War Diary: 69th Infantry Brigade Workshop REME

Month and year: June 1944

The June 1944 War Diary for the 69th Infantry Brigade Workshop REME for covering their time in Arborfield and the advanced element arriving in Bayeux.

National Archive Reference: WO 171/652

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PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
ARBORFIELD BERKS (ATS) BOYS.1-6-44 to 6-6-44Unit vehicles of advance party element loaded and waterproofed in readiness for movement overseas.
7-6-44Major SF Coaten and 118 all ranks together with Technical
vehicles + equiptment moved to RCPR 5 arriving at
approx 1200 hrs. From here the convoy was routed
to camp C.18 and arrived 1500 hrs. Vehicles were
dispersed and personel accommodated.
8-6-44Advance element of unit moved from Camp C18
to camp C19. The unit was then split up
in to two parties, one of 61 under comd of Capt
OR Clayburne MBE, and the other party of 57 under
Capt W Kirkby. Mayjor Coaten was appointed OC Tps of
Serial No-23v, and Capt Clayburne OC Tps of serial 24V.
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PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
11-6-441800Serial 23V commenced to embark, embarkment completed
by 2230 hrs
2300Serial 24V Commenced loading
At sea12-6-440500Embarkation of serial 24V completed
Normandy2200Disembarkation serials 23V + 24V completed, and the
two parts of unit rendezvoused in the concentration
area. Unit then proceeded towadrs BAYEUX.
2400Major SF Coaten contacted CREME 50th (NORTHEMBRIAN)
Division meanwhile the rest of the unit stayed for the night.
BAYEUX13-6-44Unit arrived in Bayeux; Located Citroen works
MR 782802. The wksp had been held by a German
Wksp coy. The shops were full of old vehicles which were
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PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
BAYEUX13-4-66being reconditioned, and the remainder of the day
was spent in clearing these away and installing
Tech vehs and equipt inside the shop in readiness
to commence work.
14-6-44 to 21-6-44Normal wksp proceedure - Nothing of importance to note
21-6-44The first weekly repairs return showed 155 jobs completed. i.e. - 59 'B' Veh's
7 'A' Vehs, 14 Telecom, 34 Instruments, 4 Guns and 37 misc.
30-4-44Normal wksp proceedure
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PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
ARBORFIELD BERKS (ATS) BOYS.7-6-44 to 30-6-44The rear party element of the unit under
command of Capt G.L. Olver completed
loading + waterproofing of vehicles by 12th
June 44 and whilst waiting movement
order personnel took part in sports program
arranged between rear parties of Bde wksps
which were accommdated in the same camp.
Lectures + rifle range firing also took place.
AFS W3008 + W3009B attached to original
copy war diary