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    War Diary: 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Regiment

    Month and year: April 1944

    The 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Anti Tank Regiment April 1944 war diary covers the units time in the UK in the Kimberley Park area.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/921

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    During April the planning of future operations from the Regimental point of view
    occupied much thought, and similar work to that carried out before the invasion of
    Italy. Staff tables showing allocation of Btys vehicles to pre-allotted serials
    were prepared, and there is a certain amount of "MOST SECRET" correspondence with
    Div H.Q. Towards the end of the month "TOP SECRET" - COMMANDING OFFICER ONLY
    documents are not at all uncommon.
    The whole time, Bty training and schemes, as shown in Bty War Diaries continues
    apace, and as we get more and more equipped, so the training can be more complete.
    Kimberley.8th. General R. Gordon Finlayson visited the regiment and talked to the men.
    10th. (Approx)Leave for all services suspended, except on special compassionate grounds.
    26th.a Regimental Audit Board audited the Regiments accounts.
    28th.Trials on loading of vehicles carried out.
    30th.The 2 17 pdr Btys are still lacking a number of their B Echelon vehicles, but we
    are expecting them shortly now.