Diary: 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Regiment

    Month and year: March 1944

    The 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Anti Tank Regiment's 260th Anti Tank Battery March 1944 war diary covers the units time in the UK based at Kimberley Hall

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/921

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall1st0600Normal training. 17 Pdr. Gun Drill etc. 4 M10s drawn from 258 Battery,
    "2nd0600Normal training. 17 Pdr. Gun Drill etc.
    "3rd0600Visit of ABCA expert. Weather:- Snowed hard.
    "4th0600Inspection of Billets etc. by Capt P.D.Balfour.
    5th0600Voluntary Church Service. 15 O.Rs. Attended. Weather:- Fine spring day.
    "6th0600Normal training. Drivers proceeded to Mock - up LST at night to practice
    loading and unloading. Weather:- Fine.
    "7th0600Normal training. P.T. in the afternoon. 8 M10s received. Weather:- Fine.
    "8th0600Busy day cleaning and maintaining the new M10s. B.C., Tp Cmds and all drivers
    took 3 M10s to Mock - up. Weather:- Fine,
    "9th0600Normal training and cleaning of M10s. 27 Reinforcements received making
    our strength 153. Weather:- Fine.
    "10th0600Normal training Driving and Gun Drill on M10s. 8 Reinforcements received
    making our strength 161.
    11th0600Normal training.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall12th0600Church Parade. Service at Carlton Hoe Church. 15 O.Rs. attended.
    "13th0600Normal training. Officers attended TEWT. given by the Colonel.
    "14th0600Normal training.
    "15th0600Normal training. 12 Officers and O.Rs. attended a very interesting lecture
    by Capt J.Hardy D.S.O. M.C. Subject:- "Escape".
    16th0600Visit by M.G. R,A. Maj - Gen M.E. Dennis 21 A. Gp. at 1530 hrs. Advance
    Party left for Foulness Ranges under Capt Hill at 1700 hrs. Battery Main
    Party left at 1000 hrs arriving Foulness at 1600 hrs approx. Total party
    5 Officers and 80 O.Rs.
    "17th0600Firing on Foulness Ranges. 8 layers per Troop fired 246 rounds on moving
    cross targets at a speed of 6 M.P.H. 225 hits - 91.5 % Also 2 rounds per
    layer (48 rounds) at stationary targets. 2 M10s provided by Ranges, old type
    sight M51. C.O. was present and expressed his satisfaction at results obtained.
    "18th0600Battery returned to Camp leaving Working Party of 15 O.Rs. for 258 Battery.
    "19th0600Battery clean parade inspected by B.C. Church Service at Carlton Hoe- Voluntary.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall.20th0600Training as per programme. BC attended FGCM at Fakenham as President.
    Weather:- Wet.
    "21st0600One M.10 Troop representing the Battery left for concentration area 205944
    of 131 Bde "Shiver" Exercise. Conference with 1/7 Queens attended by BC
    at Concentration Area.
    "22nd0600Remainder of Bty not on Scheme went to Ranges near Thatford and fired
    .303 Rifles, Bren and Sten Guns. 10 rds per man fired. 1/7 Queens "Shiver"
    Exercise continued. 260 Bty, less two Trps, cmd by BC. 1/7 Queens
    cmd by 2 i/c - Major Jessop. Many lessons in deployment and control of
    a Troop to be learnt by us.
    "23rd0600BC returned from "Shiver" Exercise direct, to recce for 5 RTR Scheme
    at Hillborough (280188) 2 i/c took over cmd of Bty for 1/6 Queens Exercise
    Major J.Mason, 2 i/c 1/6 Queens cmd the Bn and supporting arms.
    Bty returned to camp at 1800 hrs.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall24th0600Training films on A/tk Gunnery were seen by the Battery at Wymondham cinema
    in the morning. Battery on maintenance in the afternoon. Officers went to
    see ground for 5 R.T.R. Scheme.
    "25th06002 I/C went to Weeting Hall (2307) near Brandon, Regts new location, to attend
    to administrative details of the move. Maintenance occupied the Battery's
    time all the morning.
    "26th0600Voluntary Church Parade attended by 18 members of the Battery at Carlton
    Forehoe. The Battery moved out on Exercise with 5 R.T.Rs. at 1700 hrs. All
    three Troops were out, led by 2/Lt Ugarte on B.H.Q.
    "27th0600Battery took part as enemy against 2 Sqns. of 5R.T.Rs As visibility at first
    light and during the morning was poor, the Battery had a good time as the
    enemy, and "K" troop claimed 8 tanks K.Od. Battery returned in the afternoon
    for maintenance etc,
    "28th0600The Battery did not move to new location, Weeting Hall, as the C.O. is awaiting
    a decision from 21st Army Group. The training programme continued, although
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Kimberley Hall28th0600somewhat disjointed by change of plans. The Signals officer at R.H.Q.,
    Lt J.Hayley, took the officers on Field Gunnery, Initial Orders etc.
    "29th0600The C.O. took the officers on Sanctuary Ranges 294637, North of Fakenham.
    Observatian of fire was explained by the C.O. and shoots were conducted by
    the B.C., 2 I/C., Capt Q., and Troop Commanders, with assistance of G.P.O. and
    one gun supplied by 3 R.H.A. Good morning for observation. No final decision
    on move to new location yet. Weather broke down in the afternoon - raining.
    "30th0600Training and maintenance as usual. A start was made using mine detectors
    and a small dummy mine field was laid out. Weather becoming much colder.
    "31st0600Map reading exercise in the morning resulted in obtaining good practice for
    Nos. 1. Capt Hill and Lt Brown recced in "Shudder" area.