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    War Diary: 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Regiment

    Month and year: October 1944

    The 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Anti Tank Regiment October 1944 war diary covers the units time in Holland including a shoot by one Troop to remove the spire from Doornhoek Church and the arrival of a 3 tonner from Brussels with beer

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/921

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Field1Locations:- RHQ 502398; 257, 259, 260 conc near RHQ; 260 444339.
    All Btys less 258 are under comd RHQ. 257 and 259 move into posn today.
    Weather again wet at times and cold.
    2-3Nothing of interest to report. Continued wet and cold weather.
    4CRA visited 257 Bty and inspected guns which are in posn. He was well pleased.
    3 X 3-tonners were sent yesterday to collect rfts from an RHU, the other
    side of BRUSSELS. 2 of these trucks returned today with some 20 rfts. Lt
    VGP STAMP rejoined and is posted to 258 Bty. Lt FW BROWN rejoined and is
    posted to 260 Bty.
    5260 Bty conducted a shoot by one Troop designed to remove the spire from
    DOORNHOEK Church in square 3845. Gun posns were taken up at 0530 hrs and
    the Adjt attended as a spectator. Bad visibility with a ground mist prevented
    the guns firing until 0945 hrs. During the whole shoot visibility continued
    poor. The range was 3800 yds and 40% hits were obtained. The tower, though
    considerably damaged did not collapse. 116 rds were fired.
    6-7No change in locations and nothing of interest to report.
    8Adjt visited Main HQ SECOND ARMY in order to ascertain details of certain
    compassionate leave cases in the Regt. RHQ played 260 Bty at hockey in the
    afternoon. 2 x 3-tonners were despatched to collect wine and beer from
    9CO held a conference of BC's at RHQ at 1700 hrs to discuss future trg, welfare, etc.
    10Weather wet and cold. Locns unchanged. 1 x 3 tonner returned from BRUSSELS
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Field11-16Remained in same locn. Nothing much to report for this period, which has
    been very static from the point of view of the front. Harrassing fire has been
    tried and several times by night, laying with lights for line and Fd Clinometer
    for elevation. Baths, cinema shows, football and hockey have been very useful
    and provided some recreation. Weather has been cold and wet on the whole,
    with an occasional break with good sunshine.
    On 13 Oct, Capt JA HILL of 260 Bty was accidentally killed and was buried
    in the churchyard at DINTHER. Capt HILL had been with the Regt since early
    1942 and his loss is a blow to the Regt.
    17-20Lt AE ORFORD RA (A/Adjt) attended a 3-day course for Regt IOs at ST
    NICHOLAS near ANTWERP. 7 ORs were sent to BRUSSELS for 48 hrs leave.
    20CO held an 'O' Group at 260 Bty HQ for BCs. A small adv to a line some
    2000 yds short of 's HERTOGENBOSCH is to be made by the Div, commencing before
    first light on 22 Oct. 258 Bty is under comd 1/6 Queens for the op and 257
    is in 131 Bde Reserve. 259 and 260 Btys are under Regt comd under comd CRA;
    and are to do a certain amount of harrassing fire during the op.
    21TAC HQ moved from present area at 1400 hrs to VOSTENBOSCH 487418. Main 131
    Bde are also in this village. Capt DG PAGE RA evacuated with jaundice.
    22At 0200 hrs CB fire commenced and at 0430 hrs the ground adv started.
    During the day some 3000 - 4000 yds was completed and a number of PWs taken.
    RHQ MAIN remained in present locn. During the last few days a great deal of
    rain has made the track by RHQ MAIN almost impassable for most vehs and in fact
    two-wheel drive vehs dare not go out.
    23Further advs today brought the Div to their final ojective. Adjt visited all
    Bty HQs during the day. Hitherto, the LAD att this Regt has been organised
    with a main body centralised at RHQ B Echelon and a sec with each SP Bty.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Field23This is now being changed in order to make the LAD more of a Wksp, by drawing the
    SP secs into the main body.
    24The Div is now concentrating preparatory to crossing over to 51 (H) Div
    Front. 257 are still in the LOOSBROECK area NORTH of DOORNHOEK, 259
    NISTELRODE and 260 still at 491401. TAC HQ moved back to join Main during
    the morning. 260 Bty placed under comd 22 Armd Bde today, and move in the
    afternoon to the area WYBOSH 4337. Maj JJ BARCLAY MC RA, 2 IC is to comd 260
    during the absence of Maj JH BOAG MC RA who is to go to BAYEUX Area to give
    evidence in a FGCM. Lt R KNOWLE'S RA joined the Regt as a rft and is posted
    to 260 Bty.
    25In the evening the Regt less 260 Bty and 1 Tp 257 Bty concentrated in the
    area LOOSBROECK. The whole Div is moving to the area BOXTEL 3235 and north-
    wards where part of 22 Armd Bde is in contact.
    26Regt less 260 and 1 Tp 257 moved at 1230 hrs to a new conc area in Sq 3237
    which was recced by a rep from each sub unit. This area is very crowded as
    nearly all 131 Bde is conc in this one square. We do not expect to remain
    very long.
    27260 remained under comd 22 Armd Bde. All other Btys remained in area
    3237 all day. Two days ago a DUTCH Army Officer was sent to the Regt as an
    interpreter. He is attached to RHQ and has already proved of great value in
    the way of billeting and general liaison with civilians, even to producing eggs
    for breakfast and chicken for dinner in the offrs mess.
    28Remained same location. Weather last night wet and cold, but today has
    been beautifully sunny and exhilarating. During the afternoon a Regt Hockey
    Team played the local DUTCH Team. A good game with a drawn result; 3 - 3.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Field29Orders for move received early in morning. Adjt with a recce party from
    257, 258 and 259 recced area-and Regt moved at 1330 hrs. Route BOXTEL 3335
    - BEST 3626 - MOERGESTEL 2230 - OISTERWIJK 2234 - X rds 2236 to areas as
    follows: RHQ 197346, 257 193341, 258 203339, 259 203355. B Ech who always
    move with 131 Bde B Echelon, are now at 234335
    30Orders issued for 260 Bty to join the remainder of the Regt and conc in
    area occupied by remainder. Whole Regt will then remain conc in that area
    for an unknown length of time.
    31RHQ moved slightly to better billets at 1400 hrs. New location 202352
    260 Bty concentrated at 168954. Remaining subunits still in same location.
    Telephone lines laid to Btys during the afternoon and generally preparations
    are completed for a stay of a few days in the area.